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January 20, 1796 Regarding Henry Glen Charges for Storage William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Simmons reports that Henry Glen, member of congress from New York, sent charges to accountant's officer against United States for storage of military stores at his store at Schenectady, New York. Asks Hodgdon if articles are still in Glen's possession and what agreement has been made.
May 7, 1784 Not authorized by Congress John Pierce Minister of France John Pierce sends a letter to the Minister of France informing him that he is not authorized by Congress to grant half pay to Mr. McHenry.
1792 Debates in Congress and Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Dunlap Having looked over the debates in Congress the previous day as detailed in Hodgdon's paper, Hodgdon was surprised to find a statement by Mr. Steele that Mr. Hodgdon complained of not being present at the committee session. Yet he had been written to and the committee had received letters from him relative to the circumstances discussed in the debate.
December 31, 1798 Requires Signed Receipt to Pay Money Due Samuel Hodgdon Philip Williams It is not proper to remit the small sum requested because no one is authorized to sign the receipt, unless he has a friend there who can sign. In that case, the money will be paid to his order. If no one else volunteers, the assigned member of Congress from his district can sign the receipt and pick up the money. At any rate, Hodgdon will pay the money as soon as he can get a receipt.
February 7, 1784 Pay of Continental Army Officers John Pierce Henry Livingston Discusses the entitlement of certain officers to commutation pay by act of Congress.
June 26, 1786 Claim of Captain Sullivan John Pierce Nathaniel Gorham Letter to the President of Congress, Nathaniel Gorham, concerning settlement of the claim of Capt. John Sullivan, late a member of the cavalry in Pennsylvania.
January 20, 1796 Charges by Henry Glen for Storage William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Concerning a charge that U.S. Congressman Henry Glen of New York made against the United States for storing military stores.
May 23, 1794 [No.13] Transport Henry Knox Isaac Craig Orders to transport Colonel Greenup on any public vessels and protect him during his travels.
January 18, 1786 Settlement of Public Accounts Richard Lloyd Joseph Howell The author thanks the recipient for his prompt reply to his letter regarding his public accounts. As soon as he hears from the recipient that a sufficient number of States are able to settle all of his business in one journey to New York, he will make the trip.
June 26, 1784 Settlement of the accounts of the Virginia regiments John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Settlement of the accounts of the Virginia Line. Also discusses forwarding of certificates. Discusses various pay issues.
June 16, 1791 Regarding memorial from officers relative to pay; Harmar's court of inquiry; confidential letters and preparations for campaign Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Knox will present memorial from officers regarding pay to Congress as soon as they are in session. President Washington has not yet arrived from his southern tour. Harmar's application for a court of inquiry will be made to Washington. Knox is unacquainted with any member of Congress obtaining any confidential letter from War Office since the adoption of a new government; under the old...
February 8, 1796 Payments Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Holts asks Hodgdon to make payments out of money that Hodgdon will receive from Simmons. New London is nearly out of gun locks, and need to know whether some will be sent or they should make some.
October 8, 1792 Mrs. Sterrett asks Knox to consider appointment husband Mr. Sterrett as port collector Baltimore Rebecca Sterrett Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment as collector at Baltimore port, on behalf of husband based on ill health of General Otho Williams, who will probably soon leave the office.
December 23, 1786 Account of Captain John Jameson, former prisoner Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Discusses in detail the account of Captain John Jameson who was taken prisoner for 21 months. Included is a receipt for $608[&]40/90 pay due Capt. Jameson but there is a question regarding whether it is for the Capt. Jameson who is the applicant. The disposition of Jameson' account cannot be settled except by an Act of Congress.
May 23, 1784 Commutation Pay Jotham Wright John Pierce Wright discusses his commutation, emphasizing the sacrifices that veterans have made for the nation.
January 31, 1790 Talbot seeks an appointment from Washington Captain Silas Talbot George Washington Letter, asks for appointment as Harbour Marshall.
January 14, 1794 Speech To the Chiefs and Warriors of the Delawares, Shawanese & Miami Nations or tribes of Indians & to all others whom it may Concern. Anthony Wayne [not available] Message delivered from Steven Young, George White Eyes, and another warrior as interpreter by Robert Wilson received by George Washington and member of the Council of Congress. Stated that if the Nations desire peace they will release all American prisoners to officers at Fort Recovery. United States offered protection to Indians in return for prisoners and a stop to all raids and murders by...
December 23, 1786 Accounts of Various Officers John Pierce Jonathan Nicholson Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General containing details of the accounts of officers, two of whom may have been mistaken for one another due to having similar names.
August 10, 1792 Report of the Quartermaster General Major John Belli Henry Knox Quartermaster General Belli reports on the status of supplies, horses, equipage, and forage in the northwest.
January 2, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Wilkins, Jr. Simmons requests that the Quartermaster General forward the enclosed letters from Congressman S. Sewall to the following destinations: Letter to Brigadier General Wilkinson; Letter to Lewis Walcourt, merchant in Natchez Letter to Capt. Daniel Bissell, 1st U.S. Regiment
May 3, 1798 Response to a Claim Staats Morris William Simmons A member of Capt. Morris's company was enlisted by Capt. Gamble and has submitted a claim for four dollars. If found just, that amount should be transmitted as well as some blank muster and pay rolls.
June 2, 1791 Opinion on Warham Strong Joseph Howell Joseph Nourse Howell could not say if Strong was a member of Colonel Wi[ttet]'s regiment, but he noted Strong was of good character and deserving of a commission by Connecticut.
February 26, 1795 Transportation of Clothing and Arms Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering notes that the clothing may be sent to New York from which place vessels frequently sail to Wilmington. The arms may be sent down the river to Reedy Island where they will be loaded on a vessel sailing to Europe.
December 14, 1796 Request for Certification of Service Marinus Willett William Simmons Commanded Infantry Regiment from State of New York, requested certificate that states such fact. Mentioned passing the certificate along through the post if it was safe, or use a member of the senate that resides in Wilmington and could carry the certificate.
November 13, 1797 Ascendency of French Principles and Democracy William Hemsley James McHenry Instructions for future correspondence. Refers to appointment offered to his son by Mr. King. Mentions upcoming state legislative elections that perhaps mean that French principles and democracy gaining ground. Hopes that Mr. Hindman will succeed in his Congressional election and that wealth and prosperity will continue on the side of government.