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April 16, 1792 An Attack in Our Canoe by Five Indians Ezekiel Abel Joel Rice This is a deposition given by Ezekial Abel to Joel Rice, with regard to an incident in which Abel and another man were attacked in their canoe by five Indians.
March 20, 1792 Protecting Citizens on the Frontier William Blount Henry Knox Governor William Blount provides Knox with information regarding the dispositions of the Southern Indians, and the causes of the hostilities of part of the Cherokees and Creeks and the steps he is taking to protect citizens on the frontier.
January 16, 1795 Mail Boat Routes Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Discussed the distance of each mail boats route, consoled delivery man that appeals had been made to shorten route of No. 3. Suggested employing stout men in a canoe to take up deliveries on a forth route. Kirkpatrick waiting instructions to descend Ohio river.
January 16, 1795 Postal recommendations Timothy Pickering Rufus Putnam Making postal recommendations; sending a canoe to meet Boat No. 3 from Gallipolis. Seeking to provide constant employment for mail carriers and punctual delivery of mail. Recommendations made in lieu of the Postmaster General.
March 1, 1793 Copy of document [not available] [not available] Document, Memorandum providing opinion on the time, place and manner of taking the President's oath of office.
November 29, 1799 Forwarding of Instructions relative to taking vouchers John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Regarding accounts received from the Quarter Master's Department on the Mississippi. Wilkins informs that these accounts were made before receipt of Simmons' instructions relative to taking vouchers.
December 26, 1800 Instructing Officers in the Taking of Distances & Altitudes, Etc. James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon Wilkinson tells Hodgdon not to bother purchasing glasses if he has not already done so. He needs surveying equipment to teach the officers how to measure distances. Discusses other purchases and accounting matters. Wilkinson has lost his copy of the British regulations for their infantry.
May 1, 1792 Eggs, Fowl, Lamb John Smith Samuel Hodgdon The horses returned on the 19th of February. Smith has sent a bushel of potatoes, a few eggs, a small quantity of butter, a half dozen fowls, and a lamb but he fears he cannot get lime. He discovered upon butchering of lamb that the quality was not what he had hoped.
March 13, 1795 Pay of Officers & Men Securing Captured Vessels Joseph Howell Richard Dobbs Spaight Howell explains the regulations relative to the pay of officers and men charged with securing and taking care of captured vessels.
May 21, 1792 Pay Account of Major General Arthur St. Clair Joseph Howell Unknown Recipient Account and expenses of Major General Arthur St. Clair.
June 29, 1790 Meeting the Chickasaws at the Mouth of the Tennessee John Doughty Ensign Melchor Instructions from Major Doughty to Ensign Melchor - the officer to be ordered by General Harmar to meet the Chickasaws at the mouth of the Tennessee. Directions to deliver a rifle and pass on specific messages to the Chickasaw.
January 6, 1784 Pay Office Business and other Matters Samuel Hodgdon Morgan Discusses the disposition of a valuable horse. Hodgdon desires to receive accounts as as soon as possible. Mentions Morgan's state taking actions regarding land encroachments by Virginia.
October 13, 1791 May the Expedition Succeed in All Its Parts Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox gives St. Clair information regarding the movements of the troops of Captains Haskell and Cushing and prays for the success of the expedition.
September 28, 1793 Extract of letter from Captain Jonas Fauche from the files of executive, Georgia Governor Telfair, reporting on killings of Creek warriors, taking of prisoners Captain Jonas Fauche [not available] In this extract addressed to Georgia Governor Telfair, executive files, Captain Jonas Fauche reports on the Indian theft of horses, killing of Creek warriors, the taking of prisoners, discovery of scalps, and a report that warriors have gone to Cumberland.
November 7, 1794 Southwest Indian relations McCleish William Blount Letter to Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory, regarding relations with the Southwestern Indians. Mentions one Bill Colbert, who happened upon a canoe with a Cherokee man and four prisoners (two women and two children).
October 1794 Protection in Southwest Territory Doyle General James Robertson Major Doyle informs General James Robertson that Ensign Bird and his detachment has arrived. Discusses protecting the territory at the mouth of the Cumberland River, along with much of the Tennessee River.
October 15, 1787 A request for final settlement is sent to Joseph Howell Peter Le Barbieuduplessis Joseph Howell Mr. Le Barbieuduplessis writes to Joseph Howell to request settlement of Adam Syfat's account. Syfat was wounded in both legs at the taking of General Cornwallis.
August 7, 1794 Procedure for Taking Recepts Joseph Howell Thomas Hutchins Howell does not approve of the manner in which Lt. Hutchins has taken his receipts and explains that each advance should be receipted separately and the sum expressed in writing.
June 18, 1800 Report on expedition to Appalatcha Franco Gelabert Benjamin Hawkins From Pensacola, Gelabert reports of an unexpected surrender at St. Marks Fort. Mr. Ferguson the secretary to Mr. Bowles the adventurer, who ran away with captain of Brig Sheerwater, which had been captured by Indians.
July 11, 1797 Notification of Delivery of Horses James McHenry Unknown Recipient Letter, notifies that horses will be delivered for Capt Lewis.
December 10, 1790 Objections to Obtaining Land from the Wabash Indians Henry Knox George Washington Knox states his objections to St. Clair's proposal to obtain land from the Wabash Indians. He warns that, at this time, obtaining lands from the Wabash would give the people of Georgia, the Yazoo Company, and the Tennessee Company cause for "impeaching the rectitude" of the federal government. Furthermore, he observes that the addition of more land will reduce the profits for which the existing...
November 23, 1791 Report of Conditions at the Garrison John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon Reports missing an important article (tar) and no corn, and they cannot proceed as planned, producing an insecure situation at the garrison. Notes need for a constant guard against the savages, leaving them very fatigued. Requests an assortment of gimblets and kettles and writing paper. Waits boat and corn. Rooms are too dark.
August 12, 1797 One Six-Pounder to John Mix of Farmington James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon The keeper of military stores at Springfield, Massachusetts should be directed to deliver one six-pounder with carriage and implements to John Mix of Farmington, Connecticut, taking Mix's receipt for same.
October 16, 1794 Articles Needed for a Journey James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Since Mentges will be taking a number of papers with him, he asks for a good portmanteau, two blankets, a horseman's sword and belt, and some small blank books. These articles will be returned when he gets back from his journey.
July 20, 1799 Said Joseph Perkins is to be shot to death... Abraham R. Ellery [not available] General Orders: Ellery explains the reasons for the execution of Joseph Perkins for desertion and taking with him two prisoners. These are crimes so heinous as to demand the death penalty as the best way of setting an example for the rest of the soldiery.