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September 28, 1791 On the Sickness of Lucy Knox, & the Inadequacy of the Adams House in Philadelphia Henry Knox John Adams Admits that Adams' steward and his children have recovered, but that Lucy Knox is dangerously ill. Apologizes to Adams that the house Knox has procured for him in Philadelphia is not what he deserves, "either for your dignity or the rent," but explains that it was all there was to be had in the city.
May 31, 1787 Washington describes events at the Continental Congress George Washington Henry Knox Washington sends greetings to Knox and inquires of the health of his daughter Lucy. He describes that he has been elected chair during the session of the Continental Congress.
April 1, 1794 Account of William Lucy Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for William Lucy, late sergeant in the 5th South Carolina Regiment
September 17, 1791 Warren writes to Knox Major General Warren Henry Knox Letter, Warren encloses letter to Knox.
September 11, 1791 Family News & Business Henry Knox John Adams Notes that Adams' steward has recovered from illness. Knox's son Marcus has died.
November 6, 1790 McKnight forwards bill for medical care to Knox Charles McKnight Henry Knox Letter, discusses medical services provided and cost.
June 20, 1790 Jackson discusses politics with Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses personal issues; mentions war between England and Spain discusses elections.
November 8, 1799 Travel from Philadelphia to New York Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Writes that sister Lucy is desirous of returning home from Philadelphia and asks Hodgdon to find someone who may be coming to New York to accompany her. Says that any expenses may be charged to his account.
January 2, 1790 Henry Knox writes to William Duer Henry Knox William Duer Letter, illegible.
September 27, 1793 Audibert discusses administrative matters with Knox Philip Audebert Henry Knox Letter, advises Knox re War Office.
November 15, 1799 Sister Safely Arrived, Ship Bound for Algiers Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Happily informs him of his sister Lucy's safe arrival from Philadelphia to New York. The business with the powder continues, prices are in flux. Writes that he has commenced loading the ship for Algiers.
October 4, 1791 General Maunsell requests information from Knox John Maunsell Henry Knox Letter, asks for President's arrival date.
March 8, 1792 de la Roche returns legal documents to Knox J. de la Roche Henry Knox Letter, de la Roche returns an indenture unsigned to Knox.
December 12, 1789 Knox discusses accounting matters with Wadsworth Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Letter, discusses receipt of accounts and warrants.
September 27, 1789 Knox informs Carrington of his appointment as Marshal Henry Knox Edward Carrington Letter, advises re appointment as Marshall.
January 28, 1791 Macomb recommends Van Slyck to Knox Alexander Macomb Henry Knox Letter, recommends the bearer.
July 28, 1789 Hickborn asks Knox to recommend him to the President Benjamin Hickborn Henry Knox Letter, asks for recommendation to President.
January 28, 1790 Knox forwards his ideas on the National Militia to John Hancock Henry Knox John Hancock Letter, encloses report on National Militia.
March 22, 1791 Allen recommends Balch to Knox Jeremiah Allen Henry Knox Letter, recommends William Balch to military appointment.
April 4, 1790 Autograph Letter Signed, Joseph Pierce to Henry Knox Joseph Pierce Henry Knox Letter, recommends candidate for militray appointment.
November 15, 1791 Ann Huntington speaks to Knox on behalf of Mrs. Welsh Ann Huntington Henry Knox Letter, Ann Huntington recommends granting pension to Anna Welsh, widow.
January 31, 1790 Pierce inquires about bounty lands to Knox Joseph Pierce Henry Knox Letter, asks for bounty lands.
July 19, 1789 Jackson discusses federal nominations with Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses forts and stores; discusses President's nominations.
May 29, 1792 Desire to Relinquish Participation in Last Purchase Henry Knox [not available] Knox expresses desire to relinquish participation in last purchase. As for other purchases, has made arrangements for his proportion of the advances. He will endeavor to go to New York on Saturday; President Washington has returned. He hope that his wife has complied with his instructions about his son Henry going to school
July 22, 1789 Biddle seeks recommendation from Knox to Washington Clement Biddle Henry Knox Letter, mentions health of child; asks for recommendation to President.