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September 17, 1799 Request for Issue of Clothing to Limestone, Kentucky James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Directs sending of clothing to Limestone, KY, for men of the 4th Regiment. A note from Samuel Hodgdon advising the packing of the items is appended.
November 1, 1799 Forwarding Clothing Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter and enclosures arrived, draft on account will be handed to Mr. Andrews. No mistake in destination of clothing to Limestone, Kentucky. Hodgdon supposed clothing was going to Capt. Taylor who would forward it to its final destination. Locations of various Secretaries listed.
June 9, 1790 Report on attempts to break up of a nest of vagabond Indians Josiah Harmar Henry Knox At the solicitation of Kentucky inhabitants, Harmar reports that he broke up a nest of vagabond Indians, who had infested the river, trying to establish themselves on the Scioto River in order to interrupt the navigation of the Ohio River, and plunder and murder. The endeavors were not successful, as the villains retreated. General Scott fell in with some savages and took four scalps into...
May 16, 1790 Results of Indian Attack Henry Lee Harry Innes Details of account of Indian attack on river above Limestone.
March 19, 1792 Bags & Other Articles Forwarded John Moylan Samuel Hodgdon Moylan expresses surprise at Hodgdon's inquiry regarding bags and other articles that he forwarded to Col.Boone. He has the account receipt for same which he had heard Boone had paid. He has written Boone who should communicate to Hodgdon necessary information to correct this mistake. If they are still at Limestone, Moylan has directed him to forward them to Hodgdon immediately.
August 5, 1795 Cited letter or document, Scott to Anthony Wayne Scott Anthony Wayne Letter, Citation only.
May 12, 1790 Proof of Agression John Edwards Harry Innes Murders by Indians related, with anger.
June 9, 1790 Interception of Indian Raiding Parties Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Unsuccessful dispersal of Indians on Ohio river. Enclosed copy of report on Indian raid on river.
April 9, 1790 Troops to Protect Against Indian Attacks Colonel Paterson Josiah Harmar Assurances that troops will arrive to support settlers and troops stationed on the frontier.
May 22, 1792 Cheap But Pleasing Horses William Morton Samuel Hodgdon Morton is forwarding with his friends Col. Moylan and Mr. Jones the horses since he is indisposed. The horses should please in both quality and price since he has purchased them at the lowest cash price as was true also of the cavalry saddles. The hemp is packed in small bundles and sent on the horses but in order to avoid damage it is being sent by way of Limestone under cover. There are small...
May 8, 1796 Punctuality Respecting Quarterly Transmissions Caleb Swan William Simmons Swan pledges to be punctual in responding to Simmons' directions respecting the quarterly transmissions of his accounts and vouchers. He would have sent them sooner but the men who ply between Limestone and Gallipolis have the kind of reputation that prevents them from being charged with papers of importance.
April 7, 1790 Indian Attacks on Ohio Sergeant Todd Josiah Harmar Reaffirmed need to dislodge and disband Indians that have taken prisoners and captured property from boats on the Ohio River.
January 26, 1790 Indian Attacks Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox By note received from Louisville, details of Indian attacks of settlements located on Russell Creek, and Danville.
February 20, 1795 Plan for Efficient Mail Delivery Rufus Putnam Timothy Pickering Enclosed plan contained in this letter "promises the fairest to ensure a regular and efficient carrage of the mail between Wheeling and Preston. . ." detail for mail delivery.
June 2, 1793 Lists Accounts and Requests Payment; Reports Purchase of Horses and Teams James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Lists accounts received and requests payment. Has worked to find 300 horses and 20 teams locally. Has loaded horses with corn and the teams are loaded with limestone. Plans to come down the Ohio River. Refers to money left out of the last advance which is absolutely necessary at Pittsburgh.
November 2, 1791 Purchase of 200 Horses, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr has noted the time the agent agreed to purchase 200 horses. After six days Barr is certain that no more than twenty horses have been purchased and that it will be from twenty to thirty days before they are delivered to the headquarters at Fort Washington.
May 2, 1792 Military supplies Jacob Boone Samuel Hodgdon Jacob Boone confirms that he sent Samuel Hodgdon - Quartermaster - 100 bags and one keg of shrub for General Wilkinson via Amos Seemer, a contractor, in March.
June 6, 1794 Transportation and Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox Col. Edwards and QMG decend river on stores boat. Invoice of stores enclosed. Commissioners appointed to set up town in Presquille to travel tomorrow. Men killed by Seneca Indians.
January 16, 1795 Mail Boat Routes Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Discussed the distance of each mail boats route, consoled delivery man that appeals had been made to shorten route of No. 3. Suggested employing stout men in a canoe to take up deliveries on a forth route. Kirkpatrick waiting instructions to descend Ohio river.
November 12, 1791 List of the Killed & Wounded, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr notes that they now have a List of the Killed and Wounded. Col. Darke is included on the list of wounded but Barr hopes that he is not mortally wounded. Mr. Duncan informs Barr that he has a large quantity of Hyson Tea that will sell well at Natchez and New Orleans.
April 4, 1790 Indians on Ohio River William McDowell John Brown Intelligence on the movement of Indians on the North Western frontier.
January 16, 1795 Postal recommendations Timothy Pickering Rufus Putnam Making postal recommendations; sending a canoe to meet Boat No. 3 from Gallipolis. Seeking to provide constant employment for mail carriers and punctual delivery of mail. Recommendations made in lieu of the Postmaster General.
May 14, 1787 Discussion of the Closure of the Mississippi River Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Made great efforts to get to know the inhabitants and the politics of Kentucky during his stay at the Falls. The hot topic is free navigation of the Mississippi, and people west of the Allegheny Mountains remain concerned about the closure of this route. Kentucky has mustered 5,000 men. Lists people, boats, horses, cattle, and wagons who have passed through the garrison between October and May....
March 24, 1790 Reports Indian Attacks, Personnel Changes Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports that the Indians continue to murder and plunder, including entire settlements. Requests troops be raised to suppress Indians. Announces personnel changes.
April 13, 1790 Notification of the Power to Call Upon the Militia Henry Knox Robert Johnson Secretary of War Henry Knox informs Robert Johnson, lieutenant of Woodford County, that his account of recent Indian hostilities in the area has been received and names those given authority to call up scouts to protect the frontier against any further incursions.