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May 28, 1789 Sharp inquires about bounty lands and solicits employment from Knox Joseph Sharp Henry Knox Letter, Sharp inquires about bounty lands and solicits employment from Secretary at War
March 28, 1798 Iron Ballast to Sharp Delaney for the Revenue Cutter Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to the order of Sharp Delaney two tons of iron ballast for the use of the Revenue Cutter helmed by Captain Vallance which should be returned by Delany or paid for at full value.
June 19, 1792 Joseph Sharp charged by Caleb Swan Paymaster to the Army with contempt of the Commanding General to be tried by Court Martial James Wilkinson Joseph Sharp John Wade Judge Advocate, informs Joseph Sharp that he has been charged by Caleb Swan, Paymaster to the Army, with contempt of the Commanding General and is to be tried by Court Martial in the West Block House at 10 o'clock. Enclosed is a document dtd 19 June from Brigadier General Wilkerson ordering Sharp to have a chest for purpose of holding the public money entrusted to the direction of Mr...
December 12, 1798 Receipt for Sharp Enclosed Samuel Eddins William Simmons Receipts of William Sharp enclosed.
July 10, 1792 Order convening General Court Marshall for Mr Sharp John Wade [not available] Judge Advocate John Wade on behalf of Brigadier General Wilkerson informs Sharp that he has been charged with contempt of commanding general's orders and will stand before court martial following day.
April 23, 1798 The Sheriff Will Keep a Sharp Lookout for Phillips, Etc. Alexander Anderson Samuel Hodgdon Anderson has agreed that since Henderson is well recommended, he will take the load on Thursday and will be paid enough to provide sufficient security for the safe delivery of the goods. The Sheriff is keeping a sharp lookout for Phillips but so far he has not been found and the man sent to look for Phillips has heard nothing of him.
October 14, 1791 Arms for Revenue Cutters John Stagg William Knox Stagg has been directed to deliver to Sharp Delaney, Collector of the Port of Philadelphia, parcels of muskets and pistol cartridges for the service of Revenue Cutters to be marked as follows: Sharp Delaney, Philadelphia; Otho. H. Williams, Baltimore; William Lindsay, Norfolk; John Davis, New Bern, North Carolina; Isaac Holmes, Charleston; John Habersham, Savannah.
June 10, 1799 Requests for Issue of Assorted Military Supplies to 10th Regiment James McHenry John Harris Directs suits of clothing for privates, sergeants, and musicians be delivered to Lieutenant John Sharp.
October 22, 1800 Payment of Traveling Expenses David Henley William Simmons Money owed Lieut. Sharp, Henley to pay him upon his return to Knoxville. Colonel Butler ill.
March 30, 1798 Ordnance for the Use of the Revenue Cutter James McHenry [not available] Harris is asked to deliver the undermentioned articles to the order of Sharp Delaney for the use of the Revenue Cutter. Articles of the same kind and value are to be returned by Delaney immediately.
March 3, 1790 Printed transcription/modern copy of Document, Sharp Delany to Alexander Hamilton Sharp Delany Alexander Hamilton No image available.
October 8, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Southwest Territory General James Robertson William Blount General James Robertson writes the Governor of Southwest Territory, William Blount. Robertson encloses a copy of his order to Major Ore, and offers details about relations with the Creek, Cherokee, and Chickasaw Indians.
July 30, 1793 Request for Report on Ship Repairs Henry Knox [not available] Orders to ascertain information on repairs made to British ship now in port of Philadelphia, to determine whether it is being fitted as a merchant vessel or a vessel of war. The ship is identified as a Letter of Marque ship.
July 24, 1797 Mistaken discharges William Simmons Solomon Van Rensselaer Advises Captain Van Rennselaer that two soldiers of his troop were mistakenly discharged by another officer and have arrears of pay due to them. Mentions that his brother, Stephen G. Simmons, has been appointed a Lieutenant of Light Dragoons and assigned to Van Rennselaer's troop along with Cornet William Sharp
April 29, 1784 Regarding warrants drawn on foreign officers Unknown Author Mr. Morris List of foreign officers in the army who drew warrants for pay from the war office.
July 15, 1792 Report from Fort Washington on Supplies, Indian Attacks, and Court Martial John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Nobody has yet arrived to take charge of the stores. Business goes on as usual. Have furnished wagons for hauling hay from prairie to Fort Hamilton; will be a great augmentation. Little news; Indians have attacked, broke enclosure holding cattle at Fort Jefferson and drove them off. Mentions men taken on General Harmar's expedition and the death of some. Indians kill everyone who comes to them,...
October 2, 1794 Indian conflict in Tennessee William Blount Henry Knox Letter from the Governor of Southwest Territory, enclosing a copy of a report of Major Ore of the destruction of the towns of Running Water and Nickajack, "two of the most hostile of the Lower Cherokee towns." Accuses the Indians of "depredations" in the district of Mero.
May 13, 1790 Payment to invalids Alexander Hamilton Sharp Delany Second moiety of one year's pension will be available to the invalids on 5 June 1790. Sum to be paid to Pennsylvania estimated at $8253.
January 10, 1791 Dragoon Appointment List War Department Solomon Van Rensselaer Document, lists officer appointments in Dragoons
September 20, 1799 Account Book Listing Accounts for Paymasters William Simmons [not available] Abstract of moneys forwarded to Paymasters, as well as other accounts for various individuals.
March 7, 1790 Weekly Account of Cash and Payment of Invalids Sharp Delany Alexander Hamilton Encloses weekly account of cash and a list of persons sued. Has proceeded in payment of invalids.
July 28, 1790 Schedule B Additional Estimate For Which No Provision Hath Been Made By Congress. Joseph Nourse Alexander Hamilton Schedule B Additional Estimate For Which No Provision Hath Been Made By Congress. Mentions Indian affairs, treaties, extinguishing Indian claims to lands, government of Western Territory, treaties with Wabash Indians, pay for officers and men, contractor warrants, debts due to foreign officers.
March 26, 1800 Regarding relative position of first and second Majors Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Letter marked private. Discussion on the relative position between first and second position between the first and second Major in the interior of the Regiment.
June 19, 1799 Money Forwarded to Sundry Paymasters James McHenry Alexander Hamilton "I received this morning your letter of the 17th instant. I have ordered two thousand dollars to be forwarded to the Paymaster of the 12th and an equal sum to the Paymaster of the 13th Regiment...There has been also delivered to the Paymaster of the Tenth Regiment one thousand five hundred and forty four dollars and fifty cents..."
May 24, 1790 Directions Regarding Monies for Payment of Invalids Sharp Delany Alexander Hamilton Received directions regarding monies for payment of invalids and the drafts that may be drawn. Also received directions regarding seizures: a due account of which will be forwarded.