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February 3, 1798 Replacement Musket for McRea's Marines James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver a musket to Lieutenant McRea' s Marines on board the frigate "United States" to replace one that was broken by accident and returned to be repaired.
November 1, 1797 Suits of Marine Clothes for the Frigate "United States" Nathan Jones John Harris Harris is directed to deliver twelve suits of Marine clothes to Captain William McRea for use on board the frigate "United States."
November 12, 1799 Duties of the Marine Corps James Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton General Wilkinson affirms to Hamilton his belief that the Marine Corps should perform all duties relative to the Navy and four sentinals should be sufficient to protect the unlaunched hull of a vessel at a place of peace and safety.
February 1, 1799 Cartouche Boxes and Scabbard Belts for the Marine Corps James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver fifty cartouche boxes and scabbard belts to the order of Major William Burrows for the use of the Marine Corps. They are to be charged to the Purveyor.
December 6, 1797 Exchange of Small Blankets for Larger Ones James McHenry John Harris Lieutenant McRea complains that the blankets he received from the store for the Marines on board the "United States" are too small in size. Harris is asked to exchange them for others that are judged suitable.
October 15, 1800 A Return of Arms, Accoutrements, Ammunition, Etc. Valentine Brother Samuel Dexter A return of arms, accoutrements, ammunition, camp equipage, and clothing in the possession of Valentine Brother, late a Captain of the 9th Regiment of Infantry at the time of the Army's being disbanded. Included are the arms delivered by Captain Brother to Lieutenants Strother and Johnson of the Marine Corps, and the arms remaining with Capt. Brother.
May 5, 1798 Marine Commission as Lieutenant aboard USS Constitution James McHenry Lemuel Clerk Lieutenant LemuelClerk receives commission to serve as an Lieutenant of Marines aboard the USS Constitution. Appointed by the President. Requests attention to rules and regulations.
November 28, 1797 Response to Senate Address 11/23/1798 John Adams United States Senate Adams thanks the Senate for their response, and reemphasized the importance of maritime military to a mercantile marine commerce.
December 18, 1797 Accounts of the Marine Service John Steele William Simmons Though not deemed so by his predecessor, Steele believes he is responsible for accounts dealing with the pay of the crewmen of frigates.He thinks that the forms used for the pay of the army might also be suitable for the pay of the marine service.
May 30, 1799 Discussion of Proposed Military Storehouse & Laboratory; Forwarded Recommendation for Marine Officer's Post John Adams James McHenry Adams says he has only one possible objection to the proposed military campus (laboratory, powder house and warehouses) outside of Philadelphia: that the government is moving to the new city of Washington within the next year. Leaves this potential problem to McHenry's judgment; also forwards a recommendation of an officer for the Marine Corps.
November 19, 1800 Ammunition for Marine posts Samuel Dexter John Wilkins, Jr. This letter encloses an order placed with Samuel Hodgdon for ammunition necessary to the security of the Marine Posts. Wilkins is tasked to fill this order.
July 5, 1798 Certification of payments; account of Lieutenant Franklin Wharton William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $25.82 is due Lieutenant Franklin Wharton of the Marines on board the frigate "United States", being the amount of his account for recruiting Marines for service on the "United States" and for contingent expenses attending the same.
November 22, 1800 Blankets for the Marine Corps [not available] Samuel Dexter Requests 1102 blankets for the Marine Corps.
August 13, 1798 Request for tents for Secretary of Navy Major Commandant Marine Corps William Ward Barrows John Harris James McHenry and Samuel Hodgdon request that John Harris deliver to the Secretary of Navy, a marquee, horseman's tents and common tents, to be be paid at full market value. Commandant of Marine Corps William Ward Burrows requests delivery of tents to Lieutenant George Meminger.
May 2, 1800 Recommendation for Officer Appointment to U.S. Navy Jonathan Trumbull Benjamin Stoddert Recommends William Roberts as a candidate for appointment in the U.S. Navy, based on his good character and education. Roberts asks for a position as either a Marine lieutenant or a midshipman; Trumbull advises he be appointed to one of the ships now fitting at New York.
May 16, 1798 Cloting for the Marines on the Frigate "United States" James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to deliver six complete suits of Marine clothing to Lieutenant William McRea for the use of the Marines on board the frigate "United States."
October 15, 1800 Extract of Captain Valentine Brother's Letter Valentine Brother Samuel Dexter Extract of letter from Captain Brother to the Secretary of War, enclosing a return of public property.
July 14, 1798 Marine Articles Purchased for the Navy Samuel Hodgdon John Harris The Secretary of Navy has ordered his storekeeper to take charge of all articles purchased for the use of the Navy so Harris is ordered to send such articles to the Navy store.
September 13, 1799 Requests Assistance with Prison Guards at Morris Town Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Encloses letter from Major Burrows. The Marine Corps cannot furnish the requested guard for sixty prisoners at Morris Town. Requests that the Harper's Ferry guard be relieved to assist in Morris Town.
September 13, 1799 Protection of the Prisoners at Norris Town James McHenry Alexander Hamilton "I herewith transmit you a copy of a letter from the Secretary of the Navy of this date requesting that the Marine Guard at Norris Town may be relieved by a competent number of infantry of the Army. You will be pleased to take such order thereon as to you may appear proper."
May 5, 1798 Appointment as Marine Lieutenant James McHenry Daniel Carmick Lt. Carmick receives commission to serve as a lieutenant of Marines aboard the USS Ganges. Requests recruitment of allotted Marines, including sergeant, corporal, drum and fife, and privates. Requests attention to rules and regulations.
February 3, 1798 Replacing a Broken Musket for McRea's Marines James McHenry John Harris McHenry requests that Harris provide a musket for Lieutenant McRea's Marines to replace one that was accidentally broken on the frigate "United States" and has been turned in for repairs.
May 29, 1798 Clothing & Arms for the Frigate United States James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver the listed articles to Lieutenant MacRea for the Marines on board the Frigate "United States."
June 19, 1799 Revenue would be better applied on the marine. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Hamilton observes that the Secretary of the Navy argues that, given the fact that the French fleet is at sea, the remaining revenue should be spent on the naval forces rather than the army.
November 6, 1799 RE Army Recruiting William MacRea Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.