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March 27, 1791 Knox replies to Doughty's decision to decline command Henry Knox John Doughty Letter, discusses Doughty declining appointment.
September 12, 1789 Major Doughty Suggests Spot for Headquarters on the Big Miami Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Received notice that Major Doughty arrived at Little Miami and will go to Big Miami. Suggests location for headquarters opposite Vicking River with never failing springs.
December 19, 1789 Knox directs Doughty Henry Knox John Doughty Letter, encloses instructions to Doughty.
January 26, 1790 On the Wyandots, Major Doughty's peace mission, and attack by Indians within twelve miles of Danville, at Carpenter's Station Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Expresses confidence in friendly disposition of Wyandots; their influence over other tribes is considerable. Discusses Major Doughty's peace mission to the southern Indians, the establishment of a post at Mussel Shoals, the attitude of the Choctaws and Chickasaws to this event, the number of men required to man this post. Will soon be leaving for Kaskaskia. Reports on attack by Indians within...
July 8, 1795 Keg of Vermilion Matthias Slough Isaac Craig In the urgency of loading Slough's wagon, a keg of vermilion was overlooked. It is now delivered by the bearer of the letter, Matthew Doughty. Doughty now submitted a receipt for said keg.
March 4, 1791 Knox appoints Doughty to command Henry Knox John Doughty Letter, informs Doughty of appointment to regiment command.
September 16, 1784 Subsistence of the Garrison at West Point John Pierce John Doughty John Pierce sends to Major John Doughty a response to the Major's previous inquiry pertaining the subsistence of the garrison at West Point. In answer to letter, will not forget the subsistence of garrison.
July 20, 1786 Report of Mr. Philip Liebert regarding intentions of the savages Philip Liebert [not available] Liebert was ordered by Major Doughty to pass through the Delaware and Shawnee towns on the Miami and at Sandusky. Shawanese not disposed to peace. The Delawares and Wyandots were more kind and friendly.
May 19, 1795 Debiting and Crediting the Smith for Copper Worked William Doughty Samuel Hodgdon Doughty wishes to know if it is proper for him to debit and credit the smith in his day book and ledger for the copper he receives from and returns to Doughty. He suggests two different procedures to deal with this process.
July 25, 1790 Letter Citation Henry Knox John Doughty Cited in Doughty to Knox, 08/19/1790.
May 26, 1800 Appointment of Major Tousard James McHenry John Adams Letter from the Secretary of War to the President of the United States concerning the appointment of Major Tousard.
October 23, 1794 William Doughty clerk of shipyard Philadelphia Oath of office witnessed by Hilary Baker William Doughty [not available] Doughty oath of allegiance as clerk of shipyard port of Philadelphia.
December 11, 1794 Instructions to William Doughty Clerk of the Naval Yard at Philadelphia Henry Knox William Doughty Knox orders Doughty to report weekly to Messrs. Gurney and Smith on the number of men employed at the ship yard and the amount of their wages.
July 2, 1789 Doughty introduces Allison to Knox John Doughty Henry Knox Letter, recommends bearer.
July 5, 1795 Salary of William Doughty, navy yard clerk at Philadelphia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $187.50 is due William Doughty for his salary as Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia for April-June 1795.
August 13, 1790 Restraining Indian Hostilities, Etc. George Washington Henry Knox The President informs Knox of his intention to go to Mount Vernon as soon as public business will permit. Therefore, the President directs the Secretary of War to forward all business that requires his attention immediately. Additionally, the President requests Knox's opinion on restraining Indian hostilities, what further measures can be taken to ensure peace on the frontier, the expediency of...
September 1, 1784 Letter Citation John Doughty John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Doughty, 09/16/1784.
October 5, 1795 Salary of William Doughty, clerk of Philadelphia Navy Yard William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $187.50 is due William Doughty, Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia, being his salary from July through September 1795.
June 6, 1798 Postpones Departure for New York James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to arrival of marines in New York. His departure has been postponed. Requested the company of Lieut. Col. Doughty at Brunswick.
October 21, 1785 Doughty sends intelligence to Knox regarding Indian intentions and British efforts to actively foment hostilities between the Indian Nations and the United States John Doughty Henry Knox This is an intelligence report from Captain John Doughty to Henry Knox, Secretary at War. This report assesses Indian intentions and British efforts to actively foment hostilities between the Nations and the United States. Doughty identifies Alexander McCormick as his source of information. McCormick requests to have his identity protected because he intends to winter in British-controlled...
November 2, 1795 Salary of William Doughty, Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia Peter Hagner Timothy Pickering Hagner certifies that $67.25 is due William Doughty being his salary as Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia from October 1 to November 2, 1795, the day of his resignation.
December 30, 1790 The President to Piamingo and Chickasaw Nation George Washington [not available] Notes that Major Doughty was sent to brighten the chain of friendship with United States and to assure of firm adherence to Treaty of Hopewell. United States does not want any Chickasaw lands. Mr. Vigo, the bearer, will bring goods conformably to the treaty of Hopewell.
December 30, 1790 Knox requests Doughty's insights into the Harmar expedition Henry Knox John Doughty Letter, asks for details of Harmar's expedition.
April 14, 1795 Directions on how to receive timbers and clarification of duties and responsibilities as clerk of ship yard John Stagg William Doughty Stagg converys guidance from Secretary of War Pickering. He instructs Doughty to coordinate with Joshua Humphreys when receiving an timber or plank purchased by naval agents for frigate construction. Advises Doughty that he will aid the constructor in any capacity he finds necessary, including copying of paper respecting the frigate constuction.
April 5, 1790 Court of inquiry relative to Lacassagne's complaint; return of troops; Lieutenant Armstrong's mission Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Mentions court of inquiry relative to Lacassagne's complaint against Captain Ashton. Although Ashton's conduct not justified, the fellows in the vicinity of the garrison are such vagabonds as not to be entitled to the privileges of citizens. Encloses monthly return of troops. Lieutenant Armstrong left rapids of Ohio. Major Doughty, with Mr Vigo, at Wabash Island, preparing to start for...