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December 30, 1798 Command of a Troop of Horse Jacob Glen Alexander Hamilton Glen seeks Hamilton's support in obtaining the command of a Troop of Horse.
June 25, 1799 Raising a Troop of Horse & Promoting Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton makes the case for raising a troop of horse as a way of testing innovative cavalry tactics to match those being improved in Europe. He also favors the promotion of James Wilkinson to Major General.
June 18, 1799 They are being paid without rendering any service. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry insists that the officers appointed for the six new companies of cavalry yet to be formed should be employed in recruiting and training infantrymen since they are currenly being paid without rendering any service whatever.
January 30, 1787 Organization and Uniforms of the Elements of the Legionary Corps Henry Knox [not available] Knox describes the organization and uniforms of the Legionary Corps of the following elements; the Cavalry; the Artillery; Rifle or Light Troops (Rifle Corps); the Infantry.
July 2, 1799 Small Body of Cavalry is Indispensable Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton affirms his commitment to raising and equipping one cavalry troop as the best means of experimenting with various types of cavalry tactics.
December 14, 1792 Account of Jesse Chandler Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Jesse Chandler, late a private in the 3rd Regiment of Light Dragoons. Chandler is owed 167 dollars.
September 24, 1791 Ration Order for Horses of the Light Horses. [not available] [not available] Return for two days horse rations for seven horses of the Light Horses
February 16, 1799 Distribution of Additional Regiments & Troops of Horse Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton stresses the importance of distributing the additional regiments and cavalry among the States according to the orders contained in the report from the Commander in Chief.
August 8, 1800 Contemporary Copy of Letter, Alexander Hamilton to James McHenry Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Discusses appointment of Major Solomon Van Renssalear to the Cavalry.
May 13, 1791 Account of Gideon Hawley Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Letter to the Comptroller of the Treasury on the account of Gideon Hawley, late of the regiment of light dragoons commanded by Col. Sheldon.
April 28, 1800 Account for Majors Buell and Greenleaf, Cavalry Swords William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Major Buel and Major Greenleaf paid for one thousand cavalry swords with their scabbards and belts manufactured by them at Hartford Connecticut.
December 31, 1795 Concerning cavalry equipment William Simmons Constant Freeman Informs Constant Freeman, agent of the War Department in Georgia, that he has not been accurately informed of the amount of cavalry equipment for Capt. Armstrong's troops.
May 22, 1800 Reduction of Light Dragoons William North [not available] Major Hamilton has found it necessary to order the disbandment of the additional troops of light dragoons. They must be reduced by January 14th, 1801.
December 31, 1789 [An estimate of the expenses of an army for one year, including the general staff, field and company officers, and five thousand and forty non-commissioned officers and privates.] Henry Knox [not available] Estimate of the expenses of an army for one year, including the general staff, field and company officers, and five thousand and forty non-commissioned officers and privates.
October 27, 1799 Pay and Emoluments of the Secretary of the Inspector General Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan "The Secretary of the Inspector General [Hamilton] is entitled to the pay and emoluments of a captain. The expression is general. It is not stated in the law whether the emoluments of a captain of cavalry or those of a captain of infantry shall be the rule of allowance. In a case of this kind the construction must be governed by the particular situation of the officer and the nature of the...
December 8, 1794 Account For the Arms of Armstrong's Cavalry Joseph Howell Samuel Hodgdon Constant Freeman, agent for the War Department in Georgia, wants the account for the arms that were sent to equip the hundred horse [cavalry] commanded by Captain James Armstrong. Since the money has previously been remitted for immediate disbursement, the account should be furnished as soon as possible.
August 10, 1798 Appointment as a Lieutenant in the Cavalry Samuel Hoffman Alexander Hamilton Hoffman would like to be appointed a Lieutenant in the Cavalry of the Provisional Army.
August 8, 1793 Letter from Governor of Georgia Edward Telfair to Secretary of War Knox on council of war held by Telfair Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor of Georgia Telfair informs Knox at the Council of War based its meeting on assumption that an expedition needed to be taken against the hostile towns. Following questions and issues discussed: Best season: Fall Best place to engage enemy: Oconee at Tom's Path crossing Number of men required: 2000 horse and 3000 foot. Draft militia for term not exceeding 60 days. Use of Federal...
June 27, 1799 Half-Confidence is Bad James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry approves the creation of a troop of horse as a model to ascertain the improvements needed in cavalry tactics. He affirms that Wilkinson's promotion should first be approved by General Washington and, most importantly, Wilkinson's commercial pursuits with Spain must be dissolved before he can gain the confidence required for a promotion.
August 2, 1792 Account of Solomon Jones Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service of Solomon Jones, late a Trumpet Major in the 3rd Regiment of Light Dragoons.
November 9, 1792 Forwarding of money in a barrel Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Packed money in a light barrel. Will go forward in Brotherton's wagon. He knows nothing of the contents. Barrel also contains knapsacks; deliver to Major Craig. Informs on further financial matters and forwarding of money. Says to immerse the notes in bilge water to get in pristine condition.
July 20, 1799 Concerning Additional Companies of Cavalry James McHenry John Adams Stresses the need of clothing and other supplies for new recruits and asks why no issues have yet been ordered to Major General Hamilton to raise six additional companies of cavalry.
March 17, 1798 Equipment for a Troop of Light Dragoons James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Articles of equipment for a troop of light dragoons should be forwarded to Major Craig at Pittsburgh with instructions for forwarding them to Fort Washington at the earliest opportunity.
May 4, 1787 Filling of Order for Horse Harness Articles William Price Major Moodie Sends requested horse harness, listing the items in detail, including collars and artillery horse chains.
July 13, 1791 List of Articles to be Forwarded Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Itemized list of articles to be forwarded to the boats under Major Gaither's command. Special attention is to be paid to the horse boats.