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February 4, 1797 Pay & Subsistence of Captain Howell Lewis William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $215.65 is due Captain Howell Lewis, being his pay and subsistence from December 1795 through March 1796 and the subsistence of his waiter for the same period.
June 8, 1792 Letter Citation Joseph Howell William Lewis Cited in Lewis to Howell, 06/22/1793.
April 5, 1797 Receipt of Captain Howell Lewis to Lieutenant Peter Marks of the 3d United States Regiment Peter Marks Howell Lewis Marks received $300 from Lewis in part of his pay as Lieutenant in service of United States.
April 5, 1797 Receipt of Captain Howell Lewis to Lieutenant Peter Marks of the 3d United States Regiment Peter Marks James McHenry Marks requests repayment of $300 to Captain Lewis, who loaned Marks the money.
June 22, 1792 Men Who Were Paid Twice William Lewis Joseph Howell Two of the men mentioned in Howell's letter who have drawn money from [Caleb] Swan at Fort Washington have already been paid the full amount of their arrrears. Lewis will endeavor to have these men, Neil Pearson and Henry Dull, pay back the sums they received from Swan.
July 24, 1797 Certification of payment; Private Lefore Catham William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $73.93 is due Pvt. Lefore Catham, waiter to Capt. Lewis of Capt. Howell Lewis's Company 3rd US Regiment, being his pay from December 17, 1795, the date of his enlistment, through June 1797.
November 21, 1794 Compensation of John James Lewis Joseph Howell John James Lewis $250 has been remitted to William Polk, Supervisor of North Carolina, to be transmitted to Lewis as compensation for his service as a sub engineer under the orders of Mr. Martinan.
June 7, 1792 Account of William Lewis Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of William Lewis, private in the late 1st Virginia Regiment.
March 16, 1795 Enclosed Receipt for 11 Months Pay of David Whetstone William Lewis Joseph Howell Enclosed David Whetstone's receipts for 11 months pay. Hoped that once Howell received the receipts, Lewis would be credited for Whetstone's pay. Reminded Howell that Whetstone was brought into the service as a waiter.
February 25, 1795 Compensation of John James Lewis Joseph Howell John James Lewis The Treasurer has remitted to William Polk, Supervisor at Charlotte North Carolina, a sum to be transmitted to John James Lewis, being his compensation as a Sub Engineer under the directions of Nicholas Martinon.
June 5, 1794 Account of Lewis Dubois Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Colonel Lewis Dubois of the 5th New York Regiment.
December 10, 1800 Mr. Lewis's Receipt Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, encloses Mr. Lewis's receipt.
June 25, 1792 Receipts from Carberry & Lewis George Gale Joseph Howell Capts. Henry Carberry ($500.60) and William Lewis ($401) have given Gale duplicate receipts which are enclosed.
May 19, 1794 Transporting Mr. Martinson and Mr. Lewis Joseph Howell Edward Carrington The Treasurer will remit $84 to reimburse Carrington for transporting Mr. Martinson, engineer, and Mr. Lewis from Richmond to New Bern [Newbern], North Carolina.
November 4, 1785 Letter Citation Colonel Lewis Nicola Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Nicola, 11/14/1785.
April 12, 1793 Stoppages of Pay Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Howell's last instruction to stop those officers' pay who have irregularities in their accounts is so unqualified that it is embarrassing to Swan. Swan recommends that no more stoppages be made at the present time. Instead perhaps a proportionate sum could be withheld, depending upon the nature of the error, until the accounts are settled.
February 5, 1800 Amount Due Meeker & Co. Samuel Lewis James McHenry Lewis had earlier delivered Mr. Pytchlim's papers relative to his claim as an Indian interpreter. Included was an order to Lewis to pay the amount of the claim, when received, to Meeker & Co. Lewis has been informed that the amount can now be paid.
December 8, 1788 Certificate of Settlement of Colonel Lewis Nicola Accounts Joseph Howell Colonel Lewis Nicola Encloses certificate of settlement of Colonel Lewis Nicola accounts.
February 18, 1800 Accounts of Samuel Lewis James McHenry William Simmons Request for information on accounts of S. Lewis and the names of the people to receive money that Lewis held.
May 30, 1792 Application for vacancy in army Henry Knox William Preston Secretary Knox informs William Preston that his application to fill one of the vacancies in the army has come too late. The vacancies of Captain Alexander Gibson and Captain Howell Lewis have already been filled.
November 26, 1788 Accounts of Colonel Lewis Nicola [not available] Joseph Nourse Accounts of Colonel Lewis Nicola, late commander Invalid Regiment.
August 3, 1792 Detailed Plans for Gibson; Preston; Thomas Lewis, and Howell Lewis Companies Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Detailed account of supplies, number of troops, and locations to which they'll march. Enclosed invoices with materials distributed.
June 22, 1792 Compensation Henry Knox Isaac Craig Compensation for additional service promised. Updates on forges and clothing.
May 11, 1798 Receipt for Ensign Merriwether Lewis Edward Carrington William Simmons Letter, enclosing receipt of Ensign Merriwether Lewis.
March 2, 1798 Peter Hagner acts in the absence of William Simmons Peter Hagner Samuel Cabell Peter Hagner provides the certificate of Capt. Lewis and an account of the monies due him to Rep. Samuel Cabell.