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June 7, 1784 Letter Citation John Pierce Alex McDougall Cited in McDougall to Pierce, 07/13/1784.Discusses the pay McDougall received while commanding a regiment. Pierce appears to have had questions regarding the method McDougall used to pay his troops.
April 28, 1787 Regarding where to apply for gratuity of 1779 William McDougall Joseph Howell Regarding where to apply for gratuity of 1779, Captain James McLean indicated that Howell was to person who could see McDougall righted therein. Asks that Howell examine books and furnish McDougall with certificates. McDougall was with 5th Pennsylvania Regiment and transferred to the Invalid Regiment in 1777.
September 27, 1784 General McDougall's accounts Richard Platt John Pierce Richard Platt sends to John Pierce a request to settle General McDougall's accounts.
June 7, 1784 Settlement of account John Pierce Alex McDougall Discusses the settlement of McDougall's account.
May 31, 1784 Settlement of accounts Alex McDougall John Pierce General McDougall sends to John Pierce a letter requesting settlement of his accounts.
May 31, 1792 Account of Mannus Willett Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of Mannus Willett, formerly a Captain in the late New York Regiment commanded by Colonel Alexander McDougall.
May 2, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Joseph Nourse William Simmons Joseph Nourse William Simmons requests that Joseph Nourse provide an extract from the accounts of Major General McDougall
May 3, 1787 Claim submitted too late Joseph Howell William McDougall Claim should have been presented to officer before 1 August 1786 agreeable to Resolution of Congress directing that all claims be made by that day or be forever after excluded.
September 11, 1784 Letter of introduction and widow's benefits James F. Armstrong John Pierce James Armstrong sends John Pierce a letter of introduction carried by Mrs. Vergereau. The letter explains her claims to widow's benefits.
April 25, 1791 Request for Payment for Services Rendered; Invalid Pensions Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, asks for balance due him by the United States; mentions Invalid accounts.
September 9, 1784 Honoring of certified settlement note Richard Platt John Pierce Richard Platt sends to John Pierce a letter requesting assistance because New York has refused to honor his certified settlement note.
March 13, 1784 Accounts of two New York Regiments Marinus Willett John Pierce Discusses settlement of the accounts of two New York Regiments.
July 13, 1784 Settlement of account Alex McDougall John Pierce Discusses issues concerning the settlement of his account.
1788 Power of attorney given by troops raised in New York New York troops Isaac Faerlie Subscribers are commissioned, non commissioned officers, and privates of the troops raised in New York in service of United States. They nominate Isaac Faerlie and Jeremiah Rensalaer as attorneys or agents on their behalf.
October 15, 1797 Replying to Leith, Shepherd and Duff's petition James Wilkinson Multiple Recipients Wilkinson responds to Leith, Shepherd and Duff’s petition to be able to continue trade in the Ottawa towns. Wilkinson notes that recent military regulations were designed to bring the misdeeds of James McDonald to light. Wilkinson feels he is authorized to regulate within the military reservations, however he is not empowered to authorize Leith, Shepherd and Duff to trade. However, the agent...
March 8, 1795 Preliminary Peace Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Mentioned submitting preliminary articles of peace b/w U.S. and Indian Nations. Wyandots of Sandusky now join in peace agreement. Discussed Father Edmond Burke and British agents trying to foil peace b/w Indian Nations and U.S. Discussed depredations and murder being committed by select groups of Indians. Submitted requests for "trinkets" and medals to be awarded the Indian currently in...
June 16, 1784 Charges in General Washington's account Joseph Nourse John Pierce Discusses various charges in George Washington's account of expenditures, including a charge for "secret services".
April 25, 1795 Recruiting and Enlisting Soldiers, Etc. Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Pickering discusses recruiting and reelnisting soldiers and mentions the conduct of Indian agents and Wayne's Campaign.