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July 17, 1799 I have appointed as permanent secretary Thomas Y. Howe... Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton announces that he has appointed Thomas Howe as his permanent secretary and requests that he be made a second lieutenant so that he will be adequately compensated for his duties..
April 23, 1795 Receipt Rolls of Captain Howe & His Men, Etc. William Simmons Bezaleel Howe Simmons acknowledges that he has received Major Howe's receipt rolls for himself and his men for the fourth quarter of 1794. The accounts that Howe alludes to in his letter have not yet come to hand but, as soon as they are available, they will be examined and the appropriate sum passed to Howe's credit.
July 3, 1794 Refusal to Pay Capt. Howe's Detachment Joseph Howell Bezaleel Howe Howell refuses to pay Howe's detachment during their dilatory march. If it had not been more than two months since Howe received his marching orders, his men would not have been in arrears more than the necessary time for such a march.
July 3, 1799 Appointment to a Second Lieutenancy in Your Regiment Alexander Hamilton Aaron Ogden Referring to the appointment of Thomas Howe as his secretary, Hamilton thanks Ogden and Stockton for their support of the appointment and proposes that Howe be made a second lieutenant in Ogden's regiment which would place him in line for a future promotion.
June 20, 1794 Settlement of Pay for Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Bezaleel Howe Capt. Howe must certify his account of contingent expenses of marching his detachment and refund the balance to Caleb Swan, paymaster, before his pay can be settled.
July 22, 1799 Appointment Recommended for Thomas Howe James McHenry Alexander Hamilton "I received this morning your letter of the 17th July instant and have submitted Mr. Thomas Y. How[e] to the President to fill the office of 2nd Lieutenant, and recommended the appointment..."
July 6, 1799 Appointment of Howe to a Second Lieutenancy Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Ogden affirms his support for the appointment of Thomas Howe to a second lieutenancy in the 11th Regiment.
June 23, 1794 Compliance with Howell's Request Regarding Accounts, Etc. Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Howe acknowledges receipt of Howe's letter and will comply with its contents regarding his account. He hopes that his men will not be disappointed as they expect to receive their pay for May at Pittsburgh.
May 21, 1792 Letter Citation Henry Knox Bezaleel Howe Cited in Knox to Howe, 05/23/1792. Knox laments that Howe's success in recruiting for his company has not been greater. He approves of every severity to deserters, and discharge of the man who appeared so incorrigible.
October 14, 1794 Accounts of Capt. Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Bezaleel Howe Major Craig is not authorized to settle Capt. Howe's account except with regard to pay and subsistence but Howe's accounts and vouchers can be deposited with Major Craig to be transmitted to the Accountant's Office.
July 31, 1795 Instructions to pay Major Howe William Simmons Nicholas Fish Directs Nicholas Fish to pay Major Howe $120.
March 31, 1792 Ammunition and Boats Henry Knox Isaac Craig Orders to furnish Lieut. Howe with ammunition immediately if it has not been done per Col. Sproat's request. Requested additional boats to be built. Contract with Dunning and Shaw for axes to be furnished at Pittsburgh.
April 29, 1795 Major Craig disburses funds for witness to travel to trial in Philadelphia Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon of disbursements made for the travel expenses of Major Bezaleel Howe. Howe is scheduled to appear in court as a government witness during the trial of the "insurgents" [Whiskey Rebellion]. Howe is traveling from Fort Pitt to Philadelphia. Craig also encloses an invoice of Indian goods and a receipt for pay and forage of the troops.
June 2, 1792 Pay of Howe's Company Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell With assurance of getting money from Howell's office, Howe has made up so much of his company's pay through May 1st that he has denied himself money. He would be infinitely obliged to Howell to forward his pay to New York to save him the trouble of coming to Philadelphia.
June 18, 1792 Dangers of Desertion, Etc. Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Two of Morris's recruits, Dodge and Davis, have deserted. Howe warned Morris of the danger of desertion and the loss of premiums but Morris pressed hard so Howe paid them a bounty of $2 each. Howe stresses that he wants everything he is entitled to in the settlement of his account. He has found recruiting oppressive during the current season.
April 23, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance, and accounting with Major Howe William Simmons Bezaleel Howe William Simmons confirms receipt of pay records sent by Major Bezaleel Howe.
June 23, 1794 Letter Citation Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Howe 07/03/1794
March 20, 1794 Letter Citation Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Howe 04/05/1794
March 23, 1790 Letter Citation Bezaleel Howe Henry Knox Cited in Howell to Howe, 11/11/1791.
March 14, 1800 Letter Citation Robert Howe William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Howe, 03/14/1800.
May 22, 1800 Letter Citation Robert Howe Peter Hagner Cited in Hagner to Howe, 06/26/1800.
May 16, 1795 Accounts paid by Isaac Craig relating to Major Bezaleel Howe Peter Hagner [not available] On 29 April 1795, Major Isaac Craig informed Samuel Hodgdon that he had disbursed funds to cover the travel costs of Major Bezaleel Howe from Fort Pitt to Philadelphia. Howe was to appear in court as a witness against the perpetrators of the Whiskey Rebellion. The image of this document is extremely poor but it may pertain to the expenses rated to this event.
February 13, 1794 Pay for Recruits Laboring at West Point New York Joseph Howell Bezaleel Howe Four month's pay for Bezaleel Howe and his recruits should be disbursed and receipts taken agreeably to the pay roll.
May 15, 1794 Clothing & Equipage for Howe's Recruits John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to forward to Trenton, to be delivered to Capt. [Bezaleel] Howe's recruits, the necessary arms, equipage, and clothing. He also should engage the wagons for transporting the baggage of Howe's troops to Pittsburgh.
April 24, 1795 Accounts and Expenses Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Enclosed records of expenditures. Major Howe appointed Mr. Barnes, merchant, as his personal lawyer to secure final settlement of accounts.