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January 28, 1799 Iron for Upper Bands & Trigger Plates Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams discusses the need for iron of various weights for upper bands and trigger plates.
July 21, 1794 Silver for the Chickasaws Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Request for Tench Francis to provide silver arm bands, broaches, nose jewels, and ear bobs of varying sizes for the Chickasaw Indians.
June 4, 1797 Progress of Repairs to the Muskets, Etc. Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Perkins reports on the progress of the repairs of the muskets at New London. He notes that the rolled iron needed to make the bands for completing the repairs arrived too late so they were forced to plate them with the iron they already had on hand.
October 11, 1800 Annuities for Indians of Indiana Territory John Wilkins, Jr. Israel Whelen Informs Whelan of plans for annuities to Indians of Indiana Territory, and lists the planned presents.
September 10, 1795 Regarding Captain Samuel Nicholson request to draw rations at Boston Timothy Pickering Captain Samuel Nicholson Pickering denies Captain Nicholson's request to draw rations on the grounds that there is no commissary to supply one officer and none of the other officers draw rations at present.
November 26, 1796 Major Langham May Draw a Bill for $500 John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War will permit Major Langham to draw a bill on him "at any sight [Langham] pleases" for five hundred dollars.
February 15, 1799 [Copy] Authorization to Draw on McHenry for Money Owed James McHenry Isaac Craig Ordered Craig to draw upon McHenry for estimated monthly expenses, recruiting costs, and Capt. Miller's company.
May 22, 1792 Putnam's Receipt for Indian Goods Rufus Putnam [not available] A receipt signed by General Putnam for the Indian goods he received.
November 25, 1785 Request for time to draw map of country [not available] [not available] Headmen request paper and pencil and to be left to themselves in order to draw up a map of their country.
September 6, 1796 Equipping Dragoons and Draw of Money John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Notification that Wilkins ordered Gen. Wayne to equip dragoons horses, estimate of cost enclosed along with contingent money for forage and subsistance of the dragoons. Cannot appoint an agent to collect money, so Wikins requests $11,800.00 from McHenry to be picked up by Francis Jones in Detroit. Bills must be small in value.
October 10, 1794 Trimming for Officers' Hats Bezaleel Howe Samuel Hodgdon Captain Howe observes that he is completing the hats and cockaids for his company and notes that his officers need trimming for their hats. To meet this need, he requires lace and hat bands with tassels.
November 29, 1797 Request to draw four months pay from Captain Preston of 4th Regiment William Preston James McHenry Request to draw $160, or four months pay from Captain Preston of 4th Regiment for Major Matthew Harvey.
August 24, 1797 Recent Bills Drawn, Matthew Ernest Empowered to Draw Bills, & Purchases for Sloop Detroit John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Submits a list of recent bills drawn, and encloses those drawn by Harragan, an agent of the Quartermaster Department. Notifies the giving of authority to Matthew Ernest to draw bills. Mentions his movements as ordered by General Wilkinson, and confirms that the supplies for the sloop Detroit have been purchased.
July 5, 1798 Mrs. General Butler's Claim James Ross William Simmons Ross thanks Simmons for his efforts on behalf of Mrs. Butler's claim. She will shortly draw the money and Ross will advise her on who to manage it once it is deposited in the Bank of the United States.
May 9, 1797 Status of the Evacuation Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope James McHenry Pope has disembarked his troops at Natchez and received a cordial reception from the Spanish. The Spanish evacuation was going well until the military stores and cannon were ordered back. There have also been attempts to draw the Indians on Pope's troops and Pope demands that Governor Gayoso punish the principal actor.
May 31, 1800 Secretary at War directs the conduct of Indian affairs with Chapin James McHenry Israel Chapin Jr Directed payment of annuity balance due the Sioux Nations and discussed Indian annuity.
August 7, 1798 Repairing and Painting the Carriages John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon The fifty boxes for the muskets will be finished soon and a thousand muskets will be cleaned and packed up for transportation. The carriages in the store need to be overhauled since the bands of the hubs are loose and need to be made smaller. Some of the older carriages need to be painted. Bryant asks permission to have them repaired so they will be ready to be transported on the next vessel...
April 5, 1799 Accounts and Ranking System Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Notification that E. Turner wished to forward money to his brother William Turner of Boston. Craig requested that Hodgdon allow Turner to draw against him and place amount against his account. Inquiry into the Last law for organization of the Army and what rank Craig holds in the Quartermaster's Department. Requests information on quantity of stores destined for upper posts so as to organize...
September 30, 1799 Rolled Iron for Sundry Uses Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Ames has asked Williams to supply the factory with 4500 pounds of rolled iron for side, tumbler, and screw pins for upper bands and land springs. He has produced samples of several sizes wanted which are enclosed with his statement and which should be forwarded to the armory at Springfield. It is essential that the sizes of the iron should comport with the samples.
July 16, 1798 Drawing money for use by the Quarter Master William Henry Harrison Samuel Hodgdon Harrison notifies Hodgdon that he has been directed by the Commander in Chief to draw on him for 10000 dollars. He has only been able to procure 7000, but isn't certain he'll need more.
May 5, 1799 Rolled Iron for the Use of the Armory Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams lists the quantity and tonnage of rolled iron he will require for sundry purposes at the Springfield Armory. He emphasizes the pressing need for iron at this factory and urges Hodgdon to forward it soon.
July 25, 1798 Delivery of Gun Smith Supplies James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver tools and iron to Springfield for musket barrels.
May 26, 1800 Musket Stocks and Rolled Iron Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon The Superintendent of the Armory has drawn on Williams for five thousand musket stocks so he shall soon be in want of that article. He asks Hodgdon to ship that same number of well seasoned stocks to Springfield as soon as it is convenient. The Superintendent has also drawn a large quantity of rolled iron for bands so that should be forwarded with the gunstocks.
July 11, 1784 Support for the West Point garrison John Pierce Chairman of the Committee of the United States, 1784 John Pierce notifies the Chairman of the Committee of the United States of a directive issued by the Superintendent of Finance to draw a sum of money to support the troop garrison at West Point.
June 25, 1799 Repairs of Small Arms at West Point, Etc. Joseph Cranch Samuel Hodgdon Cranch provides a detailed discussion of supplies and repairs at West Point. He apologizes for not writing sooner but he has been afflicted by a long and dangerous illness.