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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
December 3, 1800 Report on Condition of Muskets in Military Stores Jonathan Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon John Nicholson submits a detailed report to Hodgdon on the condition of muskets recently received from Virginia and others stored at Race Street in Philadelphia.
December 3, 1792 Deposition of Owen T. Bowen Owen T. Bowen [not available] Bowen attests to the murders of Mrs. Crockett and several others, which he believes were committed by Cherokee Indians.
1792 Symbols on the American Medal Rufus Putnam [not available] The author explains to the Indians the symbols on the American medal.
October 20, 1789 Census of Six Nations Giving Numbers and Names of Tribes and Heads of Families at Grand River and on the Ohio Reverend Samuel Kirkland [not available] Census, describes Six Nations population; describes Indian population. The total of the Six Nations population is listed at 3665
June 30, 1791 Narrative of Mr. Thomas Rhea Thomas Rhea [not available] Narrative of Mr. Thomas Rhea, who arrived at Pittsburg, from captivity, the 30th of June 1791.Rhea relates his experiences while held captive by Indians.
February 14, 1792 Macomb discusses Indian affairs with Knox Alexander Macomb Henry Knox Letter, discusses Indians and Indian warfare; discusses treaty with Great Britain; mentions St. Clair's campaign and Harmar's expedition.
July 20, 1793 Our frontiers, I never saw them so dispirited. General James Robertson General Smith Robertson reports on the turmoil and bloodshed on the southwestern frontier with most of the Indian tribes arrayed against the United States, with the notable exception of the Chickasaws. He has had to call up a company of mounted infantry to protect the settlers and seeks Smith's approbation for doing so.
October 18, 1793 Letter from Timothy Barnard [Bernard] to James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, reporting on favorable prospects for peace Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove Barnard [Bernard] remains ill and can hardly collect his sentiments on paper. Reports that the Warrior King of the Cussetahs returned from meeting with upper Creeks; all towns in that quarter want peace. To demonstrate sincerity, White Lieutenant and other leaders will join Warrior King to Oakmulges to conduct Seagrove into the nation. White Lieutenant asks Seagrove to bring the women and...
1798 Stores Necessary for Equipping the Frigate for Algiers Unknown Author [not available] Statement of stores necessary for the equipment of the Frigate for Algiers.
October 22, 1786 [Talks given by the King's Headman and warriors of the Great Nation.] King's Headman [not available] Punishment for murders of white people committed by Indians to be administered. Indians seek peace with white people. Blamed A. McGillivray for seditious and murderous acts and advocated for his murder. Creeks offered to advise their people on the boundaries around the Oakmulgey and the St. Mary's rivers, discussed several land disputes.
May 12, 1786 Report from West Point on Quartermaster Affairs, Garrison Affairs, Equipment Upkeep, & Artificers' Work William Price Henry Knox Report on Quartermaster affairs and business at the West Point Army garrison; discusses repair of muskets; hiring of a carpenter; manufacture of nails; oiling of arms; reports forwarding inventories of ordnance and military stores; list of equipment forwarded.
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.