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February 16, 1793 Receipts and Bank Notes for troops of United States under Major Gaither Josiah Smith Samuel Hodgdon Receipts and Bank Notes for troops of United States under command of Major Henry Gaither.
September 28, 1793 Extract of letter from Major Henry Gaither to Joshua Meals, Merchant, Augusta Henry Gaither Joshua Meals [In quotation marks], letter from Major Gaither informs merchant Joshua Meals that Gaither will leave for the Oakmulgee next day and will need to furnish James Seagrove with a guard, pack horses and will likely have to accompany Seagrove himself in order to provide protection from several parties of militia.
May 6, 1793 Letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox on Indian theft and murder Henry Gaither Henry Knox Major Gaither reports from Fort Fidius that white inhabitants are alarmed by Indians; gives account of stolen horses and murder of a family of six and the son of Mr Pere. Is receiving requests by inhabitants to call out the militia.
July 17, 1793 Conducting the Security of the Frontier Henry Knox Henry Gaither Secretary Knox informs Major Gaither that Captain Freeman will be the federal agent to the troops in Georgia. Knox implores economy in every aspect of Gaither's conduct.
September 7, 1793 Request from Major Gaither to Governor Telfair to raise troops under Gaither's command for defense of Georgia Henry Gaither Governor Edward Telfair From Augusta Georgia, Major Henry Gaither expresses opinion that number of Georgia militia in service is excessive for defense of Georgia frontier. Proposes addition of 100 cavalry and 100 infantry to Federal Troops, to be placed under his command which, Gaither believes, if properly deployed, would be sufficient to guard and protect inhabitants. Notes that the above addition was ordered by...
August 6, 1792 Supply of Major Henry Gaither's command in Georgia John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Knox has reviewed Hodgdon's estimate of the cost of several articles for supplying Major Henry Gaither's command in Georgia; requests that he purchase goods and make ready for transportation to Georgia.
May 23, 1793 State of Alarm Among Inhabitants of Georgia Frontier, Etc. Henry Gaither Henry Knox From Fort Fidius, Major Gaither reports many of inhabitants have left their homes; some have built forts on their soil. Gaither has furnished many with arms; militia Generals have ordered rations. Federal contractor issuing about 2000 rations per day to militia. Male negroes and some of their families included in the ration returns. Major Habersham asked that Gaither certify these issues....
April 13, 1793 Letter from Bird King Cussetas King to Major Gaither on trouble caused by Halfway King Bird King Cussetas King Henry Gaither Bird King has heard that Halfway King is causing trouble. Says it is not wish of Creek nation be at war; it is only one town, the Halfway House King and obstinate mad persons who will not listen. Says he abides by talks from Major Seagrove. Expects matters to be settled when he arrives. Says it is a pity United States should suffer because of a party of bad people. Advises to guard against...
August 17, 1793 Appointment of Captain Constant Freeman as agent for War Department for Troops in Georgia Henry Knox Henry Gaither Knox informs Major Gaither that Captain Constant Freeman has been appointed as agent of War Department for troops in Georgia. Asks that Gaither afford Freeman all assistance in exercise of duty. Stresses that every part of public administration be conducted with republican economy
September 3, 1793 Extract of letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox reporting that Governor of Georgia Telfair has improperly called up militia and in greater numbers than is necessary Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither reports that the Georgia militia in service has been improperly called up by the Governor of Georgia Telfair, and in excessive numbers. Gaither has proposed using the authorized federal troops to defend the frontier. If this were to prove insufficient, then he would recommend calling out the necessary numbers of militia. Because to the current arrangement, Gaither wants nothing to do with...
March 28, 1793 Letter from Governor Telfair to Major Gaither regarding murders and outrages by Creeks against whites in County of Glynn Governor Edward Telfair Henry Gaither Governor Telfair has received a report regarding murder of whites at Glynn County by Creeks. He asks Major Gaither to find out what can be obtained by Federal Government in order to deal with emergency.
April 17, 1793 Letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox on the robbery and murder at Traders Hill St Marys Henry Gaither Henry Knox Recounting murder and robbery at Traders Hill St Marys, Gaither notes that Indian Agent James Seagrove demands murderers and all involved. This demand is dividing the Creek nation. Timothy Bernard advises Gaither to stay on guard. Gaither has written to General Clark and other militia officers. Encloses Bernard's letter.
