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January 27, 1799 Withdraw Troops from Their Own Neighborhoods, Etc. Amos Stoddard James McHenry Capt. Stoddard complains of the size of the barracks in which his troops are forced to live and recommends that troops not be stationed in their own neighborhoods where the influence of family and friends can be detrimental.
April 3, 1799 Law for the Organization of the Army, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of supply and accounting matters, Craig wants Hodgdon to send him the law respecting the organization of the Army. Craig wants to know whether the law recognizes him as an officer of the Quartermaster's Department or of any other department.
September 11, 1797 Recommending a Replacement for Lewis, the Messenger Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Since McHenry's messenger Lewis has been killed by the yellow fever (or ague), Wolcott recommends, as a replacement for Lewis, William Markwert who has been highly recommended by Mr. Borrows [?].
August 9, 1800 Instructions about Accounts P. Ferall Peter Hagner Letter, returns accounts of employees of Accountant's office for expenses related to the move of the Federal Government to Washington and gives instructions for rendering new accounts for payment of expenses.
April 22, 1799 Forwarding of Correspondence with General MacPherson James McHenry John Adams Forwards letter from General MacPherson, as well as McHeny's response to the same.
January 22, 1786 Back Pay for Clothing General Edward Hand Joseph Howell The author has been charged three months back pay for clothing that was drawn by his regiment in 1776. He is certain that every article of clothing was accounted for although the haste with which the regiment had to leave may have resulted in some confusion. If the recipient could provide more specific information regarding the transaction, perhaps he could give more detail as to what happened.
February 5, 1800 Brigadier General Macpherson's pay and entitlements on Northampton Expedition William Simmons James McHenry Simmons discusses what he calls the extraordinary expenses of Brigadier General Macpherson, incurred for himself and his family and for guards or guests at tavern. He goes on to discuss what might be proper or lawful allowances.
June 30, 1792 Request for the provision of tents for the detachment under marching orders John Mills John Stagg Delivered at the City Tavern to Major John Stagg and addressed as Public Service to War Office Philadelphia, Mills reports that there are no tents and asks for some common and horseman's tents to be sent on early the stage for the detachment under marching orders.
March 26, 1796 Submission of Accounts David Hale William Simmons Hale submits his accounts starting from May of 1795. He explains in the letter what he has included and omitted, and why. Despite a lack of vouchers, he includes his expenses for travel when dispatched for the recruiting service.
October 1, 1798 Sickness is Imperious & Obliged Us to Submit to Its Ravages Timothy Banger Samuel Hodgdon Banger laments the effects of the fever on his body and the fact that iillness has rendered him useless in carrying out his business.
November 21, 1796 Conspiracy Unknown Author John Steele Intelligence on a conspiracy masterminded by Israel Loan. Sought to clear the name of Hubbard with information on his character. The conspiracy involved receiving pay due to soldiers, using a false seal.
December 2, 1796 Deposition regarding Blair, Shaffer, etc Alexander Power Unknown Recipient In a statement made under oath to Alderman Howell, Power reveals all that he recollects about Blair, Shaffer, and Israel and offers his assurance that the love of his gain was never his object.
June 9, 1800 Court Martial of Samuel Ewing [not available] [not available] Contains the proceedings of the court martial of Samuel Ewing, who held the rank of matross [an artilleryman ranking below a gunner, roughly equivalent to a private] in the 1st Regiment of Artillerists & Engineers. Ewing was charged with desertion, threatening his garrison with loaded weapons, and firing on a lieutenant who apprehended him. Ewing pled guilty to the first charge only. Contains...
January 26, 1786 Collection from a Speculator George Morgan Timothy Pickering Discusses the collection of money from an individual who apparently had speculated in notes and where he might be found (including a tavern)
February 19, 1784 Exchange of notes and Society of the Cincinnati. Henry Jackson John Pierce Discusses exchange of notes for the pay of the Army and other financial matters. Mentions a dinner of the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati.
August 16, 1800 Probably Not Guilty of Acts of Piracy, Etc. Jeremiah Condy Samuel Hodgdon Condy discusses a number of matters including the illness of his mother-in-law and the escape of Capt. Merchant who had been charged with acts of piracy.
April 30, 1793 Journal of the Commissioners Holding a Treaty at Sandusky Benjamin Lincoln [not available] The journal of the Commissioners of the United States, appointed to hold a treaty at Sandusky, for the purpose of making peace with the Western Indians.
August 29, 1787 Report on Ohio Company Proceedings Winthrop Sargent [not available] Report from Reverend Manasseh Cutler on the proceedings of the Ohio Company, referencing the land purchased from Congress, the plan of settlement, layout of towns, and plans for improvements such as mills, schools, and religious institutions.
August 30, 1786 Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts S. Jackson John Pierce Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts concerning Captain Phelon; discusses his various travels in pursuing Phelon.
June 30, 1800 Discussion of Disbanding Provisional Army, Filling of Officer Vacancies in Old Regiments, Forwarding of Recommendations & Court Martial Proceedings Samuel Dexter John Adams Dexter confirms that a recently passed law called for the disbanding of the 12 new regiments of the provisional army, but not the "volunteer corps." Discusses the united opinion of the department heads [Cabinet] on the appointing of officers while the Senate is in recess -- that such should be permissible. Mentions the opinions of others on this matter, including Lt. Col. Tousard. Notes that...