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August 29, 1794 John Stagg writes to Major Craig John Stagg Isaac Craig John Stagg informs Major Craig that his letters have been received. Stagg also directs Craig's attention to the replies of Samuel Hodgdon.
November 29, 1794 Major Stagg writes to Major Craig John Stagg Isaac Craig Major Stagg introduces Mrs. Zebulon Pike to Major Craig. Mrs. Pike is traveling west to be with her husband. Captain Pike is serving with General Wayne.
January 6, 1794 Regarding Correspondence with Major Stagg Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, encloses letter to Major Stagg, believing Stagg has misplaced or forgotten about the original.
February 24, 1791 Wages for chaplain Joseph Howell John Stagg Informs Major Stagg that the Massachusetts regiment received wages for the chaplain. Asks Stagg to report this back to the Secretary at War.
July 19, 1793 Letter Citation Isaac Craig John Stagg Cited in Stagg to Craig, 07/27/1793.
August 16, 1794 John Stagg writes to Major Craig John Stagg Isaac Craig Stagg informs Craig that his letters have been received and will be answered by the Secretary of the Treasury.
April 20, 1797 Captain McRea's accounts Peter Hagner Captain William McRea McRea's vouchers received and his "account current" approved. Pay forwarded to Major Stagg.
September 5, 1794 Forwarded Letters Isaac Craig Henry Knox Letter from Major Stagg received along with packet of letters to various troops which will be forwarded. Prospect of peace fading.
February 15, 1791 Major Craig's oath of office in taking charge of public stores at Fort Pitt Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Craig's oath of office and acceptance of responsibilities at Fort Pitt, witnessed by John Stagg.
November 18, 1792 Secretary has Received Letter John Stagg Isaac Craig Informs Craig that Secretary of War has received letter.
October 4, 1794 Reports Communication with Carrington, Hodgdon, and Stagg Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Reports letter from Col. Carrington, with information about blankets sent by Samuel Hodgdon. Reports lack of communication from Major Stagg. Money available for Mr. Galley at Treasury Office. Anxious to fill commissions for 1795, but must wait while the President is in the west.
May 24, 1800 Concerning the resignation of John Stagg as clerk James McHenry John Stagg Notes that there is a rumor floating around - which has reached the President - that McHenry encouraged Stagg to resign from his position as chief clerk of the War Department in order to create a job for his brother-in-law. Asks for Stagg to reveal the truth that he was not pressured to resign.
August 19, 1793 Musters of the Troops John Stagg Richard Harrison Stagg is transmitting a copy of the general abstract of the musters of the troops which composed the army under Major General [Arthur] St. Clair in September and October of 1791.
February 9, 1795 Where is McRea's Clothing? John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Stagg has received a letter from Captain Griffith McRea of Wilmington, North Carolina alerting Stagg that he has not received the clothing for his company. Stagg wants to know the destination of said clothing after it left Philadelphia and by what vessel was it transported.
September 9, 1791 Duplicates of Knox's and Butler's Letters John Stagg Arthur St. Clair Chief Clerk John Stagg sends duplicates of two letters to General St. Clair.
September 17, 1794 Hiring Additional Hands, Etc. John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Stagg discusses various personnel and supply matters.
August 25, 1792 Replying to letter; enclosing invoice for clothing, hospital and military stores John Stagg Anthony Wayne Since Knox is traveling, Stagg acknowledges Wayne's recent letter. Enclosed are invoices for stores sent forward.
May 31, 1800 Correspondence with President Adams on the Eve of McHenry Resignation James McHenry John Adams Transmits to President Adams his recollections of the conversation which passed between them the evening before his resignation. Also transmits copies of letters from Mr. Grove, Governor Davies, Major Stagg, and General Darke.
May 26, 1800 Stagg Assures McHenry That He Had Nothing to Do With Stagg's Resignation John Stagg James McHenry Stagg assures McHenry that he felt only kindness and indulgence from him as an employer, especially during "a long and unavoidable absence." States that McHenry's words or actions had nothing to do with his [Stagg's] resignation, citing rather poor health and the seeking of a better opportunity with which to support his family.
March 28, 1798 Requests Enclosed Letters be Sealed and Delivered John Stagg William Simmons Letter, encloses letter to be transmuted to Eli Elmer in order that postage will not have to be paid by Stagg.
December 29, 1792 Clothing for Troops in Carlisle Pennsylvania John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Orders to ship woolen overalls to recruits under Thomas Butler.
October 26, 1792 Report from Pittsburg: Rumors of Indian Attacks and Request for Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox Encloses invoice of stores. Reports of attack of settlement at Kanhawa River by Indians. Requests supplies for artillery.
May 24, 1800 Inquiry as to Whether John Stagg Felt Pressured to Resign by McHenry James McHenry John Stagg McHenry mentions hearing a rumor that he had forced Stagg out of the position of Chief Clerk of the War Department to make way for McHenry's brother-in-law, and that he treated him badly in that office - asks Stagg whether he felt any such pressure or displeasure with McHenry's conduct.
January 27, 1791 Letter Citation John Stagg Major John Belli Cited in Stagg to Howell, 02/03/1791.
June 3, 1791 Travel Plans of Hodgdon John Stagg Isaac Craig Stagg answers instead of Hodgdon, who has left for Pittsburgh.