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February 9, 1794 Pay Unaccounted For Maria Butler Joseph Nourse Maria Butler inquired about pay due to troops and Little family that is unaccounted for. M. Butler found pay rolls with receipts from 30 non-commissioned officers and privates in private accounts of late General Butler. M. Butler requested instructions on how to settle the accounts mentioned.
March 19, 1794 Stoppage of the Pay of deceased Major General Richard Butler Joseph Howell Maria Butler General Richard Butler's widow - Maria Butler - is asked to transmit the deceased General's vouchers to the War Department so that the stoppages can be lifted and the General's pay transmitted promptly to her. Butler was killed during Arthur St. Clair's defeat in November 1793.
March 9, 1794 Letter Citation Maria Butler Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Butler 03/19/1794
June 8, 1800 Musings of Maria Hodgdon Maria Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Maria discusses the whereabouts of her brother and wonders about the news of the political world and new appointments to replace those worthy characters who have been dismissed. She wants to know whether the children have made progress in their education. She prays that no other eyes but Hodgdon will peruse her scrawl.
February 16, 1798 Seeking a Refund for the Loss of Horses Maria Butler Samuel Hodgdon Butler has been told that she should apply for the price of the horses that were lost in 1797. Even though the value of the two horses is not high, she still wants to have the money refunded and asks Hodgdon about the proper procedure for obtaining the money.
June 14, 1797 Maria's Trunks Shipped James Manning Samuel Hodgdon The trunks of the sloop "Maria" have been shipped.
November 15, 1798 Documentation of Hugh Hodge Maria Hodge Samuel Hodgdon Documentation of Maria's husband, Hugh Hodge.
December 22, 1791 Maria Butler speaks of the death of General Butler to Washington Maria Butler George Washington Letter, discusses death of Butler; discusses pioneeers and frontier life; discusses militia and protection of the frontier.
April 29, 1793 Request for Two Thousand Volunteers & Account of Duel Between Officers Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne assesses his current troop strength at two thousand not including the 844 men assigned to garrison duty. If war progresses, he will need two thousand volunteers rather than the one thousand initially requested. He adds that he is tortured by the recent death of his wife Maria. Includes account of duel between officers at Legionville.
April 18, 1800 Notification on Actions to be Taken with Butler William Simmons Richard Chandler Chandler to hold Butler accountable for double rations taken. Money charged to Butler to be paid to Chandler should be forwarded to Mr. Henley.
April 18, 1800 Notification of Payment Due William Simmons Thomas Butler Simmons notified Butler his request for double rations was denied and Butler owed the balance to Mr. Chandler. If Butler does not pay Chandler, Chandler was authorized by Simmons to deduct to given amount from Butler's pay.
June 23, 1797 Forwarding Letter to Butler Concerning Wilkinson's Request for Reinforcements James McHenry James Wilkinson Forwards Wilkinson a copy of a letter to Lt. Col. Butler concerning several companies of the 3rd Regiment. The letter to Butler tells him that Wilkinson has seen intimations of Indians stirring for hostilities in the Northwest, and is looking for reinforcement from Butler's command -- thus he has had boats prepared in Tennessee for the transport of the reinforcements. Asks Butler to send the...
April 14, 1800 Requests Payment for Captain Edward Butler for Troops under Colonel Butler David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Captain Edward Butler for Samuel Chew Hall to pay the regular troops in Tennessee under Colonel Butler.
April 18, 1800 Notification of Actions Regarding Butler Account William Simmons David Henley Simmons notified Henley he is to receive the payment from Chandler, collected from Butler and to update his accounts. Simmons made the decision regarding Butler's account b/c no policy by Sec. of War has been enacted as of late.
1797 Regarding Wilkinson's Request to Lt. Col. Butler for Reinforcements James McHenry Butler Letter to Lt. Col. Butler concerning several companies of the 3rd Regiment. Tells him that Wilkinson has seen intimations of Indians stirring for hostilities in the Northwest, and is looking for reinforcement from Butler's command -- thus he has had boats prepared in Tennessee for the transport of the reinforcements. Asks Butler to send the troops only if he can do without them.
February 5, 1796 Sum Received with Receipt Thomas Butler Timothy Pickering Butler received sum and receipts from Pickering. Butler had in hand pay for Engineer [Martins]and last payment of bounty as directed by Pickering. No word from upper posts.
December 18, 1796 Request for Instructions on Pay for Sergent Howe Major General Richard Butler William Simmons Butler received money from Issac Craig, Deputy Paymaster General, but could not pay Sergent Charles Howe due to his absence on command. Butler requested instructions from Simmons on how to pay the Sergent who Butler believed settled in Pittsburg due to his discharge from service. Requested confirmation of receipt rolls sent many months ago to Accountants office.
November 14, 1794 Substantiating Charges Against Colonel Butler Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Howell "The post has brought me the three receipts enclosed with the money to Colonel Butler. I send you one of them to substantiate the charge against him in your affair."
April 22, 1794 Pay of Major Butler's Detachment Joseph Howell Thomas Butler Major Butler is ordered to disburse the funds he has received to the detachments under his command and transmit to Howell the vouchers and account of the public money for which he is responsible.
September 9, 1796 Accounts for Butler and His Men Isaac Craig William Simmons Craig forwarded Butlers receipt rolls. Account for pay, forage, and subsistence of Butler for six months also included.
June 15, 1797 Settling Butler's accounts William Simmons Captain Edward Butler Notifies Butler that he must account to Caleb Swan for monies owed to the War Department on Butler's accounts as "Captain of Levies" and as Captain of the U.S. 4th Regiment.
March 7, 1798 Notification of Receipt of Letter Regarding Assault of Judge Campbell James McHenry Andrew Jackson President received letter from authors regarding aggression against Judge Campbell made by Lieut. Col. Butler. Letter sent to Butler, commencement of investigation.
December 3, 1797 Account Can Be Settled by Drawing on Col. Butler at Knoxville John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Discusses a bill for payment upon Mr. Steele, which was refused; directs Hodgdon to call upon Col. Butler for the necessary funds.
April 12, 1794 Balance Due Colonel Butler Butler Joseph Howell Colonel Willis to receive balance due Colonel Butler as his proxy.
August 14, 1799 Explains Reactions to Account of Captain Butler's Continuance for Treaty with Cherokees David Henley James McHenry Encloses Captain Butler's report as part of his continuance as commissioner of a treaty with the Cherokees. Raises a few questions about past reports, to which Captain Butler objects.