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December 21, 1792 Worthlessness of Peace Council; Necessity of Keeping Force in Readiness Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne proclaims that the terms of the peace council were so demeaning as to render them worthless. More than ever he proposes a state of readiness that will enable the Legion to move against the Indians at the earliest possible time, pending Congressional and public reaction to the affair at Ft. St. Clair.
October 20, 1789 Census of Six Nations Giving Numbers and Names of Tribes and Heads of Families at Grand River and on the Ohio Reverend Samuel Kirkland [not available] Census, describes Six Nations population; describes Indian population. The total of the Six Nations population is listed at 3665
October 5, 1784 Charges against three Officers in Colonel Spee's Legion Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Due to the press of business, the author has neglected to send the charges against three Officers in Colonel Spee's Legion that must be advanced to the credit of the State of Pennsylvania.
February 25, 1800 Court Martial of Uriah Stafford Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice describes the circumstances leading to the Court Martial of Uriah Stafford, a soldier of the 16th Regiment, charged with disobedience of orders and striking an officer. He was found guilty and sentenced to 100 lashes on his bare back. Discussed rations and supplies and entitlement to certain quantities of subsistence. Enclosed extracts from Court Martial hearing.
November 10, 1788 Lt Pratt issues certificate for mistaken delivery John Pratt [not available] Certificate, mistaken delivery of rye flour.
May 21, 1792 Pay Account of Major General Arthur St. Clair Joseph Howell Unknown Recipient Account and expenses of Major General Arthur St. Clair.
August 24, 1800 Private Conference with Merchants, Etc. Benjamin Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin has arrived safely in Alexandria and visited a third party in jail. Relates to a vessel and business. However, no one can now talk to the imprisoned man without the jailer being present.
November 17, 1789 Barrett writes of appointments to Knox Samuel Barrett Henry Knox Letter, asks for recommendation for federal appointment.
September 4, 1790 Seeking the Murderers of Two Men Timothy Pickering [not available] Pickering requests custody of the murderers of two men and expresses his regret at continued Indian aggression.
November 10, 1791 Transport of Supplies Henry Knox Isaac Craig With some delay, woolen overalls and a medicine chest en route to Pittsburgh.
March 4, 1790 Autograph Draft Document [not available] [not available] Speech, asks custody of murderers; discusses Indian aggression.
March 4, 1790 Autograph Draft Document [not available] [not available] Speech, asks custody of murderers; discusses Indian agression
May 16, 1788 Seniority of commissioned officers Peter Muhlenberg Josiah Harmar Letter, discusses rank of quota officers. The ranks of Denny and Spear to remain suspended until pretensions are laid out before the board. If Denny is senior officer, he may be commissioned accordingly.
June 8, 1794 Maunsell informs Knox of French naval activities John Maunsell Henry Knox Letter, mentions French navy on American coast; encloses treatise on the culture of potatoes.
August 30, 1786 Letter to the Board of Treasury John Pierce Board of Treasury Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts to the Board of Treasury pertaining to certificates and one John Phelan.
November 11, 1797 Extra Pay for the Treaty of Greenville, Etc. Doctor Charles Brown Samuel Hodgdon Dr. Brown reports that the elegant fox skin intended for Mrs. Hodgdon has been lost to the depredation of the moths. The enclosed account would have been paid long ago were it not for the death of General Wayne. Brown was promised ten dollars extra per month for tending to the Indians and $150 extra during the Treaty of Greenville but extraordinary fatigue and the heat of the weather almost...
June 28, 1786 Counterfeit certificates Joseph Howell Joseph Ward Mr. Hodgden brought in several Certificates which appeared to be counterfeit. The author at first believed that the bad Certificates should be held until the return of the Commissioner of Army Accounts who was touring the South. Hodgden assured him that the counterfeit certificates were obtained from a person known to him so they could be returned with no harm to the US.
June 7, 1787 Claim for cattle taken in 1777 Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Mentions Mr. Greenfield, who wrote about the claim of Joseph Bradfield for two cattle taken in 1777.
February 1, 1784 Pay of French Officers John Pierce Robert Morris Discusses the pay of French officers
June 15, 1786 Orders drawn by Treasury on receiver of continental taxes John Pierce Robert Fenner Sends orders drawn by Treasury on the receiver of Continental taxes for Fenner's state in favor of officers of line.
November 31, 1786 Lost papers and difficulties settling account John Bush Joseph Howell Because the author has lost his papers due to several incidents during the war that were beyond his control, he is having difficulty settling his account. Based on memory, he lists the arrangements he made with other officers, such as Capt. Wilson, Capt. Alexander and Lt. Col. Greer, in terms of the pay to specific units under their command.
May 13, 1793 Regarding the Brotherton settlers David Fowler Henry Knox Letter, describes Brotherton settlers; alludes to Revolutionary War; discusses frontiers and pioneer life; asks for help establishing school; discusses remnants of Indian tribes; mentions White encroachment.
April 12, 1789 Federalist Politics Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, describes John Adams tour.
June 16, 1786 Colonel David Hall account John Pierce William Winder Regarding Colonel David Hall account; asks for input before forming judgment.
March 16, 1794 Regarding the Affairs of the U.S. Government & of Europe, with Expectation of War with England or France John Stagg Henry Burbeck Reports on the status and health of friends and family in the East, and on the status of Burbeck's ticket in the Washington Lottery. Mentions a meeting with an officer who gave Stagg an account of Burbeck's unit's march to "the battleground" [site of St. Clair's Defeat] of November 1791 [in which Burbeck buried bodies, recovered cannon, and established Fort Recovery]. Comments on numerous army...