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August 24, 1797 Uniformity of Dress on Ships of War James McHenry Captain John Barry Regulations establishing uniformity of dress by the officers, Marines, and others on board the ships of war in service of the United States.
April 26, 1798 Pay of marines and receipts John Kilty William Simmons Informs Simmons that he has received the money for the pay of the marines on the Navy frigate U.S.S. Constellation which money he will pay to Lieutenant Tripplett. Cover letter for receipts from Lieutenants Dyson and Shoemaker for monies paid to them.
May 30, 1798 Complement of Marines onboard Constellation War Department Samuel Dyson Dyson to furnish Marines if called upon by Captain Truxtun for the frigate Constellation. Men are to be volunteers to enter into service on the extended cruise. Make it known that when done, they return to the infantry. While on ship, entitled to pay of Marines.
July 2, 1799 Requests Release of Marines to Guard Ships Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Reports necessity of employing all Marines on board ships. Wants guard for frigate. Requests military to relieve the Marines for this purpose.
December 7, 1797 Estiamte for Supplies to the Marines Samuel Hodgdon Josiah Fox Estimate for supplies to the Marines, sent to Josiah Fox.
June 11, 1798 Regarding the manning ship Delaware with Marines [not available] Edward Miller Preparations with ship Delaware, formerly Hamburg packet, complete. Requires Marines on board. Indispensable that ship put to sea to guard commerce along coast of United States. Propose to recruits that they be Marines, temporarily. Describes pay by rank. When Marines no longer wanted on Delaware, are to return to Infantry.
June 15, 1798 Appointment as Lieutenant of Marines War Department Lieutenant James McKnight James McKnight is appointed Lieutenant of Marines on board the ship of war Delaware. He is to recruit a sergeant, corporal, drum, fife and twenty one privates. He is to pay particular attention to rules and regulations.
June 6, 1798 Rations, pay, stores, Marines, accomodations on board War Department James Deblois Discusses contract prices for crew rations. Pursers will act as paymasters. Military and other stores will be placed in keeping of certain officers. Officer of Marines will be in charge of accoutrements and clothing. The Captain will designate officer cabins. Stationary will be furnished by purser.
August 17, 1797 Delivery of Coats James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms for Marines on the Frigates.
January 4, 1798 Regarding Marines and Seamen; manner of muster; rations [not available] Captain John Barry Mentions Marine and Sailor muster rolls. Until such time as permanent regulations for government of the Marines and Seamen are contemplated by the President of United States, house the Marines and Seamen monthly while in port. Discusses method of muster. Colonel Mentges will muster the Marines; someone with experience muster the seamen. Mentions contract to supply rations conformably to Act of...
March 28, 1798 Estimate of Ship Building Costs James McHenry Senator William Bingham Price list for building, rigging, and equipping several ships addressed along with discrepancies in the pay of labor.
December 13, 1797 Articles to be Manufactured into Muskets for the Marines James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to furnish the Purveyor Tench Francis with the following articles needed to manufacture 180 muskets for the Marines: musket barrels, musket stocks, sets of mounting, musket locks, musket bayonets, and musket ramrods. The muskets are to be manufactured according to the specifications of Lieutenant McRea of the Marines and returned to the store when completed.
May 11, 1798 Announces Transfer of Jonathon Shattuck to Marines James McHenry William McRea Announces transfer of Jonathan Shattuck from infantry and waiter to Dr. Gillasspy to the Marines on board the frigate United States.
July 12, 1799 Recommendation for lieutenant of the Marines Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon States that this letter will be handed to him by John Coates (?), former resident of Antigua, and resident of New York for the last seven years. He served in a Navy Yard in London and now desired to be employed as a lieutenant in the U.S. Marines. Also requests that Hodgdon introduce this individual to the Navy Secretary.
December 11, 1797 Regarding the payroll from Captain John Barry and Lieutenant McRae of the Marines [not available] William Simmons Regarding Navy and Marine Pay, Simmons is advised that the payroll he received, signed by Captain Barry and Lieutenant McRea of the Marines, is sufficient; the pay has been fixed on, and no other information is required.
January 4, 1798 Directions for Marines and Seamen James McHenry Captain John Barry Outlines rules for governing the marines and seamen until permanent rules are adopted.
May 5, 1798 Appointment as Marine Lieutenant James McHenry Daniel Carmick Lt. Carmick receives commission to serve as a lieutenant of Marines aboard the USS Ganges. Requests recruitment of allotted Marines, including sergeant, corporal, drum and fife, and privates. Requests attention to rules and regulations.
May 31, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Captain Thomas Truxtun Simmons asks Truxtun to clarify the authority under which Lt. Tripplett recruits, musters, and pays Marines of the frigate Constellation.
May 30, 1798 Orders for Lieutenant James Triplett War Department James Tripplett If the Lieutenant of Marines does not arrive on time, Triplett is to assume his duties and repair on board if Captain Truxtun requires it.
November 27, 1800 Blankets for Marines Samuel Dexter Israel Whelen This letter notifies Whelen that Samuel Hodgdon has been directed to approach him to procure blankets for Marines.
February 3, 1798 Certification of payments; subsistence of Lieutenant William McRea of the Marines William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $61.20 is due Lieutenant William McRea of the Marines on board the frigate "United States", being for his subsistence from August 1, the date of his appointment, through December 1797.
July 16, 1799 Accomodations for Sick Seamen and Marines in Newport, RI Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott refers to the difficulty of providing appropriate accommodations for sick seamen and marines in Newport. Colonel Frazier has recommended erecting a proper building at one end of Goat Island for that purpose. Since this facility would be used by the military, McHenry is asked to take responsiblity for having the building erected.
June 15, 1798 Appointment as Lieutenant of Marines for the Ship of War, Deleware James McHenry Lieutenant James McKnight James McKnight appointed Lieut. of Marines on Delaware by the President and the Senate. Rules and Regulations for government included.
August 5, 1797 Statement of pay of petty officers, seamen, and Marines for examination Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Truxtun Statement of pay of petty officers, seamen, and Marines for examination. Notes that there is a surplus of $150 and asks how it might be applied, since Congress took no notice of Quartermasters or Yeoman of the sheets. Asks for recommendations on what clothing the Marines should have and who should absorb the costs. Discusses regulating pay of petty officers and closes by asking for any...
February 3, 1798 Replacement Musket for McRea's Marines James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver a musket to Lieutenant McRea' s Marines on board the frigate "United States" to replace one that was broken by accident and returned to be repaired.