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December 26, 1791 Account and expenses of Lieutenant Heth Joseph Howell Henry Knox Joseph Howell has enclosed the account of Lieutenant Heth for expenses incurred while to and from New York with a detachment of the 1st and 2d Regiment. Howell is of opinion that this duty should be considered as a command-type and asks for Secretary of War approval.
August 31, 1792 Letter ffrom John Heth on pay matters regarding supervisor, Lieutenant Tinsley, and Ensign Feris John Heth Joseph Howell John Heth notes that balance remitted to supervisor has not been done. Reports that $282 was paid to detachment. Lieutenant Tinsley and Ensign Feris wish for their pay for recruiting.
June 27, 1794 Deficiencies in John Heth's Account Joseph Howell John Heth Capt. Heth is notified that the deficiencies of his vouchers prevents a final settlement of his account.
May 11, 1798 Articles to be Forewarded to Captain Heth Tarlton Bates Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to transmit to Captain John Heth, on the Mississippi, a bill of the articles requested by Major Craig to be purchased for Heth and forwarded to him.
May 8, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Captain Heth William Simmons John Heth William Simmons notifies Captain John Heth that errors have been detected in his accounts. Simmons instructs Heth on proper record keeping.
May 15, 1786 Settlement of Colonel Heth's Account John Pierce Auditor of the State Of Virginia Pierce's recommendations on the settlement of Colonel Heth's account with the United States and with Virginia in regards to public money received by Heth during the Revolution
September 11, 1799 Money due to Captain Heth of 3rd Regiment Caleb Swan James McHenry Captain Heth has a balance due him for subsistence; awaits directions.
December 29, 1794 Alterations in the Account of Capt. John Heth Joseph Howell John Heth After restating Capt. Heth's account, there appears to be a balance of $67.43 in his favor after sundry alterations have been made.
May 7, 1794 Pay and Subsistence for Capt. John Heth Joseph Howell John Heth The Treasurer will remit to George Gale, Supervisor of Revenue at Baltimore, funds to be paid to Capt. Heth for his pay and subsistence and additional funds for the expenses related to the march of his detachment to Pittsburgh.
January 23, 1797 Pay & Subsistence of Captain John Heth of the 3rd US Regiment William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $80 is due Captain John Heth of the 3rd US Regiment, being the balance of his pay and subsistence through December 1796.
May 16, 1793 Equipping Heth's Recruits John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to send to Richmond in Virginia, thirty suits of infantry clothing, thirty knapsacks, and six common tents for Captain John Heth's recruits. Heth's recruits are ordered to march.
January 15, 1801 Determining Charges for Additional Services William Simmons William Heth Simmons informs Heth that the allowance made in the general statement of Heth's duties encompassed his role as a collector of monies. Simmons requests that Heth direct any additional charges he feels are justifiable to the Secretary of War for the final decision-making, and to collect any still-outstanding monies.
October 2, 1798 Certificate from Capt. Heth James McHenry William Simmons McHenry has received a letter from Capt. John Heth in Natchez which sets forth sundry items of clothing due Allen Townsend, late a soldier in Heth's company. McHenry wants Simmons to report to him the money he should receive, based on current contract prices for the items in question.
March 4, 1794 Pay for Captain Heth's Recruits Joseph Howell John Heth The sum of $355.80 is remitted to Capt John Heth, Winchester Virginia, for the pay due his recruits for nine months in 1793.
January 31, 1794 Errors in Capt. Heth's Muster Roll Joseph Howell John Heth Capt. Heth's men will not receive their pay until he rectifies the errors on his Muster roll and returns a corrected copy to the Accountant's Office.
August 18, 1796 Settlement of Colonel Heth's account William Simmons William Heth Discusses the settlement of Heth's accounts as agent to the Virginia Militia. Answers Heth's question regarding the procedures for certifying and accounting the "retained rations" of subsistence and forage for officers.
December 9, 1791 Twelve Tents John Stagg William Knox Knox is to pack up twelve tents in a bale and forward them to New Brunswick by Lt. Heth who goes off from the Indian Queen at daylight the next day.
July 17, 1792 Request for funds from Captain John Heth John Heth Joseph Howell Captain Heth writes to the paymaster general that he has been constantly on the march since January, to such an expense that it has depleted his funds. He asks for money. He notes that he has not received any pay or subsistence since he last settled.
January 19, 1794 Letter Citation John Heth Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Heth 01/31/1794
May 23, 1797 Letter Citation John Heth William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Heth, 06/19/1797.
August 24, 1794 Letter Citation John Heth Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Heth 12/29/1794.
October 17, 1797 Request for Account Information or Refund William Simmons William Heth Money advanced to Heth by warrant for pay of Virginia militia called up to suppress an insurrection in the Western counties of Pennsylvania must be refunded to War Office since no vouchers were transmitted to Treasurer to exonerate Heth. Col. Neville was furnished with corrections to attend to final settlement of said expedition.Neville will visit Office on the 15th by which time Simmons hoped...
May 15, 1795 Letter Citation John Heth William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Heth 06/20/1795
September 6, 1795 Letter Citation John Heth William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Heth 09/26/1795
December 29, 1794 Letter Citation Honeh John Heth Cited in Heth to Simmons, 09/06/1795.