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November 22, 1793 Confidential Trusty Man John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Ensign George Baynton is ordered to readiness as he will repair to the headquarters of General Wayne with the pay for the army. Hodgdon is directed to furnish him with a horse, saddle, and bridle and also a confidential trusty man--mounted, armed and equipped--to accompany Ensign Baynton to Pittsburgh.
March 8, 1794 Take Care of Baggage ordered to Philadelphia George Baynton Samuel Hodgdon Baynton assigns to Hodgdon's care as Quartermaster his baggage which has been ordered to Philadelphia.
June 26, 1793 Interpreters Arrival, Arrival of Moravian Missionaries, and Timing of Conference Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Federal commissioners for conference at Sandusky report that interpreter Jasper Parish has arrived with letters from Knox and wampum resupply. Other interpreters, Mr. Wilson and Mr Ash arrived with letter from Major Isaac Craig outlining their terms. Moravian missionaries, including John Hockwelder. Wilson assessed as intelligent and useful; did not make it to rapids of Miami. Colonel McKee...
July 10, 1793 Warning that Wayne's Preparations Signal to Indians that U.S. is Preparing for War Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department Henry Knox The Commissioners are warning Knox that Wayne's recent movements and provisioning send a strong signal to the Indians at the Niagara peace council that US forces are preparing for war.