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April 25, 1786 Pay of Willett's regiment Marinus Willett John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Willett, 04/25/1786. May have concerned the pay of Willett's regiment which Pierce discusses in Pierce to Willett, 04/25/1786
January 17, 1797 Willett's certificate William Simmons Marinus Willett Cover letter for a certificate that Willett had asked for that Simmons had been unable to locate earlier. See Simmons to Willett 01/13/1797
January 13, 1784 Request for Account Settlement Marinus Willett John Pierce Colonel Marinus Willett sends John Pierce a letter that requests settlement of his accounts.
January 17, 1797 Cited letter or document, Marinus Willett to William Simmons Marinus Willett William Simmons CITATION Only. Cited in Simmons to Willett 01/17/1797
January 13, 1797 Willett's record of service William Simmons Marinus Willett Simmons reports that he has been unable to locate the muster and pay rolls Willett asked for and sends a certificate of Willett's commutation stating his day of derangement in lieu of a certificate of his service in the Revolutionary War
May 27, 1798 Rent for the Wharf Marinus Willett William Simmons Willett requests Simmons assistance in ensuring that the rent for the use of his wharf is promptly paid by Mr. Francis.
[not available] Endorsement Henry Knox Marinus Willett Endorsement.
April 2, 1798 Letter Citation William Simmons Marinus Willett Cited in Willett to Simmons, 05/27/1798.Willett requests Simmons assistance in ensuring that the rent for the use of his wharf is promptly paid by Mr. Francis.
April 25, 1786 Colonel Willett's regiment cannot be paid John Pierce Marinus Willett Informs Colonel Willett that his regiment cannot be paid because a resolution of Congress when the regiment was raised required that New York first fill up its Continental quota, which condition was not met.
April 22, 1784 Letter Citation John Pierce Marinus Willett Cited in Willett to Pierce, 05/24/1784.
May 24, 1784 Settlement of subsistence account Marinus Willett John Pierce Marinus Willet sends John Pierce a letter in which he requests the settlement of his subsistence account.
March 9, 1786 Information on Willett's Corps John Pierce Marinus Willett Requests information from Willett about the service, composition, and strength of his Corps during the Revolutionary War
January 20, 1784 Request for Papers and Pay John Pierce Marinus Willett John Pierce replies to Colonel Willett's previous requests for personal papers and subsistence payment.
May 30, 1799 RE Recommendations for Army and Navy Appointments Marinus Willett Alexander Hamilton Routine correspondence recommending individuals for Army and Navy appointments.
December 14, 1796 Request for Certification of Service Marinus Willett William Simmons Commanded Infantry Regiment from State of New York, requested certificate that states such fact. Mentioned passing the certificate along through the post if it was safe, or use a member of the senate that resides in Wilmington and could carry the certificate.
July 20, 1790 On war between England and Spain; presence of Arnold at Detroit; attacks on Major Beatty; Alexander McGillivray and Creek Chiefs' visit to New York Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Reports that England desires war with Spain. Possible that English will attempt to obtain New Orleans and Floridas. Rumor that [Benedict?] Arnold has been to Detroit, having reviewed the militia. Circumstances should be held in confidence. Indian attacks on Major Beatty merit vengeance. Alexander McGillivray and Creek Chiefs due to arrive next day at New York. Mentions Colonel Marinus Willett....
May 24, 1786 Report on the Memorial of Marinus Willett John Pierce Charles Thomson Pierce's report to Congress on the memorial of Colonel Marinus Willet, commander of a New York militia regiment in the Revolutionary War, concerning the settlement of his regiment's pay
March 5, 1791 Expenditures for McGillivray & the Chiefs of the Creek Nation Henry Knox Marinus Willett The account of the expenditures of Colonel McGillivray and the chiefs of the Creek Nation have been lost so Knox asks Colonel Willet to forward a duplicate of the account.
March 12, 1784 Soldiers' accounts Marinus Willett John Pierce Discusses the settlement of the accounts of the soldiers of an Army company.
August 5, 1791 [PRIVATE] Appointment Henry Knox Marinus Willett Discussed Willet's refusal of appointment to marshall for city and county of New York.
May 31, 1792 Account of Mannus Willett Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of Mannus Willett, formerly a Captain in the late New York Regiment commanded by Colonel Alexander McDougall.
March 13, 1784 Accounts of two New York Regiments Marinus Willett John Pierce Discusses settlement of the accounts of two New York Regiments.
May 22, 1790 Letter Citation Marinus Willett Henry Knox Cited in Willet to Knox, 07/03/1790.
June 15, 1790 Letter Citation Marinus Willett Henry Knox Cited in Willet to Knox, 07/03/1790.
July 7, 1790 Letter Citation Marinus Willett Henry Knox Cited in Willet to Knox, 07/15/1790.