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December 21, 1796 Salary Increase for John McKee. James McHenry John McKee McHenry informs McKee that in consideration of his station and duties within the Cherokee Nation, his salary has been increased to $500 per annum
June 8, 1797 Request for Reimbursement John McKee James McHenry In this letter McKee requests 300 dollars in post notes from the Secretary at War. McKee justifies the funds as being necessary for "purchasing horses and paying my expenses here and on my action." To secure the reply, McKee suggests the answer be entrusted to the care of Messrs. Gardner & Mitchell of Savannah. Gardner and Mitchell will then forward the reply to Panton, Leslie and Company. This...
January 8, 1799 Letter to the Secretary at War John McKee James McHenry In the event of war with France, John McKee makes his terms of service known to the Secretary at War. McKee stipulates that his salary must be equal to that of an agent to the Cherokee.
July 25, 1794 Funds for Griffith McKee's Recruiting Joseph Howell Griffith McKee The Treasurer has been directed to remit to William Polk, Supervisor of North Carolina, the sum of $500 to be transmitted to Capt. McKee for the use of the recruiting service. Circular Letters are also enclosed.
March 26, 1798 Inquiry Regarding Clothing for Capt. McKee Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon inquires about the clothing sent to Capt. McKee.
May 24, 1796 Payment of McKee David Henley William Simmons Notification of payment made to John McKee, temporary agent to Cherokees.
July 28, 1793 Notification of the Meeting at Sandusky Colonel Alexander McKee Benjamin Lincoln Captain Elliot delivered a letter from Colonel McKee in which Mckee informs the Commissioners that he will inform them of the time the Indians will meet at Sandusky as soon as he receives that information.
March 9, 1799 Reports that McKee's Baggage has been Forwarded Samuel Hodgdon John McKee Reports that McKee's luggage was forwarded in a wagon belonging to Andrew Mars. Is glad that the horse acts as expected.
June 3, 1795 Advice of Wayne Followed, Ottawas and Chipawas Turned from British and McKee Malchipinchimichi Anthony Wayne Chiefs of Chipawas and Ottawas present or by proxy through their sons due infirmity. Malchipininchilliche joyful of peaceful reception chiefs at fort and notified Wayne the speech he gave encouraged his people to turn from McKee and the British. Deceit of McKee mentioned, Indians have turned away from his advice to NOT sign treaty. Key to garrisons mentioned by author.
February 26, 1799 Payment for Transportation James McHenry Isaac Craig Notification that J. McKee has received partial payment for transporting horses and an Indian to Pittsburgh. McHenry ordered McKee be paid remaining amount upon arrival in Pittsburgh and furnish him with provisions to transport the horses by boat.
June 28, 1793 Letter from Canadian Colonel Alexander McKee to Federal Commissioners for Conference at Sandusky Colonel Alexander McKee Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Commissioners note in 29 June 1793 entry above letter from McKee, that Captain Elliott arrived with deputation of twenty Indians for nations assembled at foot of Miami Rapids and delivered McKee's letter to the Federal Commissioners. McKee assures commissioners that he will let them know when Indians are ready to meet at Sandusky.
March 23, 1795 Inquiry into the Sale of Land Timothy Pickering David Henley Requested inquiry into the pay of Mr. Donaldson who surveyed land for sale in Indian territory. Appointment of Mr.McKee as Indian Agent discussed, request for personal opinion on the man.
October 24, 1797 Cited letter or document, James McHenry to John McKee James McHenry John McKee Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in McKee to McHenry, 10/26/1797.
March 4, 1794 Assignment and Power of Attorney James McKee Michael Stever Power of attorney for James McKee - late a soldier in the Pennsylvania artillery - to Michael Stever (?).
November 28, 1797 Letter from the Representatives of Panton, Leslie and Company [not available] James McHenry This letter accompanies a packet of information sent by John McKee for James McHenry. Representatives from Panton, Leslie and Company (PLC) indicate that McKee is in New Orleans meeting with the Governor. The representatives from PLC also say McKee's first conversation with the Govrenor dispelled suspicions of a connection with William Blount. The representatives of PLC thank McHenry for...
June 6, 1793 Letters to Cherokee Chiefs and McKee William Blount Henry Knox "I have the honor to enclose you a copy of a letter of yesterday's date to the Chiefs of the Chrokees and an extract of a letter from Mr. John McKee which will inform you of the state in which I leave the Indian business. I set out for Philadelphia tomorrow morning, shall pass through the upper part of North Carolina but shall make no delay in my journey"
March 4, 1799 Wagon in Which My Baggage is Being Sent John McKee Samuel Hodgdon McKee observes that he arrived at the post without any complaint against the horse other than his frequently stumbling during the journey. To allay his anxiety, he wants information by post of the wagon in which Mr. Harrison is forwarding his baggage
March 4, 1798 Pay Due Charles Smith Griffith McKee William Simmons Enclosed is the discharge of Charles Smith from Capt. Kalteisen's Company which is the only voucher he has to substantiate his claim against the US for the balance of his pay. McKee feels that since he introduced Smith into the service, he is obligated to forward his claim.
July 25, 1794 Funds for Griffith McKee's Recruiting Joseph Howell William Polk The Treasurer will remit to Polk five hundred dollars to be transmitted to Griffith McKee, Captain in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers at Fort Johnston, Cape Fear River, for the use of the recruiting service.
June 7, 1797 Letter to Secretary at War regarding trading house of Panton, Leslie and Company John McKee James McHenry Writing from Pensacola, John McKee informs James McHenry that the trading house of Panton, Leslie and Company have monopolized the Choctaw and Chickasaw trade but lost the Cherokee business. McKee discusses the role of trade in maintaining peace on the frontier and the role of the Spanish Court in granting Panton, Leslie and Company privileged access to Indian markets. McKee speculates that...
December 27, 1798 Authorizes Advance of Salary James McHenry David Henley If McKee needs any advance on his salary, McHenry authorized its issue.
June 12, 1797 Letter to James McHenry John McKee James McHenry This letter is marked as having been received by McHenry and communicated to the President on 22 July 1797. McKee informs McHenry of plans to travel to New Orleans.
May 16, 1798 Letter to the Secretary at War John McKee James McHenry McKee expresses his desire for a military appointment to the Secretary at War.
March 2, 1798 Muster Roll for February 1798 Griffith McKee William Simmons Enclosed is the muster roll for February 1798 and the muster roll returned to Mckee for pay rolls up to March 1. Daniel Millar's receipt for his pay up to the time of his discharge from Capt. Kalteisen's Company is also transmitted.
November 26, 1793 Flagitious Acts Against Peaceable Indians John McKee William Blount McKee warns that if despicable acts, such as that committed recently against a peaceable Indian, go unpunished, any attempts toward a re-establishment of peace will be in vain.