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October 10, 1786 Letter of Major General St. Clair John Pierce Charles Thomson The Commissioner for Settling the Accounts of the late Army have reported on the letter of Major General Arthur St. Clair.
1791 Order of Battle, march and encampment of the Army of the United States under Major General Arthur St. Clair during the campaign of 1791 Winthrop Sargent [not available] Order of Battle, march and encampment of the Army of the United States under Major General Arthur St. Clair during the campaign of 1791.
March 18, 1791 St. Clair to Command the Frontier Troops Henry Knox Josiah Harmar The President has appointed Major General St. Clair to command the troops on the frontiers so General Harmar is directed to send returns to St. Clair on the state of the troops, stores, and posts under his command.
January 11, 1793 Money Charged to General James Wilkinson's Account Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Swan explains the $553 that have been charged to General Wilkinson's account. $500 was to go to Major Adair's militia who were to be discharged following their defeat with St. Clair.
May 11, 1791 St. Clair is in Command of the Troops, Etc. Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Knox informs General Harmar that Major General St. Clair is now in command of the troops and provides information regarding the transportation of supplies and the availability of various units as they march westward to join the campaign.
October 13, 1786 Resignation of Major Gibbons John Pierce Major Gibbons The Commissioner of Army Accounts has applied to Generals St. Clair and Irvine respecting Major Gibbon's resignation.
March 21, 1791 Instructions to Major General St. Clair Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Extracts from the instructions to Major General St. Clair respecting the expedition against the western Indians.
September 29, 1791 Public Thanks to General Wilkinson Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox sends St. Clair an excerpt from the letter from the President to General Wilkinson in which Wilkinson is thanked for his leadership in the expedition against the Indians at l'Anguille.
September 29, 1791 Knox discusses St.Clairs campaign with General Wilkinson Henry Knox James Wilkinson Letter, Knox discusses St. Clair's campaign; mentions appointment.
December 1, 1792 Extracts of Letters of Maj. Gen. St. Clair Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox These are true extracts from the original letters of Major General [Arthur] St. Clair on file in the War Office of the United States, December 1. 1792.
March 26, 1792 Letter to the President of the United States Arthur St. Clair George Washington St Clair thanks Washington for the honor of the appointment as Commander of the Army in the last campaign. He declines any further appointment as a commander due to declining health. St. Clair wants to clear his name regarding the failure of the most recent campaign and then resign his commission as Major General.
April 8, 1791 Take the Command of General St. Clair, Etc. Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler General Butler should locate the person commanding the Virginia battalion and give him the necessary money and orders. Colonel Rawlings has declined the Maryland battalion but might accept the regiment if Colonel Hall declines. General Butler is to go to Carlisle to repair deficiencies in the battalions of levies at that place and then he should proceed to the frontier to take the command of...
June 1, 1791 Location of troops Arthur St. Clair Major General Richard Butler St. Clair (possibly) gives destination of troops that were marching at time of letter.
November 1, 1792 Causes of the Failure of the St. Clair Expedition Henry Knox House of Representatives Knox wants to be given the opportunity to defend his reputation during the Congressional investigation into the failure of the St. Clair expedition against the western Indians,.
November 26, 1792 On the late Major General Richard Butler's rifles John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg reports that the late General Richard Butler, [second in command, killed during St. Clair expedition, 4 November 1791] was authorized to make appraisement of the rifles which were private property and used in public service.
July 19, 1791 Letter from General Clair Arthur St. Clair Unknown Recipient Illegible letter from General Arthur St. Clair to an unknown recipient.
September 9, 1791 Duplicates of Knox's and Butler's Letters John Stagg Arthur St. Clair Chief Clerk John Stagg sends duplicates of two letters to General St. Clair.
May 5, 1784 Concerning pay and rations John Pierce Robert Morris The Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General sends a receipt of funds disbursed for pay and rations to Robert Morris.
September 16, 1791 St. Clair's Complaints Henry Knox George Washington Knox informs the President of General St. Clair's complaints about General Butler's and the quartermaster's absenses and the lack of authority of the contractor to purchase the horses needed for the approaching campaign.
November 25, 1793 Major Winston; letters for St. Clair and Shelby; Title to Lots at Fort Fayette Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Winston set off for Fort Washington. Letters for Governor St. Clair and Governor Shelby sent forward. St. Clair is at Marietta. Discusses necessity of obtaining title to the lots on which Fort Fayette is erected.
June 28, 1792 Letter from General William Darke to Joseph Howell concerning advances made by Major Caleb Swan to men wounded in St Clair expedition General William Darke Joseph Howell From Berkeley Virginia [now West Virginia], General Darke, who fought in St Clair's expedition, notes that chief of the men who drew money were wounded in action 4 November 1791, and three have yet to recover. He notes that he wrote previously regarding Captain Hannah not giving all credits he ought in his account.
November 25, 1787 Arthur St. Clair's appointment to government of Western Territory and Josiah Harmar's promotion to brevet Brigadier General Josiah Harmar Arthur St. Clair Harmar congratulates Arthur St. Clair for his appointment to the government of the Western Territory [northwest of the Ohio River]. Reports that Congress has honored Harmar with brevet commission to Brigadier General, and thanks St. Clair for is friendship and influence upon the occasion. Mrs. Harmar sends compliments. Major Duncan left for the Falls.
November 1, 1791 Account of an Attack and Retreat Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox St. Clair gives details of an early morning attack on the army and militia in their camp. Overcome by the power of the enemy, the Americans retreated to Fort Jefferson. St. Clair attributes some of the loss to the disorder and confusion of the newly enlisted troops.
June 23, 1786 Regarding a military revolt John Pierce James Gibbon Informs Major James Gibbon that General Irvine was in town but was unable to give any certificate, except he believes Gibbon had no intention of resigning before the revolt of the Line, which made Gibbon's services unnecessary as the certificate would be of no service, and would carry an appearance that Gibbons resigned in consequence of the revolt. When General St. Clair arrives in town, Pierce...
July 21, 1792 Request for pay for men despite records lost during St Clair defeat Lieutenant Colonel Henry Carberry Joseph Howell Carbery asks that his men be paid, despite records lost during the St Clair defeat on 4 November 1791. States that Major Henry Gaither can provide any information required.