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May 2, 1788 Case of a Mr. Mark Garrett Joseph Howell Jonathan Burrall From the letter book of Joseph Howell, Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts in the Board of Treasury's Office of Army Accounts. Discusses the case of a Mr. Mark Garrett.
November 10, 1796 Enclosed Account of Bounty Advanced to John Garrett Griffith James McRee William Simmons Bounty advanced to John Garrett for enlistment, account enclosed. Requested sum be forwarded to West Point or New York City.
May 28, 1798 Order to Deliver Dispatch to Garrett Holsteincamp, others to Lewis Town James McHenry Samuel Fisher Fisher, an express rider, is to go to New Castle upon Delaware to find Garrett Holsteincamp, pilot of the boat Flying Fish. If the pilot is not in New Castle he should be at the pier with his boat, which sports a Danish flag. Fisher is to deliver a dispatch to Holsteincamp. After that is done, he is to go to Lewis Town and deliver the other dispatches, unless Captain Dale is also at New Castle. ...
May 26, 1798 Orders for pilot boat Captain Garrett Holsteincamp to proceed immediately to New Castle [not available] Garrett Holsteincamp War Office issues warning order to Pilotboat captain Garrett Holsteincamp ordered to proceed immediately to New Castle and be ready to sail at moments' notice.
November 22, 1796 Bounty paid and premium for an enlistment William Simmons Griffith James McRee Informs Captain McRea that Mr. Freeman, temporary paymaster at West Point, will pay him the "bounty paid and premium" for enlisting John Garrett
May 28, 1798 Letter from the War Office to Garrett Holsteincamp to find and deliver dispatches to the ship of war Ganges, commanded by Captain Richard Dale [not available] Garrett Holsteincamp Holsteincamp to commandeer pilot boat and deliver dispatches for Captain Richard Dale aboard the "Ganges." Ganges to be found between Delaware Bay and Long Island.
May 28, 1798 War Office orders for the pilot charged with delivery of dispatches for the Ship of War Ganges [not available] [not available] Beginning of Quasi War with France. Orders for pilot boat [presumably Garrett Holsteincamp] to seek Warship Ganges commanded by Captain Richard Dale in order to deliver dispatches. If Ganges cannot be found at Delaware Bay, go to sea and seek her out. Ganges should be found within a few leagues of shore, between Delaware Bay and Cape of Virginia. Utmost diligence required to find Ganges.
January 24, 1786 Pay Certificates John Pierce John White Discusses the disposition of certificates of pay.
March 11, 1793 Account of Mark Marlow Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Mark Marlow, late private in the 4th South Carolina Regiment
July 10, 1800 Letter to the Secretary at War Benjamin Hawkins Samuel Dexter Hawkins discusses the naval bombardment of the fort at St. Mark's on the Apalachee River and encloses a letter from the Spanish Governor of West Florida.
December 11, 1794 Copper mining Jacob Mark Alexander Hamilton New York City merchant Jacob Mark writes that the directors of Schuyler's Copper Mine have raised sufficient bar to enter into contract for the delivery of 50 tons refined copper by the last of May next.
July 27, 1797 Recommendations for Coppering of Frigate Constitution James McHenry George Claghorn Expressed necessity for the ship Constitution to be "coopered on the stocks before she is launched". Orders to cooper the ship to the "high water mark" as soon as the bottom of the boat has been prepared.
July 1, 1794 Voorhis' Refund to the War Department Joseph Howell Garret Voorhis Ensign Voorhis is directed to refund to Constant Freeman, agent for the War Department in Georgia, the sum of $26.47, the balance left after the recruits were paid for April and May.
December 4, 1798 Shipment Intended for Oswego, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Smith is urged to expedite the shipment of articles intended for the troops at Oswego. The pattern arms seem to have been lost probably due to the wrong mark on their box.
November 17, 1797 Hogsheads Forwarded to Designated Posts John Jacob Rivardi Samuel Hodgdon Hogsheads have been forwarded for the posts at Detroit, Mackinac, Niagara, and others. Blankets have been received but no watchcoats which probably indicates an error in the mark. At Mackinac and Detroit there may be an excess of articles other garrisons may be in want of.
September 15, 1798 List of Names and Sums to Accompany Receipts Lemuel Gates William Simmons Gates has complied with Simmons' request for a list of names and sums to accompany receipts for bounties. He notes that Benjamin Millken always puts a cross to his name as his own private mark.
March 12, 1794 Circular Letters to Recruiting Officers Joseph Howell Garret Voorhis Since Captain Sedam has not furnished copies of Howell's recruiting instructions, Howell encloses them along with a form of recruiting account and Voorhis' muster rolls, which should be qualified agreeably to the instructions.
March 26, 1790 Request for Information on the Account of Captain Olie Henry Sweir Joseph Howell Request for information regarding the account of Captain Henry Olie which Sweir passed on to Howell.
September 5, 1799 Citation Only Mark Biddle James McHenry Enclosed in Adlum to Hamilton, 09/07/1799.
March 9, 1787 Irregularities in the Account of Martin Roberts George Morgan Samuel Hodgdon Informs Hodgdon of various irregularities related to the account of Martin Roberts and requests documentation related to Roberts' account.
May 26, 1798 Order to Proceed to New Castle to Await Further Orders James McHenry Garrett Holsteincamp Holsteincamp is to take his pilot boat to New Castle and wait in readiness for further orders from the Secretary of War.
December 19, 1794 Pay of Lt. Elmer's Recruits Joseph Howell Theophilus Elmer Enclosed is the sum of $14.47 pay for the recruits. In the future, when a soldier makes his mark on the receipt roll, it should be witnessed by a person of responsibility.
September 13, 1795 Receipt of Charles McClean Charles McClean [not available] Money received for services as interpreter.
December 2, 1794 Pay of Lt. Henry Muhlenberg's Recruits Joseph Howell Henry Muhlenberg Samuel Fisher will deliver $97.90 for the pay of Lt. Muhlenberg's recruits. When a man makes his mark on the receipt roll, it must be witnessed by a person of respectability.
May 4, 1793 Power of Attorney Zebulon Fuller Samuel Shannon Power of attorney given by Zebulon Fuller to Samuel Shannon.