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October 25, 1797 Family News John Adams Abigail Adams Exchanges news of family and happenings in Philadelphia.
July 2, 1788 News of Virginia's Constitutional Ratification Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox rejoices at news of Virginia's ratification of the Constitution by a narrow margin. Comments on the speed of the news and the post; reminds Wadsworth that Knox is depending totally upon him to make the arrangements to send money [where is unclear].
October 9, 1796 News of the Day William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray writes a breezy, friendly letter to McHenry, in which he discusses local politics, and general news.
August 4, 1798 News from Lisbon William Loughton Smith Timothy Pickering Smith, American Minister to Portugal, reports to the Secretary of State on the news from Lisbon, especially that which relates to the ongoing quasi-war with France.
March 14, 1800 Settlement of Accounts and News Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Questions Craig on his reasoning for not taking a larger sum in order to settle remaining accounts. Claim for armourers will not be assessed until appropriations bill passes. No wagons have arrived nor ships from Europe. Hodgdon anxious for news from other nations.
July 28, 1800 No News on Supplies William Simmons Michael Gunkle Simmons has not received news on supplies for General McPherson from Gunkle.
March 17, 1792 No News Henry Knox Isaac Craig Post has not yet arrived, no news to communicate. Enclosed copy of letter to Wilkinson, request to forward it at first opportunity.
July 30, 1798 Reports No News from Europe James McHenry John Rutledge Refers to letter received, and will follow through with most of the recommendations. Reports no late news from Europe.
April 20, 1793 Department Supplies, Accounts, and Vouchers James O'Hara Henry Knox Refers to supplies necessary for his department. Expresses concern about method. Discusses accounts and vouchers. Anxiously awaiting news.
November 10, 1790 Letter Citation Henry Knox George Washington Cited in Washington to Knox, 11/19/1790. Knox informs Washington that no news of any material interest regarding Harmar's expedition is yet received. He expresses his anxiety over the lack of information and assures the President that the news will be transmitted the moment it is received.
November 6, 1799 No Good News from the Seat of Government James Wilkinson Nicholson Wilkinson argued for Nicholson but there are strong prejudices against him. Nicholson's rank and emoluments will be preserved.
September 27, 1796 With the President Declining, Who is to Succeed Him? Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Apologizes for not having written but he has been busy with work. Asks for news regarding the succession of the President and hopes that it will not bring strife. Describes a storm on Lake Huron. Encloses a letter for his sister.
November 16, 1796 McHenry's Case with the State; Election News James Winchester James McHenry Winchester refers to a case between McHenry and the state, but tells him they are loathe to do anything that diminishes their revenue. He refers to politics, and how they wait for news from a distance, at the price of those at home. He discusses the political fortunes of some gentlemen in the race.
June 8, 1800 Musings of Maria Hodgdon Maria Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Maria discusses the whereabouts of her brother and wonders about the news of the political world and new appointments to replace those worthy characters who have been dismissed. She wants to know whether the children have made progress in their education. She prays that no other eyes but Hodgdon will peruse her scrawl.
February 16, 1789 Information on Requested Cloth and Election Results Henry Knox George Washington Knox assures Washington that when the requested cloth arrives it will be shipped by stage without delay. Knox also relays election news indicating that Washington received every vote for President from Maryland and all other states in the south. Voting from New Jersey and Delaware, Knox notes, is not yet available.
November 30, 1793 Peace and Understanding Re-established James Seagrove Governor Edward Telfair Seagrove notifies Governor Telfair of the re-establishment of peace and friendship with the Creek nation which includes the understanding that all prisoners and stolen property will be returned. He wants the Governor to waste no time in promulgating this welcome news to prevent outrages from being committed against the Indians which would endanger the fragile peace.
December 28, 1792 Letter to Quartermaster General Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara The Commissary of Military Stores discusses requests for money. Expresses happiness that General Anthony Wayne and his troops are comfortably quartered. Expects army to operate early in spring. Believes that no terms will be accepted by Indians unless they are given a sound drubbing. Makes mention of events in France. Remarks with "chearfulness" at news of the French Revolution; condemns the...
August 8, 1792 Western Lands Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Alludes to news from France; mentions appointment of Adjutant and Inspector General; discusses governor of the Western Territory.
February 26, 1800 Report from the Constitution at Sea Robert W. Hamilton Alexander Hamilton Robert Hamilton reports that they have little prospect of taking more prize money since they have not seen the three French frigates that they expected to encounter although the Boston Frigate has captured a large French Merchantman laden with coffee. Robert conveys some news of his siblings.
July 27, 1799 Reports News of Indians Departing, Gen. Wilksin Arriving, Decision on Stevens Retiring, Death of James Miller's Wife Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Reports that Indians will sail on a vessel from Orleans. He expects General Wilkinson with news. Swans has assigned apartments. The decision on Stevens's request to retire will be known soon.The Quartermaster General and O'Hara are both present. James Miller lost his wife to consumption.
July 11, 1792 Recent News from Fort Jefferson John Harris [not available] Harris reports on recent events at Fort Jefferson, including the loss of several lives due to the depredations of hostile Indians.
July 18, 1790 Purchased Lottery Tickets for Harmar and Captain Beatty; No News on Alexander MGillivray's Arrival Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell purchased ten lottery tickets for General Harmar and Captain Beatty, numbers 23882-23891. Drawing will be on the first Monday in August. A second lottery is proposed; the tickets to be $10 and prizes to be double. Asks Harmar to inform if he wants to purchase tickets, as there will only be half as many for the second lottery as there were for the first. Alexander McGillivray has not...
July 6, 1791 Expedition to Frontier Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Expedition report by General Scott submitted. Other news from post.
February 10, 1792 The Coming Campaign Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr is going to Philadelphia soon and asks Hodgdon to give him whatever news he has on the operation of the coming campaign. He wants to be on his way out of Lexington early so as to be ready for the campaign. He expects to have a large quantity of goods on hand, perhaps the largest in the district.
August 18, 1791 Commissions for Major Clarke's Battalion Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Commissions to be sent along, good news of harmony among troops well received.