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August 18, 1787 Boards Needed for Barracks Berths William Price Henry Knox Captain Burbeck's company has arrived and is lodged in the Connecticut Barracks, which is in the least need of repairs. The barracks needs berths for the men to sleep on, but there are no boards to make any unless they use boards from other buildings or the boards are purchased new from an Albany vessel. The company has no artificers nor has Price been able to enlist any coopers. Price doubts he...
June 18, 1794 Three Quarter White Pine Boards Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Hunt has sent by the bearer, Capt. [Garrret] Voorhis, 2,500 feet of three quarter white pine boards.
1797 Dimensions of the Rigging for the Frigate "Constitution" Unknown Author [not available] A memorandum that describes the standing rigging for the U. S. Frigate "Constitution."
August 10, 1799 Obtaining a Commission in the Standing Army William Cumming Samuel Hodgdon As coppersmith's and tinman's business is currently very slow, Cumming requests Hodgdon's assistance in obtaining a lieutenant's commission in the standing army of the United States. He is a man of strong conviction with a recommendation from James Ash.
July 10, 1788 Request to send letters to Board of Treasury A.W. Dunscomb Joseph Howell Requests that Howell send Dunscomb certain letters to Board of Treasury
January 5, 1800 A Report on the Secretary of War, On certain measures which appear to him to be necessary for the improvement of our Military System. James McHenry [not available] Report detailing necessary improvements to the current military system. Advocates for a standing army and necessary fortifications and education systems to produce and maintain said military.
December 7, 1795 An act to ascertain and fix the military establishment of the United States. Jonathan Dayton [not available] Enacted into law standing outfit of dragoons, engineers, and artillerists. Describes in detail the governance and organization of this section of the military.
January 13, 1800 Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a Report of the Secretary of War, On certain measures which appear to him to be necessary for the improvement of our Military System. John Adams [not available] Official report addressing recommendations for improving the U.S. military. Argued for a well funded standing army.
August 5, 1799 Provisions for Gun Storage Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Williams Suggests that Williams procure 20 buckets and leather hose there to complete the engine rather than pay for and wait for transportation from Philadelphia. Hodgdon will forward immediately some gunstocks for winter. Pine boards will be provided when racks are full. Describes appropriate gun chests.
April 15, 1785 Officer commutations Ebenezer Jackson Joseph Howell Mentions the proceedings of two boards of officers. It is a matter of consequence to those officers as their commutation entirely depends on the determination of the Secretary of War. Asks to send duplicate to Knox.
January 31, 1790 Knox solicits Lincoln's opinion of his militia plan Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Knox solicits General Lincoln's opinion of his plan for the establishment of a national militia.
April 12, 1794 Tents for Captain Cornelius Sedam's Men Cornelius Sedam Samuel Hodgdon Sedam has built a temporary of barracks of boards until the tents he needs for 100 men are sent on. Hodgdon is asked to have a small marquee made for which Sedam will pay the balance if it costs more than a common horseman's tent.
October 4, 1799 Strict Attention to Economy Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton issues his instructions regarding the construction of winter quarters while emphasizing that everything must be done with as much economy as possible.
February 21, 1790 Jackson advises that Knox's militia plan is not well received Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses plan for militia.
August 22, 1799 Expresses Concern about Cherokees Returning Stolen Horses David Henley Standing Turkey Expresses appreciation for Standing Turkey's advice to other chiefs of the Cherokee nation as a good example. Refers to Little Turkey's recommendation to return all stolen horses, but would rather that Little Turkey actually return the horses instead of just recommending. Urges both whites and Indians to resolve matter. Urges peace and resolving distress of poor families by returning horses.
May 23, 1800 "Democratic Influence" in Government Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Due to the military reductions that were occasioned by a new "democratic influence" in government, Major Craig offers sympathies to Samuel Hodgdon for being removed from office. Craig also expresses regret that Colonel Pickering was among those fired. Craig is referring to the ascension of Thomas Jefferson into the White House, along with the Democratic-Republicans in Congress - the opposition...
January 23, 1799 Abstract of articles purchased by Ebenezer Stevens. [not available] [not available] Abstract of articles purchased by Ebenezer Stevens, agent for the War Department at New York. Articles delivered to the workmen on Governor's Island New York include anchors, lime, planks, boards
October 4, 1799 A Most Violent Breach of Civil Authority William C. Bentley Alexander Hamilton Bentley recounts an incident in which several soldiers helped an accused horse thief to escape from the local jail. He is concerned not only about the incident itself but also about how it has been covered by what he calls the Jacobin printers, (meaning the anti-federalist press) as they continue to find fault with the "Standing Army."
November 15, 1792 Letter Citation Standing Turkey William Blount Cited in McHenry to U. S. House of Represenatives, 01/05/1798.
July 10, 1799 Describes Quarto Books for Army Samuel Hodgdon Jeremiah Wadsworth The Secretary of War requests information about the army's orderly books, made out of quarto foolscap paper, bound with leather on the corners and marble paper on the boards.
June 14, 1794 Timber Unavailable Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Timber is not available because a number of the principal mills have lost their dams. Seasoned white pine boards are on hand and available at reasonable prices.
July 30, 1796 Notification to Prepare Standing Company of Dragoons James McHenry Anthony Wayne Creek Indians refuse to sell land to Georgia. Relations of frontier people in New York uncertain. Per recent Act of Congress, McHenry requested Wayne prepare standing companies of dragoons to patrol land between posts in New York and Georgia to provide safety for garrisoned troops.
September 28, 1799 RE Army Supplies, Quarters, and Pay Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army supplies, quarters, and pay.
January 31, 1800 National Defense James McHenry Harrison Gray Otis Letter from the Sec. of War to the Chairman of the committee on national defense. Discussed the radical changes to current militia that would create a more organized and well trained standing army. Supported the formation of a standing army for superior defense of the U.S. Reference Roman military and Ceasar. Lists salaries of various officers and educators along with cost of building...
October 30, 1799 Construction of Huts for Winter Quarters Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton Parker discusses the measures he is taking to acquire the land and necessary materials to construct the huts necessary for quartering his troops during the winter.