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November 6, 1800 Encloses Letter from Mr. Milligan about Furnace Benjamin Stoddert Samuel Dexter Encloses letter from Mr. Milligan stating his claim to 3/8 of the furnace sold by Wilson & Potts.
May 21, 1785 Captain Stout, Mr. Milligan, receipts, request for house to rent Joseph Howell Philip Audebert Captain Stout going to Mr. Milligan's department. Discusses receipts for pay of department. Mentions travel plans of Mr. Pierce; removal of office. Asks for a house; cannot afford a heavy rent. Encloses correspondence from friends.
January 16, 1784 Pay due to Heirs Samuel Hodgdon James Milligan Account of pay due to heirs of a general officer.
September 14, 1800 Reports Mortgage of Wilson & Potts Furnaces Benjamin Stoddert Samuel Dexter Encloses letter from R. Milligan stating that 3/8th of the furnaces belonging to Wilson and Potts were mortgaged to him.
March 23, 1785 Letter from the Comptroller James Milligan John Pierce James Milligan sends to John Pierce a letter that transmits word of an undetermned congressional action.
September 8, 1785 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Benjamin Harrison John Pierce informs Benjamin Harrison that his papers and voucher have been received and forwarded to Mr. Milligan for settlement.
September 23, 1785 Pierce councils moderation John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce councils Andrew Dunscomb to use moderation in pursuing satisfaction from the disagreeable Mr. Milligan.
January 15, 1784 Settlement of a Continental Officer's Account John Pierce James Milligan John Pierce sends to James Milligan a letter requesting papers necessary to settle the account of Colonel Warner.
January 13, 1787 Account of late Postmaster John Pierce James Milligan Informs Milligan that the late postmaster John Durham's account does not show money and goods that he received in 1781 and 1783.
July 24, 1787 Enclosed Copy of Account John Pierce Captain Erasmus Gill Informs Capt. Erasmus Gill that the office has received his letter; Pierce encloses a copy of his account; discusses depreciation.
February 22, 1785 Regarding certificates and estimates, Pennsylvania Line Joseph Howell Jonathan Dickinson Encloses estimate of certificates issued by J. Pierce, paymaster general, and James Milligan, comptroller. Mentions that the estimate for General Hazen's Regiment and those that follow, is not as accurate as wished.
January 18, 1785 Regarding receipt of certificates and employment of additional clerks Joseph Howell John Pierce Acknowledges receipt of certificates and employment of additional clerks in the office due to the press of business.
March 16, 1787 No Available Image Unknown Author James Milligan No image available.
June 7, 1787 Claim for cattle taken in 1777 Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Mentions Mr. Greenfield, who wrote about the claim of Joseph Bradfield for two cattle taken in 1777.
July 25, 1786 Status of the artillery Artificers; claims by Major Perkins Joseph Howell Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Pierce not being available, the author has opened the letter. The status of the artillery Artificers has not yet been resolved by Congress so no action can be taken on their claims. The claims by Major Perkins related to wood forage should properly be handled by Mr. Milligan.
July 24, 1787 Account information John Pierce Captain Erasmus Gill Letter to Captain Gill from the Commissioner of Army Accounts regarding his account.
October 14, 1786 Enclosed returns John Pierce James Milligan Encloses copies of returns transmitted to the several auditors appointed by the states to settle pensions.
October 6, 1786 Committee of Congress John Pierce Samuel Hodgdon Encloses the report of a committee of Congress respecting the artificers.
October 27, 1784 Letter from the Comptroller's Office James Milligan Joseph Howell Letter from the Comptroller's Office, pertaining to pay issues.
August 26, 1786 Certificate of Samuel Townsend John Pierce Aaron Bull Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts; mentions the certificate of Samuel Townsend.
May 20, 1785 Receipts for salaries and the moving of papers Joseph Howell Philip Audebert Encloses receipts of gentlemen in office for salaries. Discusses moving of papers.
May 30, 1785 Concerning a delegate from Massachusetts James Milligan Joseph Howell James Milligan discusses Mr. Holden, a delegate from the state of Massachusetts.
October 11, 1794 Visions of Mutiny, Etc. Michael Kalteisen Joseph Howell Kalteisen expresses his distress at the failure of the United States to provide even the most essential supplies and he has no money to provide them himself. The quality of the provisions that have been furnished has been poor and all of these problems have hindered his recruiting efforts and resulted in desertions and sickness.
March 30, 1785 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Francis Tate John Pierce writes Francis Tate a letter disclosing the proper channels to be used for settlement.
December 30, 1784 Certificates John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce sends to Joseph Howell this note enclosed with certificates.