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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
April 28, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Capt. Mitchel William Simmons [not available] William Simmons sends blank pay rolls with instructions to Captain Mitchel in Connecticut.
February 21, 1788 Lieutenant Mitchel's balance John Pierce Ebenezer Jackson Sends a copy of the receipt given to Mr. Weriat for Lieutenant Mitchels' balance
September 3, 1794 Report of Prisoners with the Indians Anthony Wayne Unknown Recipient Detailed chart of names, date taken, kidnapping tribe, and remarks regarding capture or others killed/taken.
May 22, 1799 Bill of Exchange for Samuel Mitchel David Henley James McHenry Bill of exchange for $500 due Samuel Mitchel, temporary agent to the Choctaw.
April 30, 1793 Lee asks Knox about the safety of international travel Henry Lee Henry Knox Letter, discusses his plan to depart for France.
November 17, 1794 Amnesty for Whiskey Rebels Alexander Hamilton William Rawle Hamilton lists the individuals to will not be subject to Washington's general proclamation of amnesty for the Whiskey Rebels: David Bradford; Edward Cook; Daniel Hamilton; Benjamin Parkinson; John Holcroft; Richard Holcroft; William McKinley; William Southerland; Alexander Fulton; John Mitchel; William Bradford; Thomas Spiers.
May 16, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Captain Mitchell William Simmons Donald G. Mitchell William Simmons informs Capt. Mitchel that John Chester will disburse monies accountable to him for recruiting.
August 7, 1798 Boundary Lines in Georgia Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins explains the three enclosed letters to McHenry. He also expresses concern over the boundary line between the citizens of the US and the Indians.
August 31, 1793 Death and Illness from Yellow Fever Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Yellow fever disorder rages and has proven fatal to a great number. Hodgdon himself is enfeebled; painful to write the letter. Enclosed is invoice of last load of clothing which did not leave with the load. Files requested will be sent. Hodgdon's wife is dangerously ill, as are Miss Phillips, and Hodgdon's son. Jones, Hodgdon's clerk, is dead as well as Indowick. Knox is very ill.
October 31, 1795 Enclosed account statement William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Encloses Nehemiah Freeman's account statement.
June 14, 1794 Protection of the Mero District William Blount General James Robertson The Governor of the Southwest Territory (Tennessee) encloses a copy of a letter from the Secretary of War which ordered him to extend a degree of protection to the district of Mero. Discusses the potential for "hostile Indians."
October 29, 1798 Matters of Clothing for Myself and My Servants, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon In a typically inscrutable Sargent missive, the following are the legible portions: two fashionable [?]; Mrs. Sargent; young lady; whole length of tape or measure; her daughter, Miss Mary Williams; lace; transportation-land or water; twenty or thirty pounds;
August 20, 1800 Author's Letterbook Copy [not available] [not available] Letter, discusses possible conflict.
May 3, 1799 Trial of the Insurgent, Etc. William Montgomery Samuel Hodgdon Montgomery reports that two days have been taken up in examining the withesses in the trial of the insurgent and the jury is not allowed to go home. He complains that the business of the Grand Jury has prevented him from going anywhere.
July 7, 1791 Enclosed Letters Samuel Colesworthy William Knox Directs Knox to deliver enclosed letters, one to Captain Hodgdon and the other to an Alexander whose last name is illegible. The letters contain personal matters, and Colesworthy asks that the letters only be entrusted to careful carriers.
September 30, 1798 Request to Notify Freeman of Vouchers Hugh McCall William Simmons McCall enclosed vouchers for Freeman, but Freeman's travel to Fort Wilkinson from Philadelphia might cause him to miss the receipt of the vouchers. McCall expressed anxiety regarding reimbursement for travel to Savannah and questioned a future trip to visit the Paymanster.
November 21, 1799 Dangerous Schism James Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton Wilkinson warns Hamilton that he should be in Philadelphia to avoid a dangerous schism over the issue of the surrender of Robbins (aka Nash).
May 3, 1800 Passing Through the Small Pox, Etc. Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Freeman has received the General Orders relative to the clothing. He hopes that Hodgdon's children have passed through the smallpox safely. Freeman's child is not yet born. Freeman and his family are in good health.
April 3, 1799 Sundries Purchased for McPherson's Family [not available] Michael Gunkle McPherson submits an account listing sums spent on sundry articles for his family on the expedition to Northampton.
March 22, 1791 Allen recommends Balch to Knox Jeremiah Allen Henry Knox Letter, recommends William Balch to military appointment.
May 3, 1793 Legionville, Knox's Eastern tour, war in Europe, and Burbeck's rank John Stagg Henry Burbeck Letter, mentions affairs in Legionville, Knox's Eastern tour, war in Europe, and Burbeck's rank.
May 29, 1797 Failure to Reply to Letters George Washington James McHenry Letter, describes the reasons he has been unable to answer McHenry's letters.
June 8, 1800 Musings of Maria Hodgdon Maria Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Maria discusses the whereabouts of her brother and wonders about the news of the political world and new appointments to replace those worthy characters who have been dismissed. She wants to know whether the children have made progress in their education. She prays that no other eyes but Hodgdon will peruse her scrawl.
April 5, 1799 My Brother is Afflicted with Rheumatism, Etc. Ann Young Samuel Hodgdon Shortly after arriving in Baltimore, Mrs. Young's brother took a front store in the spirit and grocery line though unfortunately, he has been afflicted by rheumatism. Her sister got married to a decent young man and is now in her own house. Baltimore being a friendly large town still falls short of Philadelphia and she misses her many acquaintances in that city.
September 12, 1790 Breck discusses maritime issues with Knox Samuel Breck Henry Knox Letter, discusses dependence on foreign sail manufacture; describes Boston sail manufacturer; describes level of production and resources.