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June 7, 1786 Apply to Major Wyllys for money due John Pierce Canfield Coe Major Wyllys has drawn pay due to his Corps. Therefore, Coe should apply to him in case any money is due.
March 21, 1786 [The Secretary at War to whom was referenced certain letters from Major John Palsgrave Wyllys to the said Secretary] Henry Knox Congress of the United States General Knox's recommendations to Congress in regards to the case of Major Wyllys for illegally trying two soldiers and placing them under sentence of death. Believed suspension was a better punishment than arrest. If Congress does not agree, Knox asks for them to offer an acceptable alternative.
April 19, 1787 Report of the Secretary at War Relative to Intruders on Public Lands. Henry Knox [not available] Knox says that the country is liable to be disappointed in their just expectations of the great national advantages resulting from a wise administration of the western territory, by the evils of usurpation and intrusion, than by any other causes. Says that the usurpation of public lands must be curbed before the numbers become unmanageable. Opinion is that commanding officers on the Ohio River...
March 28, 1786 Orders to take command at Fort McIntosh Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Orders from Secretary at War Major General Knox directing Major Fish to take command of the troops at Fort McIntosh on the Ohio River, pending the arrival of Lieutenant Colonel Harmar.
January 19, 1786 Inspection of Soldiers' Clothing Robert Pemberton Nicholas Fish Requesting that Major Fish inspect clothing intended for the soldiers on the Ohio frontier.
May 8, 1786 Cover Letter for Officer's Pay Documents John Pierce George Wyllys Pierce forwards Wyllys documents concerning the pay of Captain Stevens.
November 25, 1787 State of Connecticut's Officers, Appointment of John Palsgrace Wyllys Samuel Huntington James McHenry The governor of Connecticut informs the War Department of his appoint of John Palsgrave Wyllys to the head of the Connecticut troops on the Western Frontier. He also asks for a count of how many Connecticut officers are now serving, and states that many of them are unfit for further duty.
February 6, 1787 Cited letter or document, George Wyllys to Josiah Harmar George Wyllys Josiah Harmar Letter, Citation only Cited in Knox, Report, 04/19/1787.
April 16, 1787 On the disposition of the savages and usurpation of public lands by armed men Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox relays report from Colonel Harmar at Fort Pitt. Harmar is touring posts on Ohio River. Has had conferences with General Butler. Matters seem to bear a more favorable aspect with savages than hitherto. Major Wyllys reports on the usurpation of public lands by armed men, which deserves attention of Congress.
May 12, 1788 Cited letter or document, George Wyllys to Josiah Harmar George Wyllys Josiah Harmar Letter, Citation only Cited in Harmar to Knox, 06/15/1788.
August 2, 1786 Conduct of troops, location of boats Henry Knox William North Surprised by intelligence of boats at Fort McIntosh as communicated by Captain Wyllys, Knox has certificate signed by Hamtramck that states the contrary. Requests observations on troops from North in the future.
November 4, 1790 Return of the Killed and Wounded upon the Expedition against the Miami Towns Josiah Harmar [not available] Return of the killed and wounded upon the expedition against the Miami towns, under the command of Brigadier General Harmar. Federal troops killed: 75; militia; 108. Total wounded: 31. Killed included Major Wyllys, Lieutenant Frothingham, Major Fontaine, Captain Thorp, Captain, Scott, Captain McMurtry, Lieutenant Clark, Lieutenant Worley, and Ensign Arnold.
June 15, 1788 Report from Colonel Josiah Harmar Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports on the movements of General St. Clair who arrived at Fort Pitt and later attended to affairs at Ligonier. Major Doughty proceeds in a barge. Large boat laden with provisions for treaty set out for Falls of Muskingum. Mentions his tour to Mississippi River and visits to several villages on American and Spanish side. Discusses provisions to Post Vincennes, volume of emigration. Discusses...
November 4, 1790 Report of engagement with Indians vicinity Miami village Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Harmar reports that he marched 320 Federal troops and 1453 militia. His forces made it to the Miami village. He found it abandoned. Upon engagement, his forces suffered heavy losses, about 180. But the headquarters of iniquity were broken up. Estimates 100-120 slain warriors, 300 log houses burned, 20,000 bushels of corn destroyed. Laments loss of Major Wyllys and Lieutenant Frothingham of the...
January 14, 1790 Reports Plans for Fort Washington; Fears Trouble from Creek Indians Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports visit from the Governor of the Western Territory [Arthur St. Clair], who then left for a visit of the new country, furnished with escorts under Lieut. Doyle and Major Wyllys. Believes Fort Washington will be one of the most solid garrisons in the Territory, describing the layout and construction. Describes surrounding area and inhabitants. Fears trouble from the Creek Nation in Georgia...
1791 Affidavit of Colonel John Harding, John Hardin [not available] This is the affidavit of Colonel John Harding relative to the inquiry into the conduct of General Harmar during the 1790 Indian campaign. Colonel Hardin found no fault with General Harmarís conduct.
December 9, 1785 Report on Operations at West Point, & Precarious Medical Situation There William Price Henry Knox Discusses clothing, the temporary loss of a Connecticut sergeant who was recalled to that state to help with recruiting, and the sending of wagon covers. Informs Knox that he has summoned all available physicians to tend to the sick at West Point.
October 17, 1787 Vacancies Filled Samuel Huntington Henry Knox Letter, describes Connecticut appointments.
October 29, 1790 Report on military engagement with Indians on the Miami and St. Joseph Rivers Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Reports on the success of General Harmar at the Indian towns on the Miami and St. Joseph Rivers. Estimates 200 Indian dead. Some fear Ensign Britt may have been killed or captured. Mentions that Major Wyllys, Lieutenant Frothingham, Major Fontaine, Captain McMurtry, and Captain Scott, a son of General Scott, among the slain.
December 15, 1788 Reports Activity at Fort Harmar; Concern for Supplies; Intents of Inhabitants to Separate from Virginia and U.S. Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Discusses contracting out of border and land maintenance. Refers to the inhabitants of Kentucky and their intent to declare independence of Virginia and the U.S. Expresses concern to watch interests of Mr. Connolly, not trusting his character.
April 10, 1786 Orders to take command on the Ohio Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Order for Major Nicholas Fish to proceed to the Ohio River and take command of the troops of the United States
March 22, 1787 Serial Deserter William Price [not available] Price has been informed by Captain Jefferd that a man enlisted with Jackson's Regiment at Boston is using an assumed name. Price and Jefferd believe that this man is the same he deserted from Captain Hamtramck's company in 1785, was confined by Captain strong, deserted again in January 1786, enlisted again in New York and again deserted. Price believes this man will continue to defraud the US of...
January 1, 1791 Report of Indian Expedition, Including Battles and Sedition Lieut. Denny Henry Knox Suggests drawing upon reports of Captain Ferguson and Doctor Carmichael while waiting for official accounts from Harmar. Describes Indian attacks and different campaigns, often conflicting under different leaders and with discouraged militia members. Discusses provisions and inadequate clothing. Lists plunder of Indian towns for the quartermaster. Refers to leaving wounded on the field while the...
September 23, 1791 Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry Winslow Warren Arthur St. Clair The transcript of the entire proceedings of the Court of Inquiry into the conduct of General Harmar during his campaign against the Miami Indians. (A common theme in the testimony is that the failure of the campaign was due to the incompetence and cowardice of the state militia.)
February 17, 1784 Agent for the Connecticut Line Herman Swift John Pierce Appointment of an agent to distribute the certificates for the Connecticut line. Payment of money due the 2nd Connecticut Regiment.