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August 31, 1793 Deposition of James Aikens describing threats by inabitants of Georgia against Federal Indians agents their employ James Aiken [not available] James Aiken, working for James Seagrove, Creek Indian Agent, describes traveling with goods and baggage of Seagrove along with a free negro named Frederick Chaves. In Washington County Georgia, Aiken and Chaves were confronted by inhabitants and threatened with death because of their service under Seagrove. A Reverend Hutchinson intervened and saved the men's lives. Aiken notes that the people...
December 12, 1800 Receipt of Joshua Wright [not available] [not available] Receipt for suppers, oats, whiskey, stabling, and hay at Wrights Tavern for General Wilkinson and his entourage.
February 5, 1784 Letter Citation John Pierce Henry Jackson CITATION Only. Cited in Jackson to Pierce 02/19/1784 which discusses a meeting of the Society of Cincinnati with ninety members present. Delegates were appointed to a meeting in Philadelphia in May 1784, including General Pitman, Col. Cobb, and Col. Hull. Jackson says that sixty of us dined together at Marstons Tavern and were all in "high spirits."
October 4, 1797 Offer for Assistant to Builders Working on Frigate Joshua Humphreys James McHenry Expressed sympathy for Col. Claghorne and the mortifying situation of the frigate's misfortune in Boston. Offered assistance to builders of frigate. Noted that any mail for Humphreys should be delivered to Buck Tavern on Turnpike Road, proprietor named Mr. Miller.
August 30, 1786 Failed effort to catch suspected counterfeiter Simon Jackson John Pierce Capt. Simon Jackson writes John Pierce, describing his efforts to catch Capt. John Phelon before he flees to Canada. Phelon was Pierce's confidential clerk at the Office of Army Accounts and is suspected of having stolen certificate paper in order to counterfeit. Jackson was unable to find Phelon, who has most likely reached Quebec.
October Information regarding Iserloan and Seal [not available] [not available] Letter relates to a reward for Iserloan, a power of attorney, John Winers, and the location of a notarial seal. The author apparently knows where the seal and Iserloan are and will inform the recipient if there is in fact a reward for the information. The author can be reached at the White Swan Tavern in Race Street.
January 23, 1797 Account of Captain Heth William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $73.90 is due Captain John Heth, being the balance of his account for the expenses of a party of Indians and their interpreter from Detroit to Philadelphia including the loss occasioned by the fire which consumed the Silver Spring Tavern on the night of Nov. 3, 1796.
June 20, 1799 Certification of payment; Doctor John Jones for attending sundry sick soldiers under command of Captain John Henry while stationed at Spring House Tavern on the expedition against insurgents, Northampton County 1799 William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $30 to Doctor John Jones for attending sundry sick soldiers under command of Captain John Henry while stationed at Spring House Tavern on the expedition against insurgents, Northampton County 1799.
July 23, 1792 Saddles for Dragoons Jonathan Dayton Henry Knox Agreeable to Dayton's request, Capt. John Stake examined the saddles offered for sale at the tavern by Mr. Williamson. He found them of good quality and well adapted for use by dragoons. They are fourteen in number and offered at the moderate price of six dollars each. Stake recommends that they be purchased. They should be shipped to Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores.
October 30, 1799 Carriages for General Washington's Funeral Lewis Tousard John Miller Tousard certifies that carriages leased from William Buck were used relative to the orders of Major General Hamilton for the funeral honors paid to General Washington.
July 25, 1795 Rejection and disallowances in account of Paul H. Perrault, Temporary Engineer William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $82 is due Paul H. Perrault, temporary engineer, Charleston, South Carolina, being his compensation from April 1794 through June 1795 but Simmons notes that he has rejected and disallows $445 in expenses as not being warranted or authorized by his instructions. Items include hiring of a servant to attend his horse, hiring of an office room, a chair purchased for his one...
November 15, 1796 Difficulty of Obtaining Receipts from Expenses Related to Pursuing Deserters Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Impossible to obtain accurate receipts and accounts from non commissioned officers who are sent to pursue deserters. Most are illiterate, and tavern keepers do not keep accounts.
November 17, 1798 Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores Edward Miller Samuel Hodgdon Mentions rations, bounty lands, wagons, and money.
August 17, 1797 Travel from Brunswick to Philadelphia John Stagg William R. Boote Private and confidential letter to Ensign Boote describing his travel from Brunswick to Philadelphia when he came across Thomas Ordiorne.
July 9, 1791 Narrative of Colonel Thomas Procter. Thomas Procter [not available] This is Thomas Procter's detailed diary for the period from March 11th to May 21st, 1791 during which he travelled among several Indian nations inhabiting the waters near Lake Erie, the Miamis, and the Wabash. His mission was to establish friendly relations between these nations and the United States.
January 29, 1800 Allowed Expenses James McHenry William Simmons Discussed expenses related to the board of troops at taverns and the cost of entertaining citizens at the Captain's table. McHenry believed that the U.S. should pay the incidental expenses of Rodman.
March 28, 1798 Delay of Valuable Load of Public Goods to Knoxville Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Anderson Hodgdon inquires as to the delay and location of the public goods shipped to Knoxville, Tennessee.
December 11, 1800 Receipt for Mending Carriage [not available] [not available] Receipt for $5.50 for mending carriage, blacksmithing, and oats.
January 10, 1784 Mail between New York and West Point John Holt John Pierce Discusses the movement of various parcels and mail between Holt in New York and Pierce at the West Point post.
January 9, 1800 Bill of William Buck for Carriage Hire William Buck [not available] Account information and expenses related to W. Bucks travel and transportation to Fort Mifflin. Appended note mentioned G. Washington's death.
May 11, 1791 Certifying the Service of Major Finley Christian Lebiger Joseph Howell Lebiger certifies that when he took command of the troops at Cumberland Courthouse after the surrender of Yorktown, he directed Major Finley, then posted at Penn's Tavern in Amherst County, to join with his detachment. Finley was Major at the post until March 1782 when he marched with the battalion under command of Lieutenant Colonel Rawlings to join the southern army under General Green and...
February 5, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James McHenry Simmons provides a detailed account to the Secretary at War of all the extraordinary expenses claimed by Brigadier General McPherson durng the Northampton expedition.
October 2, 1799 Request for Advice on Construction of Washington Navy Yard & Wharves There Benjamin Stoddert Joshua Humphreys Calls Humphreys' attention to the Navy Yard at Washington, where Navy agents are apparently awaiting Humphreys' input before beginning construction; also discusses the hiring of an individual who is proficient in constructing wharves.
November 4, 1796 Examination of Casper Iserloan Casper Iserloan [not available] Iserloan attests that the two annexe powers of attorney are those described by him in his deposition. He states that the big man he mentioned in his deposition may be Thomas Aikens.
August 23, 1784 Sale of Powder Donaldson Yeates Samuel Hodgdon Discusses sale of powder in the U.S. military stores.