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September 4, 1787 Jeremiah Wadsworth discusses pay and accounting with Joseph Howell Jeremiah Wadsworth Joseph Howell Jeremiah Wadsworth informs Joseph Howell that he has received receipts from Major Painter's widow that will entitle her to a certificate for half-pay.
September 5, 1800 Letter Citation Decius Wadsworth William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Wadsworth, 09/09/1800.
June 19, 1794 Funds for Decius Wadsworth Joseph Howell Decius Wadsworth The Treasurer has remitted five hundred dollars to John Chester, Supervisor at Weatherford, to be paid to Capt. Wadsworth for the use of the recruiting service.
February 26, 1788 Appointment of Major Painter John Pierce General Wadsworth Letter to General Wadsworth concerning the appointment of the late Major Elisha Painter to Colonel Seth Warner's Regiment.
April 24, 1795 Pay of Capt. Wadsworth and Recruits William Simmons Decius Wadsworth The sum of $746.35 has been remitted to John Chester, Supervisor of Connecticut, to be transmitted to Capt. Wadsworth for the pay of himself and his recruits.
July 27, 1798 Receipt for Captain Decius Wadsworth John Chester William Simmons Letter, encloses receipt of Captain Decius Wadsworth as directed by Accountant's letter of July 5, 1798.
October 5, 1798 Receipt for Jeremiah Hadsworth by His Son Daniel Hadsworth John Chester William Simmons Letter, encloses receipt of Jeremiah Wadsworth, executed by his son Daniel as directed by Accountant's letter of September 21, 1798.
October 24, 1795 Muster Roll for Wadsworth's Men, Etc. Decius Wadsworth William Simmons Wadsworth encloses a muster roll of his men through September 1795. The Supervisor has his receipts for the sum remitted on the 22nd and the vouchers for the disbursement thereof.
May 31, 1787 Business with Mr. Fenner; Generals Huntington and Putnam; widow of Major Painter Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Has finished up business with Mr. Fenner. Sends copy of Mr. Pierce's letter. Matters relating to General Huntington and General Putnam will rest until Howell's arrival. Mentions Jeremiah Wadsworth on behalf of widow of Major Painter of Baldwin's Regiment.
September 26, 1795 Muster Roll of Wadsworth's Recruits Decius Wadsworth William Simmons Wadsworth is transmitting a duplicate of the muster roll of his recruits.
November 17, 1795 Credits to Wadsworth's Account William Simmons Decius Wadsworth Simmons received Wadsworth's paperwork and has applied credit to his account. His contingent account has been credited with a smaller amount until Simmons receives certification for the charges.
January 22, 1795 Pay of the Recruits of Decius Wadsworth Joseph Howell Decius Wadsworth The Treasurer has remitted to John Chester, Supervisor of Connecticut, a sum to be transmitted to Wadsworth for the pay of his recruits, for which receipts must be collected. If a recruit signs with his mark, it must be witnessed by a person of respectability.
November 28, 1789 Knox Requires Wadsworth's Signature for Account Settlements Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox forwards account receipts to Wadsworth for signature and he requests the return of unpaid warrants.
May 31, 1800 Remit Sum by Treasurer William Simmons Jeremiah Wadsworth Upon examination of receipts and vouchers submitted by Wadsworth, money was found owed him by the United States. Samuel Meredith, Treasurer to remit sum to Wadsworth. However, account must be suspended due to the necessary articles that must be shipped to the War Dept. Simmons requested Wadsworth's immediate attention to the matter.
January 13, 1801 Renewing Ely Whitney's Contract Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Dexter Ely Whitney has requested an advance on his contract to fabricate arms in New Haven. Wolcott onsiders Mr. Rittenhaur, Elizur Goodrich, and Major Wadsworth as appropriate judges of Whitney's ability to manufacture arms and he is satisfied that the factory at New Haven is established on the best principles. He recommends the renewal of Whitney's contract which should include enhanced...
April 24, 1795 Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Captain Wadsworth William Simmons Decius Wadsworth William Simmons notifies Captain Wadsworth to expect pay for himself and recruits from John Chester.
July 3, 1788 Reiteration of Wadsworth's Responsibility for Money Arrangements Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Admits he did not receive Wadsworth's latest letter until July 3, and could not get this letter sent immediately. Reiterates Wadsworth's responsibility to make arrangements "respecting the money," and hopes to see him in person before his upcoming departure. Mentions again Virginia's ratification of the Constitution.
March 3, 1795 Wadsworth's Account Decius Wadsworth Joseph Howell Wadsworth is transmitting his recruiting account for the period through February 1795. Included are the men's enlistments and receipts and vouchers for the sums disbursed through October 1794 and the muster roll through February 1795.
September 9, 1800 Delivery of Muster and Pay Rolls William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons notified Swan that he was to receive the muster and pay rolls of the garrison under command of Major Decius Wadsworth. Rolls were forwarded to the Office erroneously.
July 4, 1795 Letter to Mr. Simmons Decius Wadsworth William Simmons Decius Wadsworth writes William Simmons, from New London, Connecticut. Wadsworth is captain of the corps of artillerists and engineers. No image available.
March 18, 1787 Letter Citation Jeremiah Wadsworth Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Wadsworth, 03/24/1787 [in note dated 03/25/1787 on address leaf], and in Knox to Wadsworth, 03/28/1787.
August 31, 1787 Various Private Inquiries Henry Knox Col. Wadsworth Mentions writing Mrs. Greene, and encloses letter. States "the affairs of Holland...will probably be accommodated by the friendly interposition of New Jersey." Inquires after Wadsworth's family.
July 1, 1790 Peck asks Knox to meet with Wadsworth William Peck Henry Knox Letter, asks Knox to meet with Wadsworth regarding nominations for Rhode Island.
September 24, 1800 Fifty Pieces of Ordnance for Fort Jay, Etc. Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Governor Sargent's trunk has been received. Stevens will ask Major Wadsworth to make a return. The State of New York has acknowledged its debt to the United States for the stores furnished for the fortifications. Fort Jay needs fifty pieces of ordnance immediately.
September 25, 1795 Instructions to pay Capt. Wadsworth William Simmons John Chester Directs John Chester to pay Capt. Wadsworth.