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May 23, 1799 Seeks to Settle Accounts with Mr. McLean Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Refers to Mr. McLean's receipts. Questions Montgomery's deductions and whether they need to be paid by the public. Requests Stevens to persuade McLean that he has been paid in full.
May 24, 1799 Enclosed Receipt for Shot, Account with McLean Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Encloses receipts for shot; also mentions that he has seen Mr. McLean.
May 19, 1799 [Copy] Settlement of Accounts William Simmons Daniel McLean Examined account of J. Gaither for payments made by him to Georgia yielded information that stated Gaither paid McLean at same time of McLean's resignation. Therefore McLean is charged by Accountant's Office for money owed government.
February 22, 1794 Clothing & Arms for Ensign McLean's Recruits John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Ensign Levi McLean at Lancaster has been very successful in recruiting and applies for a further supply of clothing. Hodgdon is directed to pack up and send to Ensign McLean twenty suits of infantry clothing and twenty stands of arms and accoutrements. If knapsacks are in store, a supply of them should also be sent.
January 23, 1794 Warrant for Ensign Levy McLean Joseph Howell George Clymer A warrant is issued in Clymer's favor for $200 to be remitted to Ensign Levy McLean at Lancaster for the use of the recruiting service.
October 27, 1795 Acceptance of the Balance as a Discharge McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon Since they do not feel supported, McLean & Emburgh have decided to accept Hodgdon's check for the balance, issued to the bearer Ezekial Abrahams, as a discharge.
November 30, 1785 Commutation has not been received Joseph Howell James McLean Mr. Pierce's whereabouts uncertain, encloses on his behalf, a certificate that commutation has not been received. If McLean wishes to accept half pay, send certificate given by Mr. Carleton to the accountant's office.
May 22, 1799 Concerning accounts and balances Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Encloses the accounts of Mr. McLean; also mentions that he has debited Hodgdon's account.
September 19, 1795 Immediate Settlement of Our Dispute McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon Having received no response from Hodgdon, McLean & Van Emburgh must have immediate evidence that a settlement of their dispute is still important to him.
March 5, 1794 Arrears of Pay Levi McClean Joseph Howell Ensign McLean discusses arrears of pay for himself and several of his men.
August 13, 1795 Citation Only Samuel Hodgdon McLean & Van Emburgh Letter, Citation only. Cited in McLean & Van Emburgh to Hodgdon, 08/24/1795.
November 30, 1785 Certificate saying that James McLean has not received payment Joseph Howell [not available] Certifies that Lieutenant James McLean of Corps of Invalids has not received the commutation of five years half pay in lieu of half pay during life granted officers of late army of United States.
February 9, 1795 Establishing Responsiblity for Damage to Arms McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon McLean and Van Emburgh cite their contract with the United States, the theme of which is that if any damage was done to the arms while in their care, it must be clearly established that it was their fault before any allowance is provided. The men employed for the transportation of said stores will not refund money to McLean and Van Emburgh unless they can provide that said damage was due to their...
December 12, 1785 Mr. Carlton's order from the Board of War; memorial to Congress James McLean Joseph Howell Encloses Mr. Carlton's order from the Board of War. Requests that Howell ask General Knox if he has any report on McLean's memorial to Congress.
March 6, 1795 Papers Respecting Stage Transactions McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon With regard to the papers respecting stage transactions, the bill Hodgdon returned was McLean & Van Emburgh's return for making no further applications to the Secretary of War relative to these transactions.
February 13, 1795 Your Object Was to Give Trouble & Create Delay McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon McLean and Emburgh express their surprise at Hodgdon's response to the ongoing controversy over damaged arms. It forces them to conclude that Hodgdon's only purpose is to give trouble and create delay. Still they had not concluded that Hodgdon would refuse to pay them at least part of what they are due without dictating prescriptions as conditions for payment.
November 9, 1799 Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores; mentions Navy Agent, Mr. McLean, and Mr. Watson.
April 28, 1787 Regarding where to apply for gratuity of 1779 William McDougall Joseph Howell Regarding where to apply for gratuity of 1779, Captain James McLean indicated that Howell was to person who could see McDougall righted therein. Asks that Howell examine books and furnish McDougall with certificates. McDougall was with 5th Pennsylvania Regiment and transferred to the Invalid Regiment in 1777.
August 9, 1794 Account of the Public Stores Levi McClean Samuel Hodgdon McLean neglected to send an account of the public stores that he delivered to the Quartermaster and Contractor at Lancaster. A copy of the invoice is enclosed.
December 29, 1794 The Articles are Liable for Freight McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is admonished that the articles are liable for freight and their company must be notified whether or not they are to be paid. They were assured that they would have no trouble collecting and hope that this continues to be the case.
February 12, 1795 The Sum in Question is Only Sixty Dollars McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon They have received Hodgdon's letter and forwarded it to the proprietors of the stages for further instructions. However, since the sum in question is only sixty dollars perhaps Hodgdon will not hesitate too long before paying it.
November 10, 1785 Request for certificate James McLean John Pierce Request for certificate. Has not received commutation. Certificate necessary in order to obtain half pay.
May 26, 1797 Settlement and President's Speech Enclosed Tarlton Bates William Simmons Settlement of McLeans account to be transmitted to Simmons.
October 24, 1785 Pierce sends pay settlement to former prisoner of war John Pierce James Revington John Pierce, Commissioner of Army Accounts, forwards a pay settlement for Jedidiah Meachum to James Revington.
September 14, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Ebenezer Stevens Simmons directs Stevens to provide further information regarding objectionable charges.