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December 15, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Major Peters William Simmons Major William Peters William Simmons accounts for disbursements made agreeable to Major Peters' instructions.
July 23, 1796 Account of Major William Peters Peter Hagner James McHenry Hagner certifies that ten dollars is due Major William Peters, being the bounty paid George Gauliker and the premium for enlisting him.
April 14, 1800 Requests Payment for Major William Peters for Officers under Col. Butler David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Major William Peters to pay regular officers in Tennessee under Colonel Butler.
May 12, 1796 Pay, Subsistence, & Forage of William Peters William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $127.50 is due Major William Peters, being his pay, subsistence, and forage, and subsistence for his waiter, from February through April 1796.
October 20, 1796 Statement by Jacob Peters John Lea [not available] Certification that Jacob Peters appeared before Lea. Lea provided substantiation of Peters character regarding power of attorney.
November 14, 1797 Cited letter or document, Major William Peters to William Simmons Major William Peters William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Peters, 12/15/1797.
August 2, 1796 Miller's recruits and Vischer's pay Peter Hagner Nanning J. Vischer Discusses the pay of Captain Miller's Army recruits at West Point. Notification that Major Peters received the balance of Vischer's pay
September 13, 1799 Acceptance of Peters' Draft Lawrence Huron Samuel Hodgdon Not knowing Hodgdon's determination respecting Huron's acceptance of Peters' draft on him in favor of Ebenezer Stevens, Huron offers to pay it down to Hodgdon as far as $2000 with the balance either from his note or from a good discountable one.
February 15, 1796 Account of Major William Peters, 4th Sub Legion William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $63.43 is due Major William Peters of the 4th Sub Legion, being the balance of his recruiting account for his own pay, subsistence, and forage and for subsisting his waiter up to Jan. 31, 1796.
July 5, 1796 Ministers Setting Out for Mount Vernon, Etc. James McHenry George Washington Several ministers of France are setting out for Mount Vernon. It might be proper to be more particular with Mr. Adet especially respecting Mr. Pickering's questions. Major Kersey will be deranged on the principle of seniority. The army would benefit if he and Major Peters could be retained and Major Cushing deranged in their stead.
June 28, 1796 Pay & Subsistence of Lieutenant Nanning J. Vischer William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $132 is due Lieutenant Nanning J. Vischer, being the balance of his pay and subsistence for February through June 1796, payable to Major William Peters.
April 4, 1799 Suggests Sending Judge Richard Peters to Oversee Legal Matters with Cases of Treason in Pennsylvania James McHenry William MacPherson Suggests that Judge Richard Peters attend the troops for whatever judicial capacity to facilitate the people charged with treason in Pennsylvania. Requests that the Judge be supplied anything necessary.
September 14, 1788 Preparations for Indian Treaty; Reports Indian Attack Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Announces Zeigler's arrival, escorted by Cornplanter and Halftown, an Oneida chief, and several of the Six Nations, to arrange the treaty. Describes attack on Lieut. Peters and Major Hamtramck's men with their provisions, with 10 killed and 8 wounded.
June 24, 1794 Captain Thomas Truxton Oath of Allegiance sworn before Richard Peters. Captain Thomas Truxtun [not available] Captain Thomas Truxton appointed a Captain of one of the frigates to be built, oath of allegiance before Richard Peters. Truxton would go on to command the USS Constellation and the USS President.
July 9, 1798 Delivering a Letter to Richard Peters Josiah Fox Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of the Navy has a letter to be delivered to Richard Peters who lives on the other side of Schuykill. Hodgdon is to provide a man and horse for that purpose as soon as it is convenient.
October 9, 1800 Release of Doctor Peters, Etc. Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Freeman notes that as soon Dr. Griffith arrives at Fort Johnson he will release Dr. Peters to proceed to his new post at Fort Green on the River Savannah. As soon as Griffith arrives, he will purchase the authorized medicines.
December 30, 1795 Pay of Private Francis Miller of Captain William Peters' Company, 1st Sub Legion William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that twenty dollars is due Francis Miller, late a private in Captain William Peters' Company 1st Sub Legion, being his pay from Jan. through May 1795.
September 4, 1788 Arrival of Captain Zeigler; attack on Lieutenant Peters' detachment Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Captain Zeigler arrived with Cornplanter, Halftown, an Oneida Chief, and several of the Six Nations. A party commanded by Lieutenant Peters was attacked on the Wabash. Ten killed and eight wounded.
July 1, 1794 Captain John Barry Oath of Allegiance sworn before Richard Peters. Captain John Barry [not available] Captain John Barry, appointed Captain of one of the six frigates, takes the oath of allegiance, sworn before Richard Peters. Barry would go on to superintend construction and command the USS United States.
August 22, 1796 A Request for Horseman's Pistols, Etc. Michael G. Houdin Samuel Hodgdon While discussing many other matters, Houdin notes that he has furnished Major Peters and Major Kersey with tents and other articles he is sure they will need as they proceed on their journey. He has asked Captain Fleming for a pair of horseman's pistols but Fleming told him that he could not furnish them without an order from Hodgdon.
October 16, 1799 Return of clothing for the companies at Fort Jay Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Encloses a return of clothing wanted for the companies at Fort Jay, requesting that they be forwarded without delay, except for the coats which Stevens will furnish.
May 6, 1786 Settlement of Pay for a French Officer John Pierce Sieure Otto Pierce discusses details of the settlement of pay for a French Officer, Major Capitaine, who served with the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War
April 5, 1796 Pay, Forage & Subsistence of Major John Buell, 2nd Sub Legion William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $871.56 is due Major John H. Buell of the 2nd Sub Legion, being his pay and forage from June 1795 and his subsistence from January 1795 through March 1796.
November 26, 1796 Description of Horse Offered for Sale Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner describes the horse he is selling for $150 as follows: he is a Chestnut Sorrell, about seven years old and fifteen hands high. He is from the Army and, according to Major Peters, performed well during a journey of 1100 miles through the wilderness.
May 17, 1798 Certification of payments; Private John Coleman William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $25.90 is due Private John Coleman, late of Captain Peters' Company 1st Regiment, being his pay from August 1, 1793 to April 19, 1794, the day he was discharged.