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June 10, 1788 Arrangements for Shipping Clothing to Artillerists at Springfield Henry Knox Peter Colt States that he has put aboard a sloop, named Two Sisters, clothing for the artillerists stationed at Springfield, Massachusetts. Asks Colt to see to their transport from Hartford to Springfield, offers to pay the cost incurred, once given appropriate receipts.
January 14, 1789 Regarding Lack of Funds With Which to Pay a Public Account; Comments on CT & NY Politics Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Admits he has no funds with which to pay a public account; asks whether any money from Connecticut may be used to satisfy the same. Expresses satisfaction regarding elections in Connecticut; notes that New York continues to refuse holding a congress. [January 17 letter from Peter Colt to Wadsworth is also included -- which addresses Knox's lack of funds].
August 8, 1791 Change in Rendezvous Location Henry Knox Captain Pratt To expedite recruiting process, Pratt is authorized to change his rendez vous location from Middletown to Hartford. Noted that Mr. Colt will furnish supplies to recruits at Hartford.
August 8, 1788 Forwarding of Shirts & Shoes for Springfield Soldiers; Request for Prompt Receipts William Knox Peter Colt Forwards shoes and shirts for the soldiers at Springfield, as per the Secretary of War's instructions before he left Philadelphia. Asks that receipts be sent both to Henry Knox and the War Office as soon as the articles are received.
June 17, 1796 Enhancing the Value of Western lands, Etc. James McHenry William Murray McHenry comments on the health of Mrs. Murray and the benefits of either a sea voyage or a trip to the springs as aids to her recovery. He believes that Murray's actions respecting the western lands may have raised their value. He notes that the "Flying Fish" has captured another vessel.
February 7, 1794 Council proceedings at Buffalo Creek Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Proceedings of a council holden at Buffalo Creek. Present at the proceedings were leaders of the Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Delaware and Tuscarora nations of Indians. Also present were several individuals representing the United States and Upper Canada. The boundary line was a source of dispute.
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.