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November 9, 1796 Certificate of Thomas Smith Thomas Smith [not available] Smith verified his signature and seal, but stated he did not write the body of power of attorney document, nor is the information familiar to him.
February 9, 1793 Letter to Governor Blount Tobias Lear Henry Knox The President has inspected the letter to Governor Blount and it meets his approval but he would like to have the enclosed included in a postscript or in the main body of the letter.
December 1794 Request for Report on Frigate Construction Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, asks for draft regarding frigate construction.
July 2, 1799 Small Body of Cavalry is Indispensable Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton affirms his commitment to raising and equipping one cavalry troop as the best means of experimenting with various types of cavalry tactics.
August 1, 1796 No Bounty Available for New Enlisted Men William Wilson William Simmons Enclosed is the muster and pay roll of the detachment under Wilson's command. He has enlisted two handsome young men but has paid no bounty since he has neither instructions nor money.
October 1, 1798 Sickness is Imperious & Obliged Us to Submit to Its Ravages Timothy Banger Samuel Hodgdon Banger laments the effects of the fever on his body and the fact that iillness has rendered him useless in carrying out his business.
1794 Reassures that the President Loves His Red Children Henry Knox Conyatauyou Wants to reassure the chief that the President heard him talk, and that the President's door is always open to the just complaints of his red children. He will give him a written instrument, which he may consider a guarantee of his rights to the land. Offers him money to make him comfortable on the path.
July 30, 1797 Where is Stephen Frecker? Peter Shoemaker William Simmons Lt. Shoemaker is trying to locate Stephen Frecker who enlisted with Capt. Sedam at Spring Garden with the Corps of Artillery. Frecker's father has died and left a handsome estate but his brother needs Frecker's consent before he can sell any of the father's property.
May 13, 1796 Request for live oak to complete body frame of frigate at Philadelphia [not available] John Blagge Joshua Humphreys in need of live oak to complete body frame of frigate at Philadelphia. Because it will be easier to procure from the ship yard at New York than from Georgia, Blagge is ordered to send live oak timbers to Philadelphia. Since work at Philadelphia has been suspended on account of wanting live oak timbers, Blagge instructed to send timbers immediately.
February 27, 1787 Settlement on depreciation of Army pay Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Howell tells Nicholson that he is asking for a settlement on the depreciation of his Army pay and acknowledges that it will probably take a Resolve of Congress for him to get what he is due. He is confident that Congress will act in his favor.
January 21, 1794 No Knapsacks! Levi McClean Samuel Hodgdon McClean laments that there has been a capital mistake in Hodgdon's failure to send knapsacks in the recent shipment of equipage. Not having knapsacks causes the soldiers continuous strife since they have nothing to keep their clothing in. He currently has eleven handsome young recruits so he will need to draw again on Hodgdon for clothing and hopes that knapsacks will be included in the next...
July 19, 1797 Regarding Algerian Frigate Josiah Fox James P. Catheart Letter, discusses Algerine Frigate.
August 1, 1797 Secretary at War writes to the Governor of Tennesee regarding militia James McHenry James Wood Secretary McHenry informs Governor Wood of the federal mandate to raise, equip, organize, and keep in readiness a body of militia fit for action.
October 12, 1793 Long Sufferings of the People William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports that a large body of Indians has invaded the district of Washington resulting in losses of life and property. General Sevier has been ordered to pursue the invaders and perhaps ease the long sufferings of the people of the district.
1794 Speech to the Senecas Henry Knox Cornplanter, Chief of the Senecas Letter, advises Cornplanter of the President's continued confidence and friendship.
March 23, 1793 War Between the Chickasaws and Creeks William Blount Henry Knox Following the brutal murder of a Chickasaw brave by a party of Creeks, Blount assesses the potential for war between the two southern tribes.
July 14, 1800 Liklihood of Desertion for Men Without Uniforms , Etc. J. Cass Samuel Hodgdon Cass declares that he is at Harpers Ferry because of the orders of Major General Hamilton to recruit four companies for the old infantry regiment. He has made handsome progress and in several weeks the full number will be had and will be ready to move to the western states.He has examined the stores under the direction of Colonel Annin and finds a want of clothing so he forwards a return in hopes...
May 1787 Accounts of P. Manning and Captain William Mackay Richard Humpton Joseph Howell Refers to account of P. Maning. Captain William Mackay, 11th Pennsylvania Regiment was shot through the body and taken prisoner at Brandywine, where the 10th and 11th Regiment were incorporated in 1778, he was appointed to 9th Pennsylvania Regiment; his wound required constant care of a surgeon in the country. Either by mistake or design he drew no pay. Mackay lives in York and is trying to get a...
August 27, 1794 Instructions for Handling Pay Rolls and Receipts Joseph Howell Constant Freeman In the future, Sub-Paymasters are directed to express the sum in dollars for each name on the pay roll, and it should be expressed in the body of the receipt that the payment is in full and should specify the time of service.
February 7, 1784 Knox writes to Hodgdon regarding honorary canon for General Greene Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Discusses the honorary cannon to be presented to Major General Greene by resolution of Congress.
April 21, 1792 Exert Your Influence Over the Southern Indians Henry Knox Andrew Pickens Knox asks Brigadier General Andrew Pickens to be present at the treaty to be held at Nashville with several of the southern Indian tribes. Pickens is known for his influence with these tribes and may be successful in convincing them to join in the campaign against the northern Indians.
September 2, 1800 Allowances Paid through Act of Congress William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Allowances were made by act of Congress and therefore no further allowances could be dispensed without the interference of that governing body.
May 8, 1794 Recommendation for appointment Henry Jackson Henry Knox Henry Jackson recommends to the Secretary of War Capt. Constant Freeman for appointment in corps of artillery/
July 27, 1798 Colors for the Greyheads of Alexandria George Washington James McHenry Washington asks McHenry to provide colors [a flag] for the "Greyheads" of Alexandria who have formed a company to provide for the defense of the town and its vicinity. They would like Mrs. Washington to present the colors to them.
September 2, 1800 Allowances in Comformity with Appropriations William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is informed that the statements of his salary accounts have been examined and the allowances made were in comformity with the appropriations made by Congress. No further sums can be allowed without the interference of that body.