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April 7, 1791 Danger to the Settlements Near Marietta Henry Knox Rufus Putnam The levies and regular troops being raised will not be available for a month so the protection of the settlements near Marietta must be effected by the militia.
July 25, 1795 Explanation for not paying various militias William Simmons Ebenezer Sproat Articulates to Lt. Col. Sprout the reasons why he will not pay the militias of Marietta, Bellpree, and Waterford.
December 31, 1791 Account of Caleb Swan from Ensign Pull, Marietta [not available] Caleb Swan From Ensign Pull of the Levies, for the sum of $15.34 paid him at Marietta on account of Caleb Swan's letter to Howell dated Marietta 31 December 1791.
April 27, 1792 Preparations at Marietta Jonathan Haskell Samuel Hodgdon It took seventeen days for Haskell to travel from Fort Washington to Marietta. He has applied to Major Craig for clothing but has not received any. Haskell's troops and those already at Marietta are in a wretched situation with respect to clothing and accoutrements. Ensign Tillinghast has been employed to erect a blockhouse which is not yet finished. Haskell has been at some expense in putting it...
February 3, 1797 Pay of the Scouts of Washington County William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $2656.66 is due the Scouts of Washington County N.W.T., being their pay for protecting the frontiers of Marietta, Belle Pre, Waterford, and Gallipolis between September 1, 1795 and March 20, 1796, the date of their discharge.
March 27, 1796 All Spies Discharged Per Order of Sec. of War Ebenezer Sproat William Simmons Deserter from Ohio company still missing, all [spies] in county discharged per order of Secretary of War. Vouchers to be forwarded soon.
March 1, 1792 The Situation at Marietta, Etc. Henry Knox George Washington Knox informs Washington that he has drafted a letter to General St. Clair and has received information from Judge Putnam, both of which require the president's examination along with several officer appointments. (See transcript below.)
June 1793 Appointing a Confidential Agent of the Quartermaster's Department Henry Knox Isaac Craig Craig must appoint a confidential agent of the quartermaster department if one does not already exist and balance [Lieutenant Colonel] Sprout in Marietta.
August 22, 1791 Indians Continually Harassing Us. Etc. Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Putnam report on the situation at Marietta which, despite harassment by Indians and the loss of horses and cattle, is tolerable due to sufficient corn and grain to support the inhabitants.
April 17, 1795 Payment of Captain Nathaniel Cushing's Detachment William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $1032 is due to a detachment of Militia commanded by Captain Nathaniel Cushing and responsible for the defense of the settlements of Marietta, Bellepre, and Waterford in the northwestern territory.
April 9, 1796 Account Updates, Payment Due Spies Ebenezer Sproat William Simmons Enclosed rolls for Marietta, Belmie, Waterford, and Gablepoles. Request for pay to be forwarded. Spies were employed on the frontier, dealing with friendly Indians who were flocking in to trade. Sproat apprehensive that some "wild hunting people" might insult the Indians with injurious consequences to the public and fatal results for valuable frontier colonists.
November 17, 1795 Pay of the Militia and Scouts of Washington County, Territory of the United States William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $3,883.80 is due the Militia and Scouts of Washington County, Territory of the United States, for their protection of Marietta, Bellepre, Waterford, and Gallipolis between October 11, 1794 and September 1, 1795.
July 30, 1796 Cited letter or document, Ebenezer Sproat to William Simmons Ebenezer Sproat William Simmons Cited in Hagner to Sproat 08/05/1796
November 17, 1794 Tom the Tinker and Other Offenders Alexander Hamilton George Washington The list of prisoners has now reached 150 and it appears that the notorious offender calling himself "Tom the Tinker'" has also been apprehended in Marietta. [Whiskey Rebellion]
November 25, 1793 Major Winston; letters for St. Clair and Shelby; Title to Lots at Fort Fayette Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Winston set off for Fort Washington. Letters for Governor St. Clair and Governor Shelby sent forward. St. Clair is at Marietta. Discusses necessity of obtaining title to the lots on which Fort Fayette is erected.
December 7, 1789 Regarding lack of pay, want of judges, Indian affairs and white migration Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Acting Governor Sargent laments that he has not yet received his salary of $750. Governor St. Clair has not yet arrived. When he does, will commence tour of Kaskaskias. The territory is in need of judges. Of Indians nothing heard. the last intelligence was a speech of friendship by Delawares and Wyandottes to General Harmar. The migration is under watch by Fort Harmar at Marietta Ohio and is...
August 10, 1795 Questionable Names on the Payroll Ebenezer Sproat William Simmons There is some question regarding the authenticity of several names appearing on the payrolls. Sproat says he did not see all of the men sign but the names have been certified by the appropriate magistrates so they should be legimate.
November 28, 1788 Militia Northwest of the Ohio Arthur St. Clair [not available] Laws to establish militia northwest of the Ohio River.
January 8, 1789 Winthrop Sargent writes to the Secretary at War Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Letter, discusses Indian agents and warfare.
January 20, 1798 Account of R. J. Meigs R. J. Meigs William Simmons Meigs assures Simmons that his account is in order and therefore his name should not be placed on the list of delinquent accounts.
January 31, 1797 Vouchers needed William Simmons Jonathan Haskell Simmons requests vouchers required to settle Haskell's account.
March 8, 1791 Letter to General Knox Rufus Putnam Henry Knox This letter to Knox desribes Indian hostilities in the Ohio territory. The letter closes with a call for government troops to protect the inhabitants from the Indians.
April 1, 1797 Haskell's account William Simmons Jonathan Haskell Discusses Haskell's account with the War Department, with a statement of his account annexed
July 25, 1796 Enclosed Vouchers for Money Due Militia Ebenezer Sproat William Simmons Enclosed vouchers for money paid militia services no copies of absent officers pay rolls, no money received for some time.
May 5, 1797 Transmitting My Account for Settlement Jonathan Haskell William Simmons Haskell explains those parts of his account which must be resolved before his account can be settled.