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August 23, 1794 [No.29] Method of Mailing John Stagg Isaac Craig Inquiry into how packages for officers are sent down river in regarding to the cost of postage.
February 13, 1795 The Correct Method for Completing a Muster Roll Joseph Howell Richard S. Blackburn Howell instructs Captain Blackburn as to the correct method of completing his muster rolls. It is necessary to place the names of those present opposite each other in the column for that purpose.
December 6, 1794 Request for Pay of Soldiers Frederick Frye Joseph Howell Sent along muster rolls, but uncertain if his method and format for submission were correct as Frye never received blank rolls or instructions on how to submit the documents for approval. Requested pay for his soldiers based on the rolls Frye transmitted, and if they paid is being withheld due to the method in which he submitted the documents, Frye requested immediate instruction. Frye stated...
July 26, 1799 Explains Method of Settling Mr. Colfax's Account James McHenry William Simmons Explains method of settling account for Mr. Colfax.
February 26, 1801 Confirming Receipt of Turner's Letters and Explaining the Method of Account Settlement William Simmons Edward D. Turner Confirming receipt of Turner's letters of February 8th and 12th and explaining the method by which accounts are settled and the relevant parties notified
March 24, 1784 Settling an Account Samuel Hodgdon William Henry Settlement of an account.
December 18, 1797 Request for Directions on Proper Method of Signing Muster Rolls Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman is having difficulty getting the muster rolls signed. He will send his accounts in a few days.
August 2, 1797 Request for Explicit Instruction on Method of Payment Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman encloses several accounts. He asks Simmons for explicit directions in dealing with these accounts.
November 17, 1796 Regarding Method for Creating Cost Estimates, Recent Bills Drawn, & Sloop Detroit John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Comments on the method of tracking expenditure estimates; mentions receiving instructions on this topic. Lists recent bills drawn; refers to expenditure estimate for October. Also discusses the sloop Detroit.
December 11, 1783 Pay of Connecticut Soldiers Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Pierce Explains that the Connecticut men who enlisted for 8 months in 1782 were considered by the state government to be militia in the service of the United States and were paid by the state accordingly. Notes that these men are also on Pierce's accounts for pay from the United States and requests a proposal for a remedy of the situation. Requests a list of their names, regiments, and time in service...
December 28, 1795 Forwarding the Requested Receipts Matthias Slough Samuel Hodgdon Slough is surprised at Hodgdon's recent letter since he believed he had left his receipts at the counting house. He will now forward them except for the enclosed receipt for the keg of vermillion which was not included with the other goods for the reason mentioned in the enclosed letter to Major Craig.
August 10, 1799 Receipt for pine table Caleb Swan John Bamfield Caleb Swan receipt $19.00 to John Banfield for pine table.
February 2, 1784 Soldiers' Clothing Allowance Colonel Lewis Nicola John Pierce Nicola is explaining how he is trying to devise a method of accounting for the clothing allowances given to each man in the Army. Due to transfers, deaths, etc. the accounting system has been very haphazard in the past and he is trying to devise a more efficient system.
February 5, 1784 Pay of Connecticut Short Levees John Pierce Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Discusses pay of the short levees of the State of Connecticut
May 18, 1796 Discussion of Frigate Timber & Proposed Closing of Navy Yard Foreman Cheeseman Josiah Fox Letter, discusses timber for Frigates; discusses timber for futtocks & floors; discusses closing Naval yard.
October 21, 1800 Simmons Informing Russell that his Method of Reporting his Accounts is Incorrect William Simmons Benjamin Russell A letter dated October 7th, with an account for printing, was given to Simmons by Secretary of War Dexter. Before this type of account can be settled it must be stated in a particular form. The extent of each advertisement and the period it was inserted must be noted in this account, with the affirmation of a magistrate. The oath to set forth that the printing was done by the order of...
March 4, 1789 Information on Bounties Due Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Discussed details of bounties and method of payment.
February 8, 1785 Accounts of the German Regiment; officer accounts Jonathan White Joseph Howell Discusses pay accounts of the German Regiment. Discusses various other issues regarding the war office's financial accounts. Discusses the settlement of two officer's accounts.
April 2, 1796 The Correct Way to Keep an Account William Simmons John Jacob Rivardi Simmons' sends instructions on the proper method of keeping accounts
January 4, 1798 Regarding Marines and Seamen; manner of muster; rations [not available] Captain John Barry Mentions Marine and Sailor muster rolls. Until such time as permanent regulations for government of the Marines and Seamen are contemplated by the President of United States, house the Marines and Seamen monthly while in port. Discusses method of muster. Colonel Mentges will muster the Marines; someone with experience muster the seamen. Mentions contract to supply rations conformably to Act of...
April 13, 1790 Protection of Frontier Counties Henry Knox Lieutenant of Harrison County Knox speaks of adopting a temporary method of protecting the frontier counties until danger ceases or a more permanent solution is presented.
February 10, 1795 Explanation of Method Regarding Muster Roll Charles Martin Joseph Howell Martin explained he did not put the names of men into a certain column because they were not fit for duty. He did not want to alter the muster rolls.
July 13, 1798 New Mode of Casting Shot, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Among other matters, Hodgdon discusses a new mode of casting shot which results in an even surface and greater precision in weight. Hodgdon doubts whether this new method actually produces better shot since that produced by the old method was very effective in battering works and killing men.
December 4, 1793 Payment of Officers Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Improper method of payment discussed, request for money, locations and amounts of money required by several paymasters.
January 15, 1800 Sending the Notes One Half at a Time Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Given the restriction of not hazarding a remittance of more than one thousand dollars at a time, Williams suggests cutting the notes through the middle and sending one half at a time. Once receipt is acknowledged for the first half, the other half can then be remitted.