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October 2, 1801 Be Nice to Lieutenant Strong James Wilkinson Samuel Vance This letter is handed to you by Lieutenant Strong, who travels with his mother up the Ohio. Please afford them every attention they might need. The party going with Strong is to be immediately remanded to this place, in the same craft. Please also send every man belonging to the Corps in this quarter.
June 2, 1791 Opinion on Warham Strong Joseph Howell Joseph Nourse Howell could not say if Strong was a member of Colonel Wi[ttet]'s regiment, but he noted Strong was of good character and deserving of a commission by Connecticut.
July 27, 1793 Delay in Transmitting Dr. Strong's Receipt Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Being transmitted is an abstract of warrants drawn by the Secretary of War in continuation to July 27th. It is hoped that Swan will have sent the receipt for the sum remitted by Doctor Strong since it's delay has caused Howell great inconvenience.
June 21, 1791 Letter from Mr S. Strong to Colonel Samuel Hodgdon asking for job providing packhorses from Kentucky S. Strong Samuel Hodgdon Strong is making application for the position of providing pack horses from Kentucky. He asks that he be given the job over others who may apply and he says he would give much satisfaction if given the job.
December 21, 1798 The Fate of Clothing Shipped to Colonel Strong Samuel Hodgdon Henry Glen Hodgdon wonders why the clothing sent to Colonel Strong in September 1797 did not reach him until August 1798, much of it in damaged condition.
March 27, 1800 Procuring Clothing for John Strong Philip Church Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a paper signed by Captain Nicholls certifying one suit of clothes due to John Gold and a Power of Attorney from Gold to John Strong. Church wants to know how to procure clothing for Strong who is an orderly to Major General Hamilton.
May 2, 1796 Pay, Subsistence, & Forage of Surgeon's Mate Joseph Strong William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $100.30 is due Joseph Strong, Surgeon's Mate, being his pay, subsistence, and forage from January through April 1796.
January 27, 1801 Consulting Dr. Weems on Charges Made by Dr. Bullus William Simmons Doctor Weems Simmons requests Dr. Weems' assistance in evaluating the validity of Dr. Bullus' charges. Dr. Strong was also consulted, but Doctors Strong and Bullus are involved in trade, and thus his opinion may not be entirely impartial. As Dr. Bullus is requesting an advance, Dr. Weems' opinion will determine the amount which can reasonably be allowed Dr. Bullus.
February 15, 1799 Citation Only Alexander Hamilton David Strong Cited in Strong to Hamilton, 05/07/1799.
May 21, 1796 Pay of Joseph Strong, Assistant Hospital Storekeeper William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $168 is due Joseph Strong for his extra services rendered as an assistant hospital storekeeper from Nov. 12, 1793 to July 24, 1794.
January 29, 1800 Certification of Payment; Gillaspy and Strong William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $71.34 to Gillaspy and Strong for medicines and attendance on sundry officers and privates in service of United States, agreeably to certificate of Doctor William Shippen.
August 7, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons David Strong Simmons directs Strong to close his account by making the necessary remittance to the Treasurer.
April 7, 1794 Pay of the Troops on the Ohio River Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Howell remarks that Swan did not accept for the full amount of $14,851. Howell states that this act has "necessarily suspended the debit of the same or of any part thereof to your account." Howell requests that Swan sign for the certificate acknowledging his indemnification of the remainder so it may go to Doctor Strong and be confirmed with the warrant with which the certificate is related.
December 17, 1794 Don't Sell the Strong Bay Horse James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon If Hodgdon plans to sell all the public horses, Mentges asks that he keep the strong bay horse which should be a serviceable mount for him.
July 20, 1793 Colonel Strong's Movements Alarm Indians; Logistics & Personnel of Legion Henry Knox Anthony Wayne The peace commissioners are alarmed by Col. Strong's movements so they must be halted immediately. Various logistical and personnel matters are discussed.
June 12, 1799 More Compensation for Doctor Strong Unknown Author James McHenry Doctor Joseph Strong, the Principal Surgeon and Superintendent of the Hospital Department during the Expedition to Southhampton, should be entitled to compensation in addition to his pay as a Surgeon. McHenry is asked what the added amount should be so that the Paymaster can act accordingly.
May 31, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Cornelius Lyman Simmons directs Lyman to provide Col. Strong's authorization for enlistments.
August 22, 1796 Pay, Subsistence, & Forage of Joseph Strong late Surgeon's Mate William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $45.30 is due Joseph Strong, late Surgeon's Mate, being his pay, subsistence, and forage from May 1 to May 31, 1796, the day of his resignation.
August 24, 1797 Copy of Estimate for Materials Required by Colonel Strong and Mr. Ernest John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon [partial letter only] Materials purchased for the sloop Detroit will affect what is required for the new schooner. Additionally, paint requested along with turpentine and rosin. Enclosed memos containing list of articles required by Col. Strong and Mr. Ernest. Requested those articles be purchased and forwarded to Detroit.
May 9, 1793 Certificate of service for William McGraw John Strong Unknown Recipient John Strong (?) testifies to the service of the now-deceased William McGraw during the Revolutionary War, being well-acquainted with him. Thinks he died in a Pennsylvania hospital.
January 19, 1793 Pay & Forage of the Troops Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Dr. Joseph Strong, Surgeon's Mate, is the bearer of the money for the pay and forage of the troops for the months of August and September 1792 amounting to $31,814.
January 31, 1801 Certification of payment; Doctor Gillaspy and Doctor Strong for reporting and examining accounts of physicians who were employed in the service of the United States William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $48 to Doctor Gillaspy and Doctor Strong for reporting and examining accounts of physicians who were employed in the service of the United States
January 1, 1800 Account of David Strong David Strong William Simmons The papers necessary to the settlement of Strong's account, including receipts from Major Hamtramck and Daniel Britt, are deposited with his friends in Cincinnati which is three hundred miles from his current location in Detroit. In the Spring he will obtain a leave of absense and proceed to Philadelphia to settle his account.
May 23, 1799 Acquisition of Lands Useful to the United States, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton has authorized Colonel Strong to withdraw from the post at Michilimacnac since Strong could not be reinforced at that post and his force could be better utilized elsewhere on the northwestern frontier. It will be better to arrange a treaty with the Indians relative to the sale of their land rather than have the land go to private individuals. He worries that his letter requiring General...
May 28, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Edward D. Turner Simmons encloses an order drawn from Doctor Joseph Strong payable to Capt. Turner.