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August 16, 1799 Acknowledgement of Receipt of Medical Officer Recommendation James McHenry John Adams Acknowledges receipt and filing of recommendations for Dr. David King to be appointed medical officer.
September 29, 1800 Accounts for Medical Aid Samuel Dexter William Simmons Medical aid should be offered to officers by the public. If at his post but there is no aid available, an officer should be permitted to seek and secure the best medical aid at the public expense. Officers on furlough are not entitled to publicly funded aid, as they have temporarily and voluntarily withdrawn from their contract with the public.
June 24, 1799 Notification of Recommendations for Medical Personnel for 13th Regiment James McHenry John Adams Notifies Adams of the recommendations for several men for medical appointments [likely a surgeon and surgeon's mates] to the 13th Regiment, commanded by Lt. Col. Taylor. Asks for permission to make the appointments.
April 1, 1799 Request for Issue of Medical Instruments & Supplies James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of medical instruments and supplies which are listed in an accompanying return [not included].
July 4, 1784 Pay entitlement of Doctor Tillotson John Cochran John Pierce Discusses the pay entitlement of Doctor Tillotson in regards to the provisions for pay of the doctors assigned to the Medical Department. Discusses the settlement of his own account.
May 31, 1799 Delivery Request James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of medical instruments to Fort Mifflin, including amputation & trepanning tools.
July 31, 1799 Discussion of Appointment of Officers, Medical Staff, & Chaplains; Disposition of Old and New Regiments James McHenry John Adams Forwards letters concerning General Pinckney, as well as the issue of appointing surgeon's mates for Hunnewell and Rice's regiment. Advises against recourse to the "act to regulate the medical establishment," saying that regimental medical staff should be sufficient for the near future. Notes that the current allotment of chaplains is one per every four regiments, but that the disparate nature...
May 14, 1798 Request for Issue of Medical Supplies & Oakum for Western Troops James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of medical supplies and oakum for use by troops at various posts on the Mississippi.
January 21, 1799 Encloses Bill for Medical Establishment Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Encloses draft of a bill for the medical establishment, including detail regulations. Comments on another bill of military appropriations.
August 12, 1799 Regarding Medical Appointments, & Lack of System in Evaluating Medical Staff John Adams James McHenry Adams approves the medical staff appointments made by Colonels Hunnewell and Rice, but believes one doctor to merit a surgeon's mate appointment, rather than one as surgeon. Expresses desire for a system to evaluate medical personnel on competency and experience.
October 13, 1783 Furloughs for Chaplains and Doctors Benjamin Lincoln Timothy Pickering Concerning the authorization of furloughs for chaplains and medical officers, refers Pickering to a resolution of Congress on the subject. Discusses the demands of an officer for pay and commutations.
November 29, 1800 Account of Doctor Boswell William Simmons William Meeker Received account of Doctor Boswell for medical aid and medicines furnished detachment under Captain Jonathan Taylor.
December 24, 1795 Pay & Subsistence of Robert Lee and medical assistance for sick soldier William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $323.26 is due Lieutenant Robert Lee of the 2nd Sub Legion, being his subsistence from Jan. 1 and his pay from June-Nov. 1795 and for medical attendance of a sick soldier.
May 12, 1798 Inspect Medicine Chests; Requests Estimate of Medical Stores James McHenry Dr. Gillaspy Asks that Gillaspy inspect medicine chests and instruments belonging to the ships Ganges and Hamburgh packet. Requests an estimate of medical stores from the Ganges surgeon.
November 6, 1790 McKnight forwards bill for medical care to Knox Charles McKnight Henry Knox Letter, discusses medical services provided and cost.
February 1, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James McHenry For the Secretary at War's review, Simmons submits Doctor French's bills for medical services rendered to the troops in Fredericksburg, Virginia
August 12, 1799 Regarding Defenses of Baltimore & Boston, & Medical Establishment of the Army James McHenry John Adams Defends his actions surrounding the appropriations for the defense of Baltimore, promises to transmit all his correspondence with the Baltimore Naval Committee to Adams, as well as information on the fortifications at Boston. Explains specific reasoning of the medical establishment regulation act. Discusses possibility of a limited filling of some of the offices created by this act. Recommends...
January 18, 1797 Expenses of Samuel Elder for his expenses and medical attendance of John Stack William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $58.20 is due Samuel Elder for his expenses and medical attendance of John Stack, a soldier on his way from Detroit to Philadelphia with Captain John Heth and a party of western Indians who suffered from a fire at the house they stopped at on November 3, 1796.
July 11, 1797 Recommended Appointment in the Medical Line Samuel Moale James McHenry Henry Wells, a pupil of Dr. Buchanan and Moale, wants an appointment in the medical line on board the frigate being built at Baltimore. Wells has been studying medicine for four years and is well suited to act as a Surgeon's Mate. Any act of friendship to Mr. Wells will be remembered with gratitude.
July 21, 1791 Recommendation for Surgeon's Mate Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox noted letter to Butler recommending Grasson as surgeon's mate for battalions with vacancies. In event of no vacancies, Knox requested St. Clair employ Grasson on medical line.
March 17, 1800 General Orders pertaining to agents of Quarter Master Department William North [not available] Strictly outlines what temporary provisions and housing will be provided and how troops will conduct themselves. Discussed regulations governing building barracks and submission for reimbursement.
September 29, 1784 Settlement of accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce sends Andrew Dunscomb a letter discussing the settlement of accounts for medical officers.
October 31, 1795 Expenses and Medical Attendance of Captain Donald G. Mitchell William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $109 is due Captain Donald Grant Mitchell for his expenses and medical attendance doing the public business of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers at West Point. He was detained in Philadelphia by sickness from Sept. 12th until Nov. 1st 1795.
February 25, 1799 Regulations for the Medical Establishment of the Army and Navy Samuel Otis [not available] An act of Congress which details a medical system for the U.S. armed forces, including hierarchy of rank, regulations for supply, discipline, and hospital organization, salaries, etc.
June 21, 1799 Contract for rations, quarter master stores, medical assistance, and transportation of troops in North Carolina. [not available] [not available] Agreement between Robert Ball, merchant of Wilmington, North Carolina, and Griffith John McRea on behalf of James McHenry Secretary of War for provision of rations, quarter master stores, medical assistance, and transportation of troops.