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October 17, 1798 Informing Hamilton of His Responsibility to Execute the Plan for Improving New York's Defenses John Adams Alexander Hamilton Adams informs Hamilton of the plan of execution for the arrangements being made for defenses at New York City, and that he has been placed in charge of that execution based on the confidence of the New York legislature and Governor Jay. He quotes the relevant portions of the legislature's act.
January 25, 1799 Fortifying the Port of New York John Jay Alexander Hamilton Governor Jay awaits Hamilton's advice before contacting the New York state legislature regarding fortifying the Port of New York.
October 17, 1798 Further Defense of the State of New York John Adams John Jay Adams acknowledges the $150,000 appropriated by the legislature of New York for the defense of the state and assures Governor Jay that he will cooperate with the understanding that his action will have no influence on any question that comes before the Congress of the United States.
October 17, 1798 Request for Opinions of Department Heads [Cabinet] John Adams James McHenry Submits copies of letters to and from Governor Jay of New York, an act of that state's legislature, and a letter to Alexander Hamilton; asks that McHenry distribute these to all the Cabinet officials and have them decide whether Adams' actions have been correct.
February 11, 1784 Concerning the printing of certificates Francis Child John Pierce Discusses the printing of certificates by a widow running her deceased husband's printing business and who was appointed printer to the Legislature of New York.
August 3, 1799 New York Appropriations Not to Be Used for Fortifications John Jay Alexander Hamilton Letter, advises Hamilton that appropriations by the New York Legislature are not to be used for the construction of fortifications. The legislature has ordered that all further expenditures for defenses be ceased; apparently it has decided to divert those funds to the payment of debt held by the U.S. Treasury.
October 17, 1798 Acceptance of New York Plan of Defense, with Hamilton to Execute It, on Condition of Silence John Adams John Jay Adams accepts the plan of Governor Jay and the New York legislature to place the funds and execution of the preparations for the defense of New York City in the hands of General Hamilton. Does so on the condition that no part of this "act of the Executive authority" shall be understood to have any inference which may at one time come under the scrutiny of the legislature of the United States.
April 18, 1798 Orders for Captain Barry War Department Captain John Barry Is to deliver letter to Governor of New York and receive orders.
January 23, 1800 Distress of the Mechanics at New York Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Stevens draws attention to the fact that the mechanics employed in the defense of New York have not yet received the pay due them and asks Hamilton and Burr to intercede with the legislature on their behalf.
April 18, 1798 Instructions for Inspecting & Shipping New York Cannon Offered to United States James McHenry Captain John Barry Instructs Captain Barry to inspect the cannon offered to the United States by the legislature of New York, and to send them to Philadelphia if he finds them fit for service.
October 17, 1798 Defense of the State of New York John Adams Alexander Hamilton The legislature of New York has appropriated $150,000 to provide for the defense of that state and Hamilton is asked to work with Governor Jay in laying out and executing an effective plan to that purpose.
May 3, 1799 Act of Legislature James McHenry W. R Davis Letter, encloses Act of Legislature.
September 20, 1784 Compensation for widow John Pierce Mrs. Vergereau Informs Mrs. Vergereau of the process required to receive compensation as a widow of a fallen soldier.
January 26, 1799 Only a Partial Survey Available Alexander Hamilton John Jay Hamilton is able to submit only a partial survey to Jay due to inadequate engineering support. More investigation and thought is needed before a specific plan can be proposed to the Legislature.
May 3, 1798 New York State Legislature Approved Purchase of Land from Oneidas John Adams United States Senate Adams relayed information from John Jay, Gov. of New York, to Senate - State Legislature approved purchase of land from Oneida Indian Nation, Adams nominated Joseph Hopkinson to be commissioner of the treaty.
October 29, 1798 Notification of Receipt of Request from President Alexander Hamilton John Jay Hamilton recently received letter from President requesting Hamilton to work in concert with John Jay regarding the fortifications of New York City.
August 31, 1798 An act for the further defense of this State [New York] and for other purposes, 27 Aug 1798 Daniel Hale [not available] Authored by the New York state legislature. Declares that the current defenses of New York City are inadequate, and allocates $150,000 to complete & expand existing fortifications and erect new ones at various listed locations. Also allocates $160,000 for the purchase of arms for the state militia. Addresses issue of military stores [partially illegible], and affirms a continual honoring of...
March 9, 1789 Elections and Appointments to the New Congress Henry Knox George Washington Knox informs Washington that, since his last letter on 5 March, there have been only two additional Congressional representatives to arrive in New York. Knox also notes an election dispute between East and West Jersey has delayed the arrival of representatives from that state. The legislature of New York, Knox adds, has broken up without appointing Senators. This is due to a dispute between...
July 3, 1795 Pickering discusses state and federal authority to treat with Indians with Chapin Timothy Pickering Israel Chapin Jr Letter, directs Chapin re proposed New York treaty; discusses State rights and Federal Government; informs re opinion of Attorney General; discusses conduct of New York commissioner; mentions New York legislature.
July 16, 1795 Mistaken Information Regarding Indian Land Negotiations Timothy Pickering John Jay Secretary Pickering discusses mistaken information about negotiations for Indian land with Governor John Jay of New York.
October 14, 1792 Defense of Frontier Henry Knox Henry Lee President does not see need of Virginia Legislature to call up additional forces for the defense of the frontier. The militia should be sufficient.
May 10, 1800 Concerning the fortifications at New York harbor James McHenry John Jay Discusses using the talents of the nation's best engineers in order to properly fortify and maintain the harbor at New York. Mentions his coming resignation on June 1.
April 23, 1798 Request for Commissioner be Appointed to Treaty with Oneida Indians John Jay Timothy Pickering Legislature approved preliminary treaty proposed by Oneida's for sale of Indian land to the United States. Jay requested commission be appointed to finalize treaty with Indian nation.
September 26, 1798 Request for Approval or Objections to the Law for Defence of New York State John Jay Alexander Hamilton Enclosed a copy of the act passed by state legislature for the defense of New York State. Requested Hamilton's opinions on the act and noted his response should be sent to the Post Office.
November 19, 1798 Opinion Regarding Funds Required to Complete Fortifcations of City Alexander Hamilton Ebenezer Stevens Hamilton felt the money required to complete repairs and improvements to fortifications should come from the fund appropriated by the Legislature. Stated letter could be shown to General Clarkson. Letter to John Jay enclosed, request for letter to be forwarded.