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April 11, 1792 Receipt for the Notes John H. Buell Joseph Howell Buell has sent Howell a receipt for the notes Howell sent. He has also sent a receipt from Major Franks that was not included in the last settlement in January that should be entered in Howell's books.
November 28, 1797 Certification of payments; pay of Private John Franks William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $13.74 is due John Franks, late a private in the 2nd Sub Legion, being his pay from April 1 to August 18, 1794, the day of his discharge.
May 27, 1783 Resolution of Congress on Major Franks Joseph Carleton Unknown Recipient Resolution of Congress dated October 22, 1782 that David Franks hold the rank and receive the pay as Major in the Line of the Army of the United States until the new arrangement shall take place in January 1783, and that he then be considered as retiring from service under the same emoluments as those who retired under the resolution of December 31, 1781
August 27, 1792 Receipts for money received for Captain Griyon's Company, and Captain Fleming and Mr Mason Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Howe encloses receipts for money received for Captain Griyon's Company, and Captain Fleming and Mr Mason. Mr Bray was not in Brunswick, so Howe carried the money to New York, where he delivered it to Major Franks.
July 14, 1784 Settlement of William Clayon John Pierce Robert Morris The Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General discusses the settlement of William Clayon.
May 11, 1787 Enclosed certificates; the matter of General Muhlenberg's certificates Joseph Howell Matthew McConnell Encloses certificates of Captain Nie, Captain Mackay, Lieutenant Hughes, Doctor Bond, and Major Franks. Certificate for Lieutenant Stewart of General Hazen's Regiment has been deissued. Asks if it is consistent with the rules of general society to grant General Muhlenberg's certificate to that of Pennsylvania, when he was considered belonging to Virginia.
August 8, 1791 Change in Rendezvous Location Henry Knox Captain Pratt To expedite recruiting process, Pratt is authorized to change his rendez vous location from Middletown to Hartford. Noted that Mr. Colt will furnish supplies to recruits at Hartford.
April 5, 1791 Request for Recommendation of Command & Supply Officers Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, asks for recommendations for command and supply officers
October 13, 1791 Pay for Cushing's Men Joseph Howell Thomas H. Cushing Howell has transmitted to Cushing $290.50 by Mr. Mifflin, being one month's pay for his officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates. Mr. Mifflin has been directed to provide the officers who have not received more than two month's pay from Mr. Franks another month's pay for each of them and two month's forage for Dr. Carmichael.
March 7, 1797 Recollection of Accounts Kept by Mr. Swan Jonathan Haskell William Simmons Expressed disappointment that his application for his account information to J. Howell and request for money (to replace that which was stolen from the public stores) had not arrived. Additional account information and details on exchanges between Haskell and Howell provided.
September 13, 1789 Message for the White Inhabitants Contiguous to Cherokee Nation Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Bennet Ballew Federal commissioners entrust friendly messages to Ballew. They request that Ballew transmit message to white inhabitants contiguous to Cherokee nation. Informs them of a truce just negotiated between North Carolina and the Cherokee and that any disruption of the truce will result in repercussions from the federal government.
September 13, 1789 Message for the Citizens Bordering on Towns and Settlements of Cherokee Nation Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Henry Knox Commissioners forward copy of message intended for the citizens bordering on towns and settlements of Cherokee nation. Note that any infraction of the tranquility will incur the displeasure of the supreme authority of the United States. Attested by David S. Franks Secretary. Copy given to Mr. Ballew.
March 26, 1800 Regarding relative position of first and second Majors Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Letter marked private. Discussion on the relative position between first and second position between the first and second Major in the interior of the Regiment.
October 17, 1798 Pinckney's Appointment as Major General James McHenry Charles Cotesworth Pinckney McHenry expresses his satisfaction at Pinckney's acceptance of his commission as a Major General in the Provisional Army. The relative rank of Major Generals is based on the order of appointment as follows: Major General Alexander Hamilton, Major General Pinckney, and Major General Henry Knox.
April 17, 1799 Concerning accounts and balances Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Stevens has settled with Major Hume and received payment from MClary
September 21, 1793 An Account of the Yellow Fever Epidemic in Philadelphia Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Reports that self and family, blessed be God, are nearly recovered from the malignant disorder in the city of Philadelphia. The scene has surpassed everything Hodgdon has seen before: the dying, groans filled the City all nights, and the dead with the returning day. Whole families have been swept away. Has great cause for thankfulness. Discusses the smoking and repacking of the clothing....
January 19, 1786 Inspection of Soldiers' Clothing Robert Pemberton Nicholas Fish Requesting that Major Fish inspect clothing intended for the soldiers on the Ohio frontier.
June 27, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Major Craig William Simmons Isaac Craig William Simmon confirms receipt records sent by Major Craig. Simmons also discusses the accounts of Major Howe with Major Craig.
October 14, 1798 Acknowledgement of Receipt of Commission as Major General Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Acknowledges receipt of commission as inspector and major general; states that he will defer his journey until late October, so as to arrive [presumably at Philadelphia] around November 1. Observes with satisfaction the relative rank of the major generals, and promises to send a response to an inquiry of McHenry's after consultation with other officers.
June 5, 1799 Major Hoops Commanding in place of Major Brooks Alexander Hamilton Staats Morris Until Major Brooks takes his station at Fort Jay, Major Hoops will command in his absence so his orders should be followed and letters should be addrssed to him.
December 24, 1800 Major Constant Freeman's claims Samuel Dexter Constant Freeman This letter requests a copy of Major Freeman's "claim as a refugee from Canada under the act of 7th April 1798." Major Freeman's original claim was destroyed in the fire that consumed the War Department. Major Freeman's request for double rations was approved.
March 5, 1794 Receipt of Packets and Letters for Major General Wayne Michael Jones Henry Knox Received packet addressed to Major Craig enclosing letters for Major General Wayne. Captain Crawford not yet arrived by hourly expected.
November 29, 1794 Major Stagg writes to Major Craig John Stagg Isaac Craig Major Stagg introduces Mrs. Zebulon Pike to Major Craig. Mrs. Pike is traveling west to be with her husband. Captain Pike is serving with General Wayne.
October 21, 1787 Account of Major Edmund Hyrne, aide de camp to Major General Greene George Reid [not available] Major Edmund Hyrne, aide de camp to Major General Greene, has lodged an account of sundry disbursements.
June 1, 1790 Disbursments made by the War Department for treaty with Indians Ezekiel Freeman [not available] Account of sundry disbursements for Indian Treaties.