July 21, 1792 Request for pay for men despite records lost during St Clair defeat Lieutenant Colonel Henry Carberry Joseph Howell Carbery asks that his men be paid, despite records lost during the St Clair defeat on 4 November 1791. States that Major Henry Gaither can provide any information required.
March 4, 1793 Letter from Timothy Barnard [Bernard] to Major Henry Gaither regarding translator Mr George Cornells, son of Joseph Cornells Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Henry Gaither Timothy Bernard, writing to Major Henry Gaither, notes that delivery of the letter is by Mr. George Cornell, son of Joseph Cornell, linguist [translator] for the United States who did business for the Mad Dog of the Tuchabatches to Cussetah, which favors the United States. Refers to the Shawnee talks; that they would bring destruction on the land. Bernard wants to acquaint Gaither with Cornell;...
June 9, 1793 Reporting on the Georgia Militia's March against Hostile Indian Towns Henry Gaither Henry Knox In this letter from Ft Fidius, Gaither reports that Georgia Militia, under leadership of Major General Twiggs and Brigadiers Irwin Clark and Blackburn with about 600 officers and men, about half mounted, marched against hostile towns, crossed the Oconee. Gaither believes current effort is to avoid the friendly towns. Gaither received answer to Seagrove's demands and sent Ensign Sedgewick with...
June 14, 1793 Georgia's Militia Activity against the Creeks Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither reporting to Secretary of War Henry Knox, notes that Georgia Militia Major General Twiggs crossed the Oakmulgee River and laid out a fort. Most of the command mutinied and returned. Gaither has heard reports of families killed by Indians in Franklin County [northwest of Augusta near SC], but cannot confirm veracity.
April 7, 1793 Letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox regarding murder and robbery at Traders Hill on St Marys Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither writes from Fort Fidius to inform Knox about the robbery and murder of two whites at Traders Hill on St Marys by Creek Indians. Notes the William Seagrove, presumably owner of the store, is demanding the murderers and the whole party concerned; the Indians are divided over the demand made by Seagrove. Timothy Bernard advises Gaither to stand his guard. Gaither has written to General Clark...
December 2, 1798 Colonel Gaither's Antipathy Toward Georgia James Jackson James McHenry Governor Jackson cites Ensign McCall's letter as further evidence of Colonel Gaither's ill will toward the citizens of Georgia. Jackson maintains, therefore, that justice demands the removal of Gaither from the frontier of Georgia.
April 10, 1793 Letter from Timothy Bernard to Major Gaither regarding Major James Seagrove's demands in aftemath of violations Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Unknown Recipient Written from Flint River Georgia, Bernard informs Major Gaither of Creek Indian Agent James Seagrove's demands in aftermath of robbery and murder at Traders Hill St Marys. Bernard notes that this is large demand and not sure how matters will turn out. Mr David Garwin can inform with particulars.
July 13, 1791 List of Articles to be Forwarded Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Itemized list of articles to be forwarded to the boats under Major Gaither's command. Special attention is to be paid to the horse boats.
May 11, 1797 Money for the pay Lt. Col. gaither's troops William Simmons Henry Gaither Notification that the money for the pay of the troops under Gaither's command has been sent to Daniel Stevens, federal supervisor at Charleston which he is to deliver to John Habersham, acting agent of the War department for Georgia. Discusses how the pay is to be accounted. Cited in Gaither to Simmons, 06/19/1797.
March 4, 1792 Pay for the Troops, Etc. Henry Gaither Samuel Hodgdon Nothing of consequence happened on Gaither's march from Fort Washington home. Only his horse was tired and was left in the wilderness which caused some difficulty but he arrived in Elk Ridge on January 6th and found all was well. Gaither inquires as to when and how the troops are to be paid.
February 7, 1799 Shipment to Colonel Gaither Samuel Hodgdon John Habersham Hodgdon advises Habersham of a shipment to be delivered to Colonel Gaither.
August 11, 1792 Orders for deployment to Georgia Henry Knox Henry Gaither Major Henry Gaither is to deploy with his Legion troops to Georgia. His main mission is to prevent the incursion of small parties of violent Creek Indians. Mentions Treaty of New York of August 1790 and is given a copy. He receives instructions on how to deal with the people and government of Georgia and Spaniards. Is to occupy post at St. Mary's. Given instructions on how to handle supply and...
May 8, 1797 Payment of debt requested William Simmons Henry Gaither Requests that Lieut. Col. Gaither pay the money owed on his account with the War Department to John Habersham, agent of War Department. Cited in Gaither to Simmons, 06/19/1797. Cited in Simmons to Gaither, 05/11/1797.