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June 2, 1797 Strengthening the Garrison at St. Louis James Wilkinson James McHenry Lieutenant Colonel Howard and his regiment have arrived in Saint Louis. He is strengthening the works at that place and organizing the militia. General Wilkinson has confidential information that the Spanish determined as early as September that they would not give up their posts on the Mississippi.
January 18, 1800 Receipt of Louis Severe Louis Severe [not available] Payment in full made to Severe for services as interpreter, with enclosed document certifying Severe's service.
June 2, 1797 [No. IV] Arrival of Hayward James Wilkinson James McHenry Hayward arrived with troops to strengthen fortifications in St. Louis, confidential information regarding post on Mississippi.
December 17, 1798 Certification of payments; Major Louis Tousard, 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers for expenses while in pursuit of deserters William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $5.62 to Major Louis Tousard, 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers for expenses while in pursuit of deserters.
April 13, 1793 Letter from Bird King Cussetas King to Major Gaither on trouble caused by Halfway King Bird King Cussetas King Henry Gaither Bird King has heard that Halfway King is causing trouble. Says it is not wish of Creek nation be at war; it is only one town, the Halfway House King and obstinate mad persons who will not listen. Says he abides by talks from Major Seagrove. Expects matters to be settled when he arrives. Says it is a pity United States should suffer because of a party of bad people. Advises to guard against...
June 2, 1792 Modern Printed Transcription of Letter/Document, James Durouzeaux to James Seagrove James Durouzeaux James Seagrove Durouzeaux reports on the activies of sundry Indian chiefs.
December 22, 1795 Concerning examined account William Simmons Lewis Tousard Correspondence with Major Louis Tousard at West Point concerning his recently-examined account.
December 13, 1798 Certification of payments; Private Thomas Edwards, Corps of Artillerists and Engineers, waiter to Major Louis Tousard William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $24 pay to Private Thomas Edwards, Corps of Artillerists and Engineers, waiter to Major Louis Tousard.
August 20, 1798 Payment to William King David Henley James McHenry Request for money due W. King for payment of army.
September 10, 1796 Deposition regarding French involvement with Indians [not available] [not available] Deposition of James Johnson and Louis Bolong regarding alleged French involvement with Indians.
June 22, 1795 Participation During an Impending Council Fire Chiefs of the Potawatomies, Ottawas, & Chippewas [not available] Speeches delivered by chiefs of sundry tribes regarding participation in an impending council meeting.
February 15, 1794 [PRIVATE] Meeting with King and Jay George Washington Henry Knox Discusses offensive correspondence and possibility of meeting with King and Jay to discuss its contents.
February 13, 1793 Unauthorized Sale of Indian Land Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Putnam explains that the chiefs did not express themselves clearly at the council. The alleged sale of land to Louis Viviatte was not valid because it was made by those who had no authorty to sell.
August 19, 1785 Cited letter or document, Joseph King to John Pierce Joseph King John Pierce cite only Cited inPierce to King, 09/01/1785.
April 22, 1795 Meeting with Mr King on the matter of reducing copper Timothy Pickering Tench Francis Mr King will reduce the large copper. Terms of payment discussed. Mr King can reduce the copper bolts at Baltimore. Discusses how much copper should be forwarded.
April 19, 1793 Letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox on the robbery and murder at Traders Hill St Marys Henry Gaither Henry Knox Report, based on information from Bird King and Cussetah King, that Halfway House King and his warriors are determined to shed blood. Has informed militia officers; some have offered services and are scouting. Many fires on Indian side of Oconee. Will send spy for more information. Soldiers are healthy; received stores from Rocklanding.
October 25, 1797 Military strategy on the Mississippi Timothy Pickering James McHenry Pickering gives a blistering critique of the proposal by some to attack the ports of St. Louis and New Madrid, arguing that it is folly to go on the offensive. Pickering insists that if hostilities were to commence on the Mississippi, it would best to send the greatest force possible to that quarter. If American troops were thinly spread in ports across the Mississippi, Pickering argues, the...
[not available] Catalogue of Books and Maps purchased of the Hon. Rufus King ($1334) Rufus King William Faden Catalog of Books and Maps purchased of the Hon. Rufus King ($1334).
August 26, 1799 Requests Payment for Mr. King and Mr. Cozier to Pay Army David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Mr. King and Mr. Cozier to pay the army from April to June 1799.
March 9, 1798 Enlistment Pledge of Mathias King Mathias King [not available] King acknowledges that he has voluntarily enlisted to serve one year in the Marine Service, unless sooner discharged, according to the Act passed July 1st 1797 which provides a Naval Armament. The rules and articles of the Navy against mutiny and desertion have been read to him and he will be paid six dollars per month.
April 4, 1794 Account of Robert King Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Robert King, late lieutenant in the 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
June 14, 1799 Paid Advance to Mr. King; Sent Letter to Broome Littler & Co. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Includes Mr. King's receipt for his advance. Delivery of letter to Broome Littler & Co.
April 16, 1788 Certificates of Joseph King John Pierce Captain Thomas Patton Discusses the settlement with Joseph King for the certificates he received as agent for Colonel Baldwin's Regiment.
March 13, 1785 Rufus King encourages Knox to accept nomination to Secretary at War Rufus King Henry Knox Rufus King sends to Henry Knox a letter acknowledging the insufficiency of the salary of Secretary of War. But King asks Knox to consider reimbursement for travel and rent to assuage any inclinations Knox may have about rejecting the appointment due to low pay.
September 1, 1798 Seeks Commission for Mr. King for France William Vans Murray James McHenry Seeks commission for Mr. King, who recently agreed to take Mr. Dandridge for his secretary. Briefly mentions diplomatic efforts with France. Requests that he be firm and persuasive.