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July 2, 1798 Articles Wanted for Macpherson's Blues. [not available] John Harris Directs issue of weapons, instruments, and cannon implements to the unit MacPherson's Blues (7/2/1798); a return for the same is included.
May 10, 1799 Forwarding Correspondence from General MacPherson James McHenry John Adams Forwards a packet of letters from General MacPherson.
September 30, 1794 Spirit of the Jersey Blues James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Mentges extols the spirit of the Jersey Blues who cannot wait to put themselves under the command of the President but they need canteens, knapsacks, and axes before they can march.
July 3, 1798 [Return of the Company of Artillerists commanded by George Taylor and attached to mcpherson's Corps of Blues] George Taylor [not available] Return receipt for supplies requested by G. Taylor's men. Swords and musical instruments requested.
February 5, 1800 Expenses of General Macpherson and suite on Expedition to Northhampton James Miller William Simmons Refers to abstract for sundry stores, liquors furnished by Benjamin W. Morris for the use of General Macpherson and suite on Expedition to Northhampton. Issues include whether United States must lose articles not returned or whether Macpherson must pay for them.
April 27, 1799 Consideration of MacPherson's Plans John Adams James McHenry Appears to address approval of General MacPherson's plan for the occupation of the rebellious Pennsylvania counties, as well as a pardon for a soldier.
1799 Correspondence on troop movements William MacPherson James McHenry General MacPherson informs McHenry that it is "utterly impossible" to move the particular troops in question sooner than Wednesday morning.
April 20, 1799 Request to meet with General Macpherson James McHenry John Wilkins, Jr. Request to have an express in readiness to proceed from War Office to Headquarters of General McPherson Monday morning 10 o'clock.
December 22, 1799 Funeral Honors for our Departed Chief Alexander Hamilton William MacPherson Hamilton is sending a copy of an order to Macpherson, who is in charge of the ceremonies, regarding the funeral honors to be paid in Philadelphia to George Washington.
February 5, 1800 Brigadier General Macpherson's pay and entitlements on Northampton Expedition William Simmons James McHenry Simmons discusses what he calls the extraordinary expenses of Brigadier General Macpherson, incurred for himself and his family and for guards or guests at tavern. He goes on to discuss what might be proper or lawful allowances.
May 25, 1799 Payment to Mr Fisher for services carrying orders for General Macpherson Thomas Fisher [not available] Payment to Thomas Fisher for services carrying orders of General Macpherson to sundry officers on the Northampton expedition.
April 20, 1799 Arrangements for Occupation of Revolting Pennsylvania Counties, & Discharge of the Militia James McHenry William MacPherson Announces pleasure at MacPherson's success in pacifying the revolting region of Pennsylvania, and authorizes him to discharge the volunteer & militia companies, with the express thanks of the government. Also accepts MacPherson's suggestion that the regular troops remain in the region for the time being, and leaves it to him to decide their disposition. Mentions that mail for the troops and...
April 11, 1799 Forwarding Correspondence Concerning Attorney General & Prisoners James McHenry John Adams Forwards correspondence, some concerning the Attorney General and some concerning prisoners currently held by the military units under General MacPherson.
January 3, 1799 Assessing Captain Hill's Plan William MacPherson Alexander Hamilton MacPherson solicits Hamilton's opinion regarding plans for fortifications around New York's harbor.
April 27, 1800 Order for Box of Cartridges William McPherson John Harris General MacPherson's order for a box of cartridges; the request to fill the order, by James McHenry, precedes the order.
January 24, 1800 Discussion of Northampton Expedition James McHenry William Simmons Brigadier General MacPherson reports the inability to maintain Captain Rodman's horse troops on the Northampton expedition. Discussion of care of family during expeditions.
April 6, 1799 Request for Blank Forms Samuel Vance William Simmons Vance requests instructions and blank pay and receipt rolls following his appointment by General MacPherson to paymaster.
June 16, 1798 Request for Temporary Issue of Arms & Accoutrements Timothy Pickering John Harris Directs temporary issue of 350 stand of arms & accoutrements.
May 10, 1799 Troops Stationed in Insurgent Districts James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Mchenry encloses a letter from General MacPherson concerning the positions maintained by the regular troops at the scene of the recent insurrection and disaffection.
October 9, 1789 Jackson advises that in the President's absence MacPherson may consult Knox W. Jackson John MacPherson Letter, advises forwarding President's communications to Knox.
August 19, 1799 Description of Payroll Discrepancy Samuel Vance James McHenry Vance asks why his official pay period starts after the date he considers his appointment. He explains the discrepancy between the muster rolls and actual enlistment.
January 30, 1800 Abstract of disbursements by John Wilkins Jr., Quarter Master General James Miller William Simmons Abstract of disbursements by John Wilkins Jr., Quarter Master General for warrant of General Macpherson, commanding on the Northampton Expedition for himself and suit.
March 21, 1799 Instructions to General MacPherson James McHenry William MacPherson These are McHenry's orders to General MacPherson respecting the suppression of the insurrection in the Counties of Northhampton, Montgomery, and Bucks in Pennsylvania (Fries's Rebellion). He is to form a detachment from the volunteers of that state as part of the provisional army that includes two volunteer companies of cavalry from Philadelphia.
December 26, 1798 Request to Purchase Surveys of Port and Harbour of New York Alexander Hamilton William MacPherson Captain Hill former British officer offering surveys of New York City port and harbor for sale. Hamilton requested MacPherson to find out if the Sec. of War already procured the surveys.
March 25, 1799 Opposing the Insurrection William MacPherson Alexander Hamilton General MacPherson discusses the measures being taken to oppose the insurrection in Pennsylvania and notes his disapproval of those measures.