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October 13, 1791 Request to Forward Letters John Stagg Isaac Craig Duplicates of letters to Lieutenants of Alleghany, Washington, Fayette, Ohio counties and to several personal letters to be forwarded.
March 11, 1795 Compensation of Monsieur Mangin Joseph Howell Monsieur Mangin The Treasurer has remitted to Nicholas Fish, Supervisor at New York, a sum to be delivered to Monsieur Mangin, Assistant Engineer, being his compensation for the first two months of 1795.
March 25, 1795 Compensation of Monsieur Morancy Joseph Howell Monsieur Morancy Nicholas Fish, Supervisor of New York, will deliver to Monsieur Morancy his compensation as an Assistant Engineer at that city.
July 20, 1792 Letter to the Secretary of War Monsieur Beauvoir Henry Knox Letter from Monsieur Beauvoir to Secretary Knox, written in French. Beauvoir makes mention of the island of St. Dominque, held by the French.
October 15, 1795 Governor Arnoldus Vander Horst of South Carolina Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon "The name of the Governor of South Carolina is 'Arnoldus Vander Horst' agreeably to his own signature."
March 25, 1795 Compensation of Monsieur Morancy Joseph Howell Nicholas Fish The Treasurer will remit to Fish a sum to be delivered to Monsieur Morancy, Assistant Engineer at New York, being his compensation from December 12th, 1794 untl the end of February 1795.
August 8, 1795 Instructions to pay Monsieur Mangin William Simmons Nicholas Fish Directs Nicholas Fish to pay Monsieur Mangin.
March 11, 1795 Compensation of Colonel Vincent & Monsieur Mangin Joseph Howell Nicholas Fish The Treasurer will remit to Fish the compensation to be delivered to Colonel Vincent, Engineer, and Monsieur Mangin, Assistant Engineer
April 5, 1796 Petition of Monsieur Poirey James McHenry House of Representatives McHenry discusses the petition of Monsieur Poirey, former secretary and aide de camp to the Le Marquis de LaFayette. It appears that General LaFayette was charged from time to time with very important separate commands and that M. Poirey has not received pay from the United States as either Aide de Camp or Secretary.
February 2, 1799 Deposition of Jane Vander Heyden, supporting claim of Abraham Livingston Jane VanderHeyden John Taylor Certified employment of Livingston and that he did not return to "the domains of his Britanick Majesty".
August 27, 1798 French Letter Concerning the Departure of General Pinckney Louis Hory Timothy Pickering Refers to General Pinckney and Captain Hendrick Hendrickson. Pickering's cover letter states that Hory's letter gives the details of Pinckney's departure from France for New York in mid-August.
March 11, 1795 Improper Charge for Office Rent, Etc. Joseph Howell Charles Vincent The Treasurer has remitted to Nicholas Fish, Supervisor of New York, a sum to be delivered to Vincernt for his compensation. There is no record of a Monsieur Morancy being appointed as an Assistant Engineer but if Vincent can find a letter attesting to same, money will be transmited for his pay. The money charged to Monsieur Mangin's account for office rent should be charged to the State of New...
April 9, 1795 Military Stores to Charleston Timothy Pickering Alexander Thompson Captain Thompson is given a list of articles from the military stores at Governor's Island to be packed up and shipped on board the Revenue Cutter to Charleston, South Carolina.
April 16, 1784 Settlement of the accounts of French officers John Pierce Robert Morris Discusses the settlement of the accounts of French officers in the American Army.
January 21, 1793 Petition of Monsieur Louis Garranger Henry Knox United States Senate Petitioner, Monsieur Louis Garranger, states that he and his brother entered into service of United States in December 1776 conformably to contract made by Silas Deane with Monsieur Du Coudray. The petitioner was experienced in artillery, but could not be accorded any rank for fear of exciting discontent. Congress informed the petitioner that it could not employ him in the army. Knox closes by...
May 18, 1790 On the forming of settlements by French Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Reports on the forming of settlements on the Ohio River, within lands contracted by Mr. Cutler and Mr. Sargent, Chevalier Bui de Boulogne, Monsieur de Parth, and Monsieur de Thiebaud. Mentioned how the notices of "incursions of the savages on the western frontiers" have frightened them, and they are now seeking protection from the government. Stated protection of frontier settlements is...
July 10, 1789 L'Arbitrage Que Vous Aver Propose C. Gardon Thomas Jefferson M. Gardon agrees to a negotiation between Jefferson and His Majesty's ministers.
1800 Supporting Documents for Canadian Refugees [not available] [not available] Table of supporting documents for claims of refugees from Canada.
July 12, 1794 Compensation for Monsieur Vermonnet Joseph Howell John Vermonnet The Secretary of War has directed a remittance though the hands of George Gale, Supervisor of Revenue at Baltimore, to M. Vermonnet for compensation as a temporary engineer.
July 15, 1794 Pay and Expenses of Monsieur Perrault Joseph Howell Paul H. Perrault The Secretary of War has directed a remittance of four hundred dollars to be transmitted to M. Perrault for compensation and personal expenses as a temporary engineer.
November 17, 1794 Pay and Subsistence of Various Officers and Gentlemen Joseph Howell Nathaniel Gorham Funds will be remitted to Gorham for the pay and subsistence of Capt. William Eaton and his recruits, Ensign Benjamin Rand, and Monsieur Bechet Rochefontaine, at Salem, who is charged with the compensation of Nicholas de Finiels at Marblehead.
April 24, 1792 Agreement Between Hodgdon & Miller R.J. Vandenbrock William Knox The Secretary of War immediately wants the agreement between Mr. Hodgdon and Mr. Miller respecting the powder and wants it before half past four o'clock. It should be delivered to him or Capt. Freeman according to his directions.
August 8, 1795 Concerning future pay William Simmons Monsieur Mangin William Simmons informs Monsieur Mangin that Nicholas Fish will pay him.
October 6, 1791 Reimbursement for rangers Henry Knox Lieutenants of the counties of Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington, and Allegany in Pennsylvania, and Ohio in Virginia Secretary Knox reminds the lieutenants of Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington and Alleghany Counties, Pennsylvania, and Ohio County, Virginia, to submit to Congress requests for monetary reimbursement to pay for use of rangers.
April 1789 George Morgan's Speech to the Indians George Morgan Delawares, Shawanese, & Cherokees Speech of George Morgan to the Delawares, Shawanese, and Cherokees at New Madrid in April 1789 in which he declares the peaceful intentions of the United States toward these tribes.