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May 20, 1785 Receipts for salaries and the moving of papers Joseph Howell Philip Audebert Encloses receipts of gentlemen in office for salaries. Discusses moving of papers.
August 2, 1796 Moving Recruits from Mud Island to New York James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to engage passage for twenty two recruits from Mud Island to New York only if transportation can be procured for three dollars per men with no additional expense for baggage and provisions. If these arrangements can be made, he should see that the troops are prepared for moving and provisions procured for the voyage.
November 17, 1799 Political Concerns of the United States George Washington James McHenry General Washington admits to having been "stricken dumb" by McHenry's recent letter. He fears that political events in the United States are moving quickly toward a crisis but only God knows what will be the final result.
October 8, 1799 Moving to Winter Quarters Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice reports on the preparations for winter quarters at Oxford. Since winter is rapidly approaching he stresses the urgency of moving his regiment as soon as possible and the same would apply to the 15th and 16th Regiments if they are to join him at Oxford.
August 23, 1799 Escaping the Fever in Philadelphia James McHenry William Simmons War Department offices are relocating temporarily to Trenton due to the yellow fever in Philadelphia. The Quartermaster General has instructions for transportation.
September 1, 1791 Moving the War Office from Carpenter's Hall William Knox Samuel Hodgdon William Knox writes the Quartermaster General on the moving of the War Office out of Carpenters Hall. Also discusses recruiting for a new company.
September 5, 1797 Removal to the Country Until It Is Subsided Powell Dytscott Samuel Hodgdon Because of the agony and anquish caused by the fever, it is foolish to risk valuable men and therefore indipensably necessary to remove them to the country until it subsides.
April 17, 1800 Moving Military Stores from Our Storehouse Donald Hollingsmith John Swan Hollingsmith declares that in his storehouse are some military stores--including three hogsheads, some bundles of canteens, and a bundle of knapsacks--which came from Philadelphia. He would be glad to have them moved from his store.
June 4, 1800 Enclosed Document Advocating Peace with Indians Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Stoddert directing business at War Dept. after the departure/retirement of the Sec. of War. All Public Offices, except Hodgdon's, are moving to City of Washington. Hodgdon will remain in Philadelphia to wrap up remaining business. Enclosed documents that advocate for peace with Indians, advised it be published in the Philadelphia Gazette.
August 18, 1800 Moving to a Healthier Location, Etc. Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner asks for a loan of $150 in post notes which he will repay at the end of the month. Hissituation requires a constant supply of casks. His office is to be moved from the building he currently occupies to one further up in the city opposite Pollock's buildings. He believes his current situation is inconvenient and rather unhealthy but is happy to hear of the continuance of health in...
July 3, 1800 Moving My Family As Soon As Possible Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner announces that when he arrives in Philadelphia he intends to remove his family from that city. He has written to the purveyor, Mr. Whelen, and asked him to provide transportation for his furniture. Since he has taken a house in Georgetown and is paying rent, he is anxious to remove his family and effects as early as possible.
March 20, 1795 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the following issues with Samuel Hodgdon: supply of cash for quartermaster department, moving stores from Greensburg, the necessity to drawing payment for iron, and accounting problems stemming from transactions associated with General Neville.
March 4, 1800 Regarding Troop Pay James Wilkinson William R. Boote Discusses pay of troops moving from one regiment to another, of the troops destined to garrison posts of Mississippi and Mobile Rivers. Troops should be paid up to first of month in order to prevent perplexity and confusion.
August 24, 1799 Notification of Bad Fever at Philadelphia, War Office's Move to Trenton James McHenry John Adams McHenry compares this year's fever to the bad ones of certain past years. Notifies Adams that his offices are moving to Trenton, and laments both the human cost of the sickness and the inconvenience to the government.
December 4, 1798 The Business at Harpers Ferry Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry In order to get the business at Harpers Ferry moving, it is necessary to get the tools to begin the work. An inventory of wanted tools is enclosed.
September 12, 1795 Concerning future pay William Simmons John Posey Informs Lt. Posey that Edward Carrington will pay him. Also asks Posey to close all his accounts prior to moving the detachment to headquarters.
August 13, 1798 Forwarding of Document Concerning Cherokees James McHenry John Adams Forwards a document ["talk"?] concerning the Cherokees [not included], asking for Adams' signature on it. Notifies Adams that he is moving his family out of Philadelphia to Trenton to avoid yellow fever at the former.
September 12, 1794 Supplies and Transportation for the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Militias Alexander Hamilton Ephrain Blaine Blaine, the assistant quartermaster general of the militia army, is asked for his agency to supply transportation, forage straw, and fuel for the Pennsylvania and New Jersey militias moving agains the insurgents in western Pennsylvania.
May 7, 1799 Filling the Position of Clerk to Colonel Craig Ezekiel King Samuel Hodgdon Having heard that Colonel Craig is looking for a clerk to come to Pittsbugh, King declares that he is interested in the position. Though he wishes to leave Philadelphia with his family , he is concerned about the expense in moving so great a distance. Therefore, in addition to requesting a recommendation, he asks Hodgdon about possible assistance.
August 23, 1797 Inclusion of Marquee with Waggon John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Orders to deliver tent to McHenry; men moving family out of Philadelphia.
September 14, 1793 Letters from Commissioners to Wayne; Detachments Moving Forward Henry Knox Isaac Craig Is glad that Craig sent off the commissioners' letters to General Wayne. Hopes that Lieutenant Colonel Clarke and troops have descended Ohio River. Asks for report on state of waters. Detachment will march from Philadelphia with Maryland and Virginia recruits. Provide boats for them; and have clothing available. Remember to smoke all of the clothing.
September 9, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton Thomas Mifflin Secretary Hamilton writes the Governor of Pennsylvania on the latest plans on the progress of the militia in moving to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion.
October 26, 1794 No Material Derangement of the General Plan Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports that the expedition is moving forward as planned despite a day's delay in Berlin.
April 21, 1797 Enclosed, Estimate of Expenditures in Quartermasters Department John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Estimate of expenses, including cost of moving troops ordered to Knoxville, those sent to permanent stations on the North Western frontiers and the cost for opening the Line of Demarkation [demarcation] established at Treaty of Greenville.
August 23, 1799 Expenses of removing offices to Trenton James McHenry William Simmons Requests the sum of money that will be necessary to cover the expenses of removing the accountant's office to Trenton due to fever in Philadelphia.