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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
May 18, 1791 Land Purchase Henry Knox John Wendell 2500 acre land sale discussed.
November 28, 1786 Account of Public Securities Delivered Jonathan Phillips John Pierce Oliver Wolcott Discusses accounts of public securities delivered to Mr. Jonathan Phillips.
November 1, 1799 Autograph Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, directs preparation of woolen overalls for company at Baltimore.
January 22, 1791 Troops in the Service of the United States. Henry Knox [not available] Statement of the number of troops in the service of the United States in Georgia and on the Western Frontiers.
October 11, 1800 Request for Company Book Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of company book for Hodgdon's office.
July 6, 1793 Letter from the Secretary of War Henry Knox John Pratt The men intended for a rifle company are to be mustered accordingly. Mentions the Secretary of the Treasury.
February 9, 1787 The Formation of a Company Henry Knox [not available] Knox explains how a company is to be formed and Includes a diagram to illustrate his explanation.
December 4, 1799 Want of Clothing for Kalteisen's Company Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a return of the clothing due to Captain Kalteisen's company of the 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers. What was sent appears to have been intended for Captain Huger's company of the 2nd Regiment so the clothing for Kalteisen's company still must be sent as his men are in great want of clothing. If there is any particular mode adopted for making returns of clothing, Freeman...
May 14, 1800 Placement of the Captain in the Formation, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Pinckney proposes putting the Captain in the rear of the center of his company which will place him in the best situation to attend to his whole company. Detailed argument.
March 30, 1799 Inspecting the Company of Capt. Gates Caleb Gibbs Alexander Hamilton Gibbs compliments the discipline and appearance of the men of Captain Gates' Company.
October 27, 1798 Accountability of Money for Captain Fithian's Company Maskell Ewing William Simmons Reply to Simmons' questions regarding monies received by Ewing in 1794 for Captain Seeley Fithian's company. Provides fcopies of two receipts concerning transactions of the company monies.
September 28, 1798 Forwarding Correspondence of Delaware Volunteer Company John Adams James McHenry Forwards correspondence from a volunteer company of riflemen in Christiana Hundred, Delaware, for McHenry's review and reply.
April 26, 1798 Saddlery for a Company of Dragoons Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon encloses an estimate for saddlery of a company of dragoons. Neither arms nor clothing are included but they can be obtained at other posts.
July 4, 1798 Account Summary of Cecil Company Samuel Hughes [not available] Materials list of cannon balls and cost of hands, teams, and carriages for Cecil company. Joseph Elliott noted 23 July, 1801 that the last charge should not be admitted.
October 31, 1785 Table of company equipment Henry Knox Unknown Recipient The Secretary at War issues a standard table of camp equipment for a 70 man company. An equipment allowance is made for officers' servants. Ordinance is not included in camp equipage.
November 24, 1791 Requests Drafts for Company and Information about Discharges D.M. Duffey Samuel Hodgdon Refers to death of Mr. Acheson. Requests draft for company orders and information about soldier discharges.
January 14, 1799 Request for Temporary Issue of Rifles, Accoutrements, & Tomahawks to Volunteers James McHenry John Harris Temporary issue of rifles, accoutrements, & tomahawks to volunteer company.
July 18, 1796 Pay and recruiting matters in Bruff's company James Bruff William Simmons Pay matters for his company, including his muster and pay rolls, his receipt rolls, and his vouchers for monies disbursed. Also mentions his methods of recruiting for his company. Cited in Bruff to Simmons, 01/20/1797. Cited in Simmons to Bruff 11/30/1796.
November 22, 1788 Regarding pensions for Eleazer Hudson and Jonathan Herron David F. Sill Joseph Howell Eligible for pensions are Eleazer Hudson in Holmer's Company, 1st Connecticut Regiment and Jonathan Herron, who served in Richards' Company, 1st Regiment. Both contracted disabilities.
June 12, 1798 Request for Issue of Weapons & Tools to a Grenadier Company Timothy Pickering John Harris Directs issue of muskets, cartridge boxes, and tools for a grenadier company.
May 20, 1797 Orders to Deliver Clothing James McHenry John Harris Delivery of overalls, pants, and shoes to Capt. Shaumberg's company.
April 23, 1790 The Ohio Company of Associates Rufus Putnam Henry Knox This document is a bond between the founders of the Ohio Company of Associates and the Secretary at War. The document identifies former officers who have land claims against the United States and establishes the Ohio Company as the broker to liquidate such claims.
November 3, 1798 Payment Information from Lyman's Company Lyman Cornelius William Simmons Notification of receipt roll to be forwarded. Lyman discussed his distaste with being made Paymaster to his company.
September 5, 1798 Accommodation for the Company James McHenry Lemuel Weeks McHenry authorizes Weeks to purchase a building to house his Company, as the current public building is too small. The suggested repairs on the fortification should go forward.
March 30, 1800 Clothing for Artillerists & Engineers Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon General Hamilton has ordered Freeman to apply to Hodgdon for clothing for a complete company of Artillerists and Engineers who will be enlisted from South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. The clothing should be forwarded to Mr. William Crafts, agent for the War Department at Charleston. The deficiencies of clothing for Kalteisen's company and the shoes for Frye's company should be sent by...