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May 18, 1791 Receipt for the Pay of Major Clark's Battalion William Ferguson Joseph Howell Enclosed is Major Clark's receipt for the pay of his Battalion which is the balance of the monies paid to Ferguson for two battalions of the 2nd Regiment of Levies.
June 2, 1789 Safe Conveyance of Doyle's & Ferguson's Stores John Ferguson Samuel Hodgdon Major Hodgdon should send by the first safe conveyance to Capt. John Irvin of Pittsburgh the stores for Capt. Doyle and Ferguson. Capt. Irvin will pay for the carriage. Or if the waggoner would accept an order on the paymaster, that would answer better.
November 21, 1791 Requests Letter of Commendation David Ewing Samuel Hodgdon Refers to the death of Major Ferguson and the implications the loss of connection have made in his career with his own promotions. Requests a private letter recommending Ewing for promotion.
March 25, 1786 Ferguson's certificate of pay Joseph Howell William Ferguson Sends Ferguson his certificate of pay for his time as a prisoner of war and requests accounts needed for completing an officer's settlement
August 10, 1784 Financial and family matters Mrs. Ferguson Benjamin Lincoln Discusses personal financial matters, family matters, and agricultural conditions in South Carolina.
May 3, 1791 Receipts of Gibson, Powers, and Slough William Ferguson Joseph Howell Enclosed is Colonel [Alexander] Gibson's receipt for $975.20 as well as Capt. William Powers' for $374.85 and Capt. [Jacob] Slough's for a like amount. The total sum is $1924.90. Ferguson wants to be notified when Howell receives these receipts so as to avoid the necessity of transmitting a second set.
April 12, 1799 Bill of Exchange for James Ferguson Caleb Swan [not available] $200 due James Ferguson for cash paid by him to Swan for the pay of the army.
June 16, 1791 Ferguson requests stores be sent to Fort Washington John Ferguson Samuel Hodgdon Ferguson makes requisition to Hodgdon for stores needed at Fort Washington.
February 4, 1790 Letter of Attorney William Ferguson Robert Prise Document certifying the service of William Ferguson, late soldier during the Revolutionary War.
April 8, 1786 Hats for the troops William Ferguson Samuel Hodgdon Ferguson's report on the hats made for the troops being raised for service on the frontier. They are too small and of deficient quality.
January 17, 1793 Knox writes to Mrs. Ferguson on entitlements Henry Knox Mrs. Ferguson Letter, Knox speaks to Mrs. Ferguson regarding her entitlements.
January 31, 1789 William Knox informs of Henry Knox's illness; report on arrival of Lieutenant Beatty in company with Captain Ferguson William Knox Josiah Harmar William Knox writes on behalf of his brother, Secretary of War, informing that he is sick with rheumatic fever and is unable to write. Reports on arrival of Lieutenant Beatty in company with Captain Ferguson. Mentions Mr. Vigo's account.
February 13, 1792 Discussion of Military Discipline & Hospital Stores James Wilkinson Henry Knox Letter, discusses military discipline; discusses quality of hospital stores.
January 25, 1786 Account of Captain Ferguson Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson CITATION Only. Cited in Nicholson to Howell 02/04/1786. May have discussed the account of Captain Ferguson and Howell's own account, as well as an act of Congress regarding "deranged" (former, or retired) officers
December 21, 1789 Estimated cost of Rent for buildings for Recruits Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of the rents of buildings occupied by Captain M Curdy's and Captain Ferguson's companies of recruits
January 16, 1786 Pay and Accounting Issues Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Discusses various pay and accounting issues.
June 26, 1791 Supply of Troops Arthur St. Clair Unknown Recipient Troops lacking supplies.
January 1, 1791 Report of Indian Expedition, Including Battles and Sedition Lieut. Denny Henry Knox Suggests drawing upon reports of Captain Ferguson and Doctor Carmichael while waiting for official accounts from Harmar. Describes Indian attacks and different campaigns, often conflicting under different leaders and with discouraged militia members. Discusses provisions and inadequate clothing. Lists plunder of Indian towns for the quartermaster. Refers to leaving wounded on the field while the...
March 16, 1792 [DUPLICATE] Request for Acceptance or Rejection of Promotion Henry Knox Henry Burbeck Secretary at War issues a warrant for Captain Burbeck's promotion to Major. Enclosed act of Congress that determined pay, rations, and emoluments for Burbeck's perusal.
November 1, 1791 Account of an Attack and Retreat Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox St. Clair gives details of an early morning attack on the army and militia in their camp. Overcome by the power of the enemy, the Americans retreated to Fort Jefferson. St. Clair attributes some of the loss to the disorder and confusion of the newly enlisted troops.
January 5, 1786 Settlement of Army Officers' Accounts Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Discusses the settlement of the accounts of two officers, Captain William Coxe and Captain William Ferguson.
June 18, 1800 Report on expedition to Appalatcha Franco Gelabert Benjamin Hawkins From Pensacola, Gelabert reports of an unexpected surrender at St. Marks Fort. Mr. Ferguson the secretary to Mr. Bowles the adventurer, who ran away with captain of Brig Sheerwater, which had been captured by Indians.
March 2, 1789 The recruiting of 80 non-commissioned officers and privates in Pennsylvania Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Knox has directed Captain Ferguson and Captain McCurdy to recruit 80 non-commissioned officers and privates in Pennsylvania in order to complete their respective companies on the frontiers.
May 12, 1784 Pettit's Bill and Advances of Money Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Protested bill payable to Col. Pettit, enclosed explanation to Mr. Ferguson carried by J. Lovell by ship to Charleston. Since he hasn't heard any information from "that quarter," Hodgdon must draw on B. Lincoln for advances. Lists items and types of advances. Remarked that the miller's stones were from England and of high quality and are the largest that could be procured.
May 5, 1791 Materials to be Forwarded, Movement of Troops Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Marching origins of troops across eastern seaboard detailed, all directed to upper Ohio to protect frontier.