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March 19, 1794 Stoppage of the Pay of deceased Major General Richard Butler Joseph Howell Maria Butler General Richard Butler's widow - Maria Butler - is asked to transmit the deceased General's vouchers to the War Department so that the stoppages can be lifted and the General's pay transmitted promptly to her. Butler was killed during Arthur St. Clair's defeat in November 1793.
July 2, 1791 Letter from Major General Richard Butler to Samuel Hodgdon on extra supply of overalls for troops Major General Richard Butler Samuel Hodgdon Writing to Hodgdon from Pittsburgh, Butler refers to an issue regarding overalls. Captain Davis has applied to Major Craig on this issue, but Craig will not proceed without orders from Butler. He thinks Captain Davis' order ought to be good enough.
August 2, 1791 Protecting the Frontier Major General Richard Butler Arthur St. Clair General Butler reports on the measures he has taken to protect the frontier.
April 22, 1794 Pay of Major Butler's Detachment Joseph Howell Thomas Butler Major Butler is ordered to disburse the funds he has received to the detachments under his command and transmit to Howell the vouchers and account of the public money for which he is responsible.
September 9, 1791 Duplicates of Knox's and Butler's Letters John Stagg Arthur St. Clair Chief Clerk John Stagg sends duplicates of two letters to General St. Clair.
June 17, 1794 Major Thomas Butler's Accounts Joseph Howell Thomas Butler There is much that is lacking in Major Butler's accounts that must be provided, including information on deserters, before the accounts can be settled.
June 7, 1787 Major Eccleston; Mr. Lord Butler; General Greene's payments Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Mentions Major Eccleston's business. Asks that Swan not wait for Howell's return but grant what may appear right with regard to Mr. Lord Butler. Mentions money paid by General Greene to the officers of North Carolina Line; has no doubt that returns are accurate.
January 11, 1794 Account of the Late General Butler Joseph Howell Major Erkuries Beatty Howell is not able to reveal the amount of stoppages made from General Butler's commmutation until he has gathered further information.
April 8, 1791 Take the Command of General St. Clair, Etc. Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler General Butler should locate the person commanding the Virginia battalion and give him the necessary money and orders. Colonel Rawlings has declined the Maryland battalion but might accept the regiment if Colonel Hall declines. General Butler is to go to Carlisle to repair deficiencies in the battalions of levies at that place and then he should proceed to the frontier to take the command of...
November 26, 1792 On the late Major General Richard Butler's rifles John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg reports that the late General Richard Butler, [second in command, killed during St. Clair expedition, 4 November 1791] was authorized to make appraisement of the rifles which were private property and used in public service.
March 8, 1794 Where is Major Butler's Receipt? Joseph Howell George Clymer A warrant had been issued to Clymer for $575 to be remitted to Major Thomas Butler at Carlisle but since Butler's receipt has not been received, the sum is still charged to Clymer.
November 16, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Thomas Butler William Simmons Thomas Butler William Simmons provides an extract of a receipt to Thomas Butler. The extract demonstrates that Butler is accountable for having received monies from Colonel Nevill.
February 9, 1794 Pay Unaccounted For Maria Butler Joseph Nourse Maria Butler inquired about pay due to troops and Little family that is unaccounted for. M. Butler found pay rolls with receipts from 30 non-commissioned officers and privates in private accounts of late General Butler. M. Butler requested instructions on how to settle the accounts mentioned.
June 9, 1791 Letter from the Secretary of War Henry Knox Butler Alerts Butler that Samuel Hodgdon is on his way to Fort Pitt and should be able to supply the campaign. There should be enough flour for Butler's post, but they will have to rely on live cattle for meat. Major Butler has been appointed to the Eastern Battalion. Colonel Proctor's mission failed, so General Scott's expedition will go forward; Butler is to send copies of Proctor's dispatches to...
July 26, 1791 Drum head for General Butler's son Isaac Craig Unknown Recipient Letter from Major Isaac Craig regarding a drum head for General Butler's son.
July 5, 1798 Mrs. General Butler's Claim James Ross William Simmons Ross thanks Simmons for his efforts on behalf of Mrs. Butler's claim. She will shortly draw the money and Ross will advise her on who to manage it once it is deposited in the Bank of the United States.
January 4, 1794 Money for the Recruiting Service Joseph Howell Thomas Butler Money has been remitted by George Clymer to Major Butler for the use of the recruiting service. Duplicate receipts should be signed by Butler.
April 14, 1800 Requests Payment for Major William Peters for Officers under Col. Butler David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Major William Peters to pay regular officers in Tennessee under Colonel Butler.
September 16, 1791 St. Clair's Complaints Henry Knox George Washington Knox informs the President of General St. Clair's complaints about General Butler's and the quartermaster's absenses and the lack of authority of the contractor to purchase the horses needed for the approaching campaign.
August 8, 1791 Report on the Treaty with the Cherokees, Etc. Henry Knox George Washington Knox encloses Governor Blount's report on the treaty with the Cherokees and submits copies of the instructions and letters to St. Clair, Butler, Hodgdon, Scott, and the Kentucky Board.
August 11, 1791 Orders to Forward Troops to Defend Frontier Henry Knox Isaac Craig Dates troops will arrive, advised that stores being transported be under guard.
March 17, 1797 Enclosed Return Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed general return of commissary stores. Noted Mrs. Butler dangerously ill.
June 2, 1794 Letter Citation Thomas Butler Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Butler 06/17/1794
May 24, 1794 Letter Citation Thomas Butler Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Butler 06/17/1794
September 3, 1787 Cited letter or document, General Thomas to Major General Richard Butler General Thomas Major General Richard Butler Cited in Butler to Hodgden, 10/04/1787.