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April 16, 1798 Major Hamtramck's Debit John Steele Joseph Nourse Major Hamtramck stands debited on the books of the Treasury for $250 advanced to him by Arthur St. Clair. Steele has transferred this debit to the books of the Accountant of the War Department so Hamtramck's account should be resolved by him with that office. Nouse is asked to close Hamtramck's account with suitable entries and to furnish Steele with a certificate so that the sum may be placed to...
April 18, 1798 Closed Account of Major Hamtramch for Funds Advanced Him by Arthur St. Claire John Steele William Simmons Letter, encloses certificate signed by the Register regarding the account of Major Hamtramck.
March 12, 1798 Letter Citation John Francis Hamtramck William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Hamtramck, 05/04/1798. Simmons informs Hamtramck that he may forward his vouchers until the paymaster can settle his other claims.
September 26, 1799 Whether or Not to Repay Colonel Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Encloses extract of Lieutenant Colonel John F. Hamtramck's letter of July 1, 1799 concerning his failure to be repaid for expenses incurred fo the First Regiment. States: "I would request your particular attention to this subject. You will be so good as to inform me whether the payment will be made or if there are special objections to the measure, communicate them to me that I may be able to...
July 11, 1798 Request for Letter to be Forwarded to Col. Hamtramck C. Sands William Simmons Sands asks that Simmons forward a letter to Colonel Hamtramck, as the War Department knows where the Colonel is. Sands also asks Simmons for help negotiating the payment of money owed to him by Hamtramck.
July 27, 1794 Request for Stoppages to Pay John Francis Hamtramck Joseph Howell Swan informed Hamtramck of his responsibility regarding monetary advances paid to officers. Hamtramck was unaware of his responsibility when he paid officers, and now requests a stoppage to their pay due to his lack of records and assistance in facilitating the settlement of accounts.
February 24, 1796 News from Fort Wayne John Francis Hamtramck James Wilkinson Major Hamtramck reports on current affairs at Fort Wayne, and adds that Major Henfrer is headed down the Wabash River to visit various Indian nations. Encloses returns of the garrison, and some wampum, to General Wilkinson.
September 19, 1785 Order to March to the Ohio Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Henry Knox, Secretary at War, orders Major Nicholas Fish, Commanding Officer of all troops of New York, to immediately detach one company under Captain Hamtramck to the Ohio River. Knox orders Fish to bring Hamtramck's company to full strength using New York or Connecticut recruits.
May 30, 1800 Hodgdon discusses political matters with Major Craig Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon tells Major Craig that he will attend to the contents of his letter as early as possible, it having been mislaid by his messenger wife. Hodgon notes that the Department is up in arms and in confusion at present. Part of the public offices are gone and the remainder are packing up and that the politics of the day are "unfathomable." Hodgdon sends his respects to Col Hamtramck and...
November 8, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with LtCol Hamtramck William Simmons John Francis Hamtramck William Simmons sends a second request to LtCol Hamtramck to submit vouchers for expenditures.
May 18, 1799 Encloses Communications; Requests Opinion about Garrisons in Detroit James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Encloses communications with Major Bradley, Colonel Hamtramck and Colonel Strong. Refers to nearby Indian chiefs. Requests opinion on garrisons at Detroit with men and non-commissioned officers.
December 9, 1795 Letter of Introduction for Mr. Bertholet John Francis Hamtramck John Mills Mr. Bertholet, a Canadian, is on his way to Greenville on business for his uncle. Hamtramck asks Mills to provide assistance to him if possible.
January 31, 1797 Closing Hamtramck's account William Simmons John Francis Hamtramck Requests that Colonel Hamtramck provide his account and vouchers for monies received from the War Office so that Simmons can close his account
July 16, 1794 Conclusion of Court Martial under Captain Lyman, Court martial of Preston to Covenve [not available] [not available] The court martial presided over by Captain Lyman is dissolved. The General Court Martial of Captain Preston on charges brought by Colonel Hamtramck will begin tomorrow with Major Burbeck as president
March 18, 1800 Response to Colonel Hamtramck's Letter Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Hamilton notes that he has received a copy of a letter from Hamtramck to Wilkinson with the enclosed paragraph. He wants to know what measues have been taken to respond to the requisitions discussed in the paragraph.
March 28, 1792 Letter Citation James Wilkinson John Francis Hamtramck Cited in Hamtramck to Knox, 03/31/1792.
December 1, 1799 Citation Only John Francis Hamtramck James Wilkinson Cited in Hamtramck to Hamilton, 12/1/1799.
July 2, 1799 Letter Citation Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Cited in Hamtramck to Hamilton, 09/19/1799.
October 29, 1797 Cited letter or document, John Francis Hamtramck to William Simmons John Francis Hamtramck William Simmons Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in Simmons to Hamtramck, 11/08/1797.
February 15, 1796 Events at Fort Defiance John Francis Hamtramck James Wilkinson Major John Francis Hamtramck informs General Wilkinson that although Lieutenant Strong arrived safely at the Fort Defiance garrison with the food supplies, he is now stuck there because the river is so high that he cannot return.
October 11, 1790 Letter Citation Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Cited in Knox to Washington, 12/16/1790
June 12, 1785 Provisions for Prisoners at Fort Stanwix Joseph Carleton Nicholas Fish Carleton has been informed by Major North that forty or fifty prisoners are daily expected to arrive at Fort Stanwix. The provisions for the prisoners, drawn by Captain Lane, are still on the road from Albany. Fish, who is apparently on that road, is to appoint someone to take charge of the provisions and ensure they reach the fort. These are the only supply for the prisoners. Carleton suggests...
February 2, 1799 Promotions Frequently Prove More Injurious than Advantageous John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Due to the unsettled state of the military establishment, Hamtramck does not want to be promoted if it is only a temporary measure that could harm his career.
November 1, 1799 Citation Only John Francis Hamtramck James Wilkinson Citation only, enclosed in Hamtramck to Hamilton, 11/01/99.
October 3, 1785 Orders for Detaching West Point Troops to the Ohio Region Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Henry Knox, Secretary at War, orders Major Nicholas Fish, Commander of the troops of New York, to detach Captain Hamtramck's company of infantry from the garrison at West Point. Hamtramck will proceed under orders to the Ohio. This is an execution order. Chain of command, route of march, and logistical support necessary for movement of forces is established by this letter